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What’s New for 2015 & Reminders Steed Robinson  December 2014.

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1 What’s New for 2015 & Reminders Steed Robinson  December 2014

2 Revised Strategy Criteria for 2015  Enhanced/Advanced Strategy has been replaced  Applicants should demonstrate how the proposed activities are a planned component of the applicant’s overall strategy to improve the target area/community  The proposed activities should be a component of the applicant’s plan for conservation, stabilization, and/or revitalization

3 Revised Strategy Criteria for 2015  In addition to demonstrating the need for the proposed activities, the applicant’s Strategy should include, for example, such information as:  Excerpts from the appropriate local planning document (e.g., Urban Redevelopment Plan, current comprehensive plan, etc.)  While required for multi-activity and neighborhood revitalization applications, all applicants should indicate the condition of the target area/community’s housing stock (number and percentage of standard, substandard and dilapidated housing units)

4 Revised Strategy Criteria for 2015  Strategies to obtain the required funding for long- term, needed improvements  Policy or ordinance changes needed to implement/maintain the proposed activities or project, and  For Multi-activity projects, note that applicants are expected to address 100% of the target area’s community development needs with CDBG and other funding sources or other resources.

5 Revised Strategy Criteria for 2015  What has been removed  “Most or all” language (except for Multi-Activity applications)  Measures and timeframes language  What stays the same  Convincing DCA that the investment we make is worthwhile for the long term

6 Changes/Reminders for 2015  Appendix R  Revised Section 3 Policy  Language Access Plan  Solicitation Package  Updated Compliance Section of Manual  FHEO Section 3 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Limited English Proficiency (when applicable) 504 – especially for Buildings and Public Hearing Locations (See DCA Building Checklist)

7 Changes/Reminders for 2015  Buildings/Limited Clientele Projects  Provide ownership, lease terms, program income, reversion clauses  Other Items  Provide source information on maps  Use new sample Public Hearing Notice  Timeliness requirements have not changed!

8 Changes/Reminders for 2015  Two new forms  Civil Rights Compliance Certification  System for Award Management (SAM) Certification  Local Government (applicant) must include DUNS number on DCA 1

9 Reminders for 2015  Appendix O  Participate in the Water and Sewer Rate Survey  Rates as a percentage of Median Household Income is a competitive factor  NPDES Monitoring

10 Reminders for 2015  Maps  Source your data For example, “2010 Census, Table…”; “American Community Survey, 2008-2012”; “Windshield Survey, October 2014.”  Concentration Maps are Required See Instructions at DCA 12

11 Reminders for 2015  RAS data  Find block group number at American Factfinder:  See address search tool for tract and block group  Currently block group data is not available on Factfinder.  Data sets DCA will accept: U.S. Census Bureau, 2008-2012 American Community Survey (released December 2013), Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2007-2011 American Community Survey (released December 2012) and Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2009-2013 American Community Survey (this data set will be released December 4, 2014)  Please source the data when providing it in the grant application – using the format above.

12 Contacts Steed Robinson, Office of Community Development Director Phone: (404) 679-3168 E-Mail: Glenn Misner, Office of Field Services Director Phone: 404-679-3138 E-Mail:

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