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INTENTIONAL LIVING. 97 % of people in society do not have clearly defined goals.

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2 97 % of people in society do not have clearly defined goals.

3 Reasons for Not Setting Goals * #1 Fear  #2 Poor Self Image  #3 Not Sold on the concept Goal- Setting  #4 Lack of commitment

4 The Goal setting process is not New Year’s resolutions

5 What do You want? Want to be, want to do & want to have

6 I want to be…  #1 Happy  #2 Healthy  #3 Financially Secure  What is your Top 3?

7 Goal Setting Flow Chart

8 What is a Goal? Specific—your goals must identify exactly what you want to accomplish. Measurable—you want to know absolutely, positively whether or not it has been achieved. Attainable—a good goal is out of your comfort zone, but realistic. Relevant—the goal must be worthwhile, timely and match your needs Time-bound—set a "due date" to meet the goal.

9  Where do I lack proficiency?  Talents + Training/Time = Strengths  Where do I need balance?  Where can I simplify?  What are my responsibilities and priorities? faith, family & community Determine Goals to target all 4 parts Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & Physical



12 How can you accomplish a goal? Identify a specific quantifiable goal Set a time limit and measurement Write the goal and share it with another Find an accountability partner Be committed Goal Acquisition

13 5 Reasons to Commit Your Goal to Writing  1. It will force you to clarify what you want.  2. It will motivate you to take action.  3. It will provide a filter for other opportunities  4. It will help you overcome resistance.  5. It will enable you to see—and celebrate—your progress.

14 The Vision See yourself accomplishing the goal Determine your current status in relation to your goal Determine the importance of or the value of the goal Write it down Place the written goal so it can be seen hourly Remind yourself of the commitment Make it plain Identify habits, behavior and routines that will hinder you from accomplishing the goal Note the changes that you need to make to get on course Run with it Run the scripted route; don’t deviate Remind yourself that your goal is worth any sacrifice Choose a mentor who has accomplished this goal Assessment “Take the vision, write it down, make it plain so that you can run with it” Habakkuk 2:2

15  List what you will do to reach your goal  Create a detailed strategy  Be realistic  List 3-4 strategies *Example Goal--lose 20 lbs. in 10 months. (2 Lbs./month) Budget 1,500 calories/ daily Exercise 150 minutes/ weekly Sleep 6-8 hours /nightly Drink 64 ounces of water per day eliminating all juice and soda; allowing one cup of coffee/ tea daily. Objectives

16 Execute Find Accountable Person to be Your Cheerleader Do What Is Required. “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Cor. 9:24

17 TIME MANAGEMENT “ Time is something we always have with us. It is just there. The key is how you use it.” Mary Miscisn

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