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The Pearls ‘Networking Exercise’ Erica Frazier Group Operations Director An Inspirational Journey.

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1 The Pearls ‘Networking Exercise’ Erica Frazier Group Operations Director An Inspirational Journey

2 What is Networking? Networking is simply building relationships; it is something we do every day over a coffee with a colleague, on the train, on the phone, over the internet, in structured work environments – doesn’t sound too bad does it? Frazier YET Group Operations Director, An Inspirational Journey Networking is a huge fear for many of us and it is something we all have to do as part of our jobs

3 Networking Tips? 1.Have a positive Mental Attitude 2.Choose your events carefully – quality, not quantity 3.Prepare & Plan ahead 4.Be prepared for small talk 5.Elevator Pitch 6.What you put in your get out 7.Take your business cards 8.Take notes 9.It’s ok to move on 10.Follow up

4 ATTITUDE ATTITUDE 1 “It’s a waste of time me being here” “Why would I want to speak to that person from that company?” ATTITUDE 2 “Nobody will want to talk to me” “Why would they be interested in me?” ATTITUDE 3 “I’m looking forward to this, getting to meet new people, make some worthwhile contacts, perhaps build long term relationships, maybe gain business. I’ll also help others!”

5 Positive Mental Attitude – it’s a choice! REMEMBER “Everyone is somebody’s somebody” Quote from a Pearl’s Application Form: “I am a natural networker and I like to make useful contacts because individuals don't know everything. Its not what you know its who you know. I identify the types of people who I can learn from or leverage expertise so I will naturally gravitate to these and I am not afraid to reach out and ask for help. If people are as passionate as I am they are happy to share their knowledge which creates a great network of experience and opportunity.”

6 First Impressions & Elevator Pitch First Impressions Count – be yourself and look the part Elevator Pitch So what do you do? I run a business called An Inspirational Journey That’s an interesting name, what does the business do? An Inspirational Journey is all about “Better Balance, Better Business” and working to positively influence and address the imbalance of talent that currently exists at the top of corporate Britain, with particular focus on middle management through to executive. It is the only business-led solution aimed to help support more organisations, their leaders and their women to build cultures and deliver programmes that will allow the best talent to lead regardless of gender, sector or region. Sounds interesting, how do you do that? Who do you work with?

7 Networking Exercise Using the ‘Networking Exercise’ cards on your tables move around the room and meet three Pearls and… Practise small talk & find out something of common interest Practise your elevator pitch on each other – feel free to give feedback Share good/interesting networking stories Share how you have benefitted from networking Exchange cards with those you can connect with following the event.


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