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2School First Year Calgary Board of Education. Chief Superintendent’s Office.

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1 2School First Year Calgary Board of Education


3 Chief Superintendent’s Office

4 “Today I spent time with the Chief Superintendent Naomi Johnson. She made me feel very special”. Grade 3 Douglasdale Student

5 Meet with Trustees

6 “Having students in our building is truly special. It reminds all of us why we do the work we do. Students are at the core of everything that happens at the Calgary Board of Education. I love that they are so inquisitive and authentic. The opportunity to attend a Campus Calgary program for many of our students gives them the opportunity to see things beyond the classroom and gain a greater understanding in how a school board operates….visiting with the students is one of the highlights I experienced as a Trustee”. Joy Bowen-Eyre Trustee Wards 1 & 2

7 Community Experts The community of Connaught welcomed 2School and worked with teachers to bring their “Big Idea/Inquiry Question” alive.



10 Highlight Meeting with the architect for the building of the CBE

11 “Thank you for this opportunity. I was quite nervous”. Safeway “Magic happens in this classroom”. Architect “Wow, they sure have some interesting questions. I really had to think”. Grace Presbyterian Church

12 Experts within the CBE



15 “What a worthwhile experience! It was thrilling to be part of the learning. It creates great energy in the building. It connects our work with the core business of CBE”. “We get to work with kids today? I was so excited to get up and go to work”. CBE Staff



18 “Interaction with students is critical in our work. They are our central purpose, we need to stay connected to them and teaching and learning”. CBE Staff

19 Experts in Partnership with CBE


21 Sketching

22 Journaling





27 “My son was excited about 2School from the first moment he found out about it and enjoyed every minute. We had updates every evening on what he saw and learned. He gave detailed information about the water filtration system. I forget what he called the device to kill the germs. Unfortunately I didn’t retain the knowledge as well as he did!” Royal Oak Parent

28 Looking Deeply


30 Sharing Talent



33 Exploring/Expressing


35 Community Walk




39 “What I particularly enjoyed was the history aspect, relating history to locations downtown. It was great to show kids how to find their way around downtown, using maps and street signs. It was a great program!!!” Hawkwood Parent

40 Parent Involvement

41 “School is so different today from when I was in school. It is amazing to watch how comfortable children are with technology”. Willow Park Parent

42 Learning Commons





47 This was the best part of Grade 2. I can’t wait to tell my mom and dad everything that we had done. I am going to get them to drive by Dr. Carl Safran Centre!” Grade 2 Royal Oak Student

48 Historical Classroom Housed in the Dr. Carl Safran Centre



51 It was a true pleasure to be involved in this program. It gave me an opportunity to see many different things through their eyes and their thoughts. It allowed us all to have those special and rare one on one moments to share in small groups. While it was as busy a schedule as a normal school, it felt more relaxing”. Royal Oak Parent



54 Calgary Board of Education tour

55 Skype with classmates back at school In each of their weeks students from Douglasdale communicated with their classmates for a Q & A.


57 Innovation Wall CBE Link



60 “I came away with a new understanding of where education is going and that the kids are embracing these changes much better than the parents are!” Captain John Palliser Parent

61 Reflective Spaces




65 Celebration of Learning


67 CBE Family of Man Media White Wall in the Learning Commons

68 Community Mapping

69 The Learning Tree When the architect visited he discussed the legacy of the Laurel Leaf Willow in the CBE courtyard.



72 “What an opportunity to compare urban and suburban communities in a very authentic way.” “You have to experience the space to really get a sense of all that it has to offer”. Willow Park Teacher


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