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ThePorfolium Gregory Galford New Technologies Faculty Lecture Spring 2014.

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1 thePorfolium Gregory Galford New Technologies Faculty Lecture Spring 2014

2 e-Portfolio usage -Over half of college students used an e-Portfolio last year, up from 7% in 2010 -School administrators vouch that e-Portfolios are useful in making students stand out -Employers say they can help uncover hidden talent, such as nonnative English speakers or those with weaker writing but stronger technical skills -Simply creating them is worthwhile – forces students to reflect on educational achievements and can better articulate successes in interviews

3 thePorfolium -Free e-portfolios -Geared toward students, recent graduates, young & experienced professionals -Visually showcases projects, skills, and experiences beyond limits of paper resumes -Allows a more comprehensive, holistic view of candidates’ passions, abilities, and overall potential -Additional informationAdditional information

4 thePortfolium -Combining approaches of Facebook, LinkedIn, and personal websites -Allows for quick, easy, free, and easily maintainable professional web presence -Visually expand upon paper resumes -Allow for quick and convenient access to portfolios versus traditional paper portolios

5 thePortfolium Can be used to supplement LinkedIn resume profile Provides the platform to prove everything one might find on a LinkedIn profile and/or resume Users collaborate on the Portfolium by sharing their work and experiences, rather than just the text on their resume and their credentials A positive online presence An interactive portfolio of work Easy to find, privacy controlled profile that showcases work and allows feedback in the form of comments from other users Stand out in the job hunt Include a custom URL on resumes

6 Quick access to full projects – renderings, models, plans, etc.

7 Application - Design Education -Implemented in IAR ___ Visual Communications, Spring 2014 -[Add information here about class implementation]

8 Drawbacks of e-Portfolios Few employers are actually looking at them Though a recent poll of employers showed 83% of respondents said an e-Portfolio would be ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ useful, basic HR software don’t allow such links in the first round of application submissions Many hiring managers are unwilling to invest time into looking at them Companies still put emphasis on behavioral interview process, are skeptical e-Portfolios will convey anything more than a resume and interview thePortfolium and other similar companies have not signed corporate contracts

9 Future Implementation & Conclusions

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