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By: Jenna, Madison, and Nahvid  La capital de Puerto Rico es San Juan.

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2 By: Jenna, Madison, and Nahvid

3  La capital de Puerto Rico es San Juan

4  El Presidente de Puerto Rico es Obama

5  La población de Puerto Rico es 3,390,923 millones de personas.

6 Los colores de la bandera son roho, azul, blonco.

7  El clima de Puerto Rico es In the lowland areas, Puerto Rico averages a daily high of 80 °F (26.7 °C) throughout the year. In the central mountains, high temperatures of 70 °F (21.1 °C) are the norm. There is very little seasonal variations. It rains in april and goes into november.

8  La religión primaria es Roman Cathletic 85% Protestant and other 15%

9  Los deportes populares son Baseball

10  Los animales que viven aquí son Igana, cuga frog Puerto rican Parret.  Here is just a few animales.

11  Las comidas populares son strawberry gauva cookies  Ithjey are shortbread cookies with strawberrry jam on top.

12  The arts enjoy a wide following and reflect both African and Spanish influences. Long before the United States took possession of Puerto Rico, a strong tradition of literature and music, as well as scholarship, had been established. Indeed, art and music are fostered in the home; most Puerto Ricans can play a musical instrument, and a display of musical talent is usually expected at parties. The most popular forms of music for dancing and singing include salsa, bomb (dance music influenced by West African rhythms and traditions), plena (folk music that deals with life's hardships), and danza puertorriqueña (Puerto Rican dance music). The prestigious Pablo Casals Festival (late May–early June) features special concerts. Puerto Rican films and other cultural arts are known throughout the world. Among the most common folk arts are the carved religious figurines, called santos, which are found in almost every home. They represent the local patron saint or other Christian personages.

13  We got all the links from senorita Kelly’s website  aribb/puertorico/prweather.htm aribb/puertorico/prweather.htm  / /  http://puertorico- http://puertorico-  ntid=6&wmn=North_America&cid=129&cn=Puerto_Rico ntid=6&wmn=North_America&cid=129&cn=Puerto_Rico  s.php?contid=6&wmn=North_America&cid=129&cn=Puerto_ Rico&sname=The_Arts&snid=15 s.php?contid=6&wmn=North_America&cid=129&cn=Puerto_ Rico&sname=The_Arts&snid=15 

14  Thank you for watching!!

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