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Apprenticemakers LIVE: Insurance Industries Sophie Hardwick - Apprenticemakers.

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1 Apprenticemakers LIVE: Insurance Industries Sophie Hardwick - Apprenticemakers

2 Welcome to the Insurance Industries Apprenticemakers LIVE webinar 2 more planned: Hospitality October 16th More on the cards in care sector, health and fitness, design industry... Creative & Cultural Industries Date tbc

3 Why are we running them? >>>



6 Making connections Sharing best practice Mentoring Asking questions Working together Solving shared challenges

7 Lara Mellor Claims and Operations Manager

8 Claims management & adjusting ltd Lara Mellor, Claims & Operations Manager

9 Cma and why Apprenticeships are right for us Investing in the successors of the future Remaining agile and able to respond to work volumes we can't control Supporting all of our team to achieve professional qualifications via the CII framework I was an Apprentice myself and without the first opportunity I would not have progressed to where I am now - lawyer, then insurer and now managing a service provider focused on technical excellence

10 So why Apprenticeships? The ability to mould talent to our core values and our approach Mentoring opportunities for more experienced staff - developing and enhancing their skills Providing professional qualifications which will allow our Apprentices to develop their careers as claims professionals throughout their insurance careers The ability to recruit swiftly and efficiently to enable progression through our development framework

11 Challenges and concerns Balancing the need to provide training supported by our learning partner Would we be able to progress the Apprentices through our framework rapidly to meet business needs Would the significant time investment pay dividends How do we get the process underway

12 Our solutions Research was key - we did our homework and developed our Apprenticeship goals and framework before we chose our Learning Provider We selected our Learning Provider based on the apprentice rather than employer feedback - we felt it important to remember whose journey this is - we are facilitating but the Apprentice will only succeed with the right support All our staff have Apprenticeships embedded in their objectives and we involved them in the framework - which is now being extended to cover all our roles We knew that to build our future we needed to invest in the right team – match ready and supporting their colleagues whilst they undergo their on the job training and their qualifications.

13 Overcoming the challenges Advertising an Apprenticeship can be complex Ensuring candidates are the right fit for the business - and that we are right for them How to accelerate development due to business need Projecting the future - when so much time and effort is invested every hire counts

14 What we have learned Apprenticeships require a significant level of commitment from the business at all levels Research is key - time spent planning and developing a framework is worthwhile - everyone needs to understand and buy into the ethos of Apprenticeships Apprentices will run our business of the future - and are the force to drive us forward It is worth offering trial sessions as part of the interview process to give an Apprentice insight into what may be their first formal role There is a huge amount of satisfaction when you hear and see the development of the talent of the future

15 The importance of Apprenticeships Creating opportunities for growth - led by your experienced and talented team Providing a talent bank to drive your business forward - you get to pick the best of the best to accelerate while supporting all to achieve their potential Opportunities for advancement for all levels of your team – underpinned by your Apprenticeship programme


17 Who do I contact for more information? Daniel Pedley Public Affairs Manager, CII Email: Tel: 020 7417 4450 Apprenticeships Guide - Trailblazer Guide -

18 Adam Thomas Grove & Dean



21 Thank you Twitter: @Apprenticemaker Facebook: Apprenticemakers

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