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A Retrieved Reformation O. Henry 7-1 Nov. 17, 2014.

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1 A Retrieved Reformation O. Henry 7-1 Nov. 17, 2014

2 Dear Jesus, thank you for the gift of your mother, Mary. May we always treasure her as you do. Help us live as she did in devotion to you. May her example of motherly love teach us to love completely. Just as she lived in devotion to you, may we live in devotion to you and others. May our actions make her proud to be our heavenly mother. Keep us safe until we meet you and her in heaven. Amen.

3 HW 11/17/14 Find 3 coined words – write in notebook

4 Objectives To analyze the protagonist’s actions, attitudes, and changes in character throughout “A Retrieved Reformation. To identify and interpret coined words

5 Coining a word: to invent a new word or expression, or to use one in a particular way for the first time Tintinnabulation – a ringing or tinkling sound. Moonbeam- a ray of moonlight

6 Sharing Notes Activity Tell us about the coined words you researched for HW. What is the meaning of your words? Do you think that these words are useful in everyday language?

7 Vocabulary SpeciousAssiduously UnobtrusivelyEminent GuileAlterative Retribution

8 A guard came to the prison shoe-shop, where Jimmy Valentine was assiduously stitching uppers. Assiduously

9 Adverb Carefully and busily Assiduously

10 Elvis Presley was an eminent singer. eminent

11 Adjective Well known; of high achievement eminent

12 The villain kidnapped the superhero's girlfriend in retribution for overthrowing his plans to destroy the city. retribution

13 Noun A punishment deserved for a wrong done retribution

14 CompromisingTo treat steel to make it hard or flexible CompulsoryTo return someone or something to a useful condition RehabilitateTo record; list ChronicledTo refuse Balkedrequired EminentGreat suffering Anguishoutstanding TemperTo put someone’s good reputation in danger Vocabulary

15 assiduously with care and persistence AssiduouslyEminentRetributionSpecious GuileAlterativeUnobtrusively

16 AssiduouslyEminentRetributionSpecious GuileAlterativeUnobtrusively retribution Something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment.

17 AssiduouslyEminentRetributionSpecious GuileAlterativeUnobtrusively Eminent Famous and respected within a particular sphere or profession.

18 AssiduouslyEminentRetributionSpecious GuileAlterativeUnobtrusively alterative Causing a change

19 Jimmy Valentine, Safe Cracker Jimmy Valentine had served ten months in jail for breaking into bank safes. Will Jimmy take the warden’s advice? Or will he return to his old safecracking ways? On his release, Jimmy receives advice from the warden: “Brace up, and make a man of yourself. You’re not a bad fellow at heart... live straight.” Lovable villians

20 Lovable Villains

21 AssiduouslyEminentRetributionSpecious GuileAlterativeUnobtrusively Guile Sly or cunning intelligence.

22 AssiduouslyEminentRetributionSpecious GuileAlterativeUnobtrusively Specious Misleading

23 AssiduouslyEminentRetributionSpecious GuileAlterativeUnobtrusively Inconspicuous or unnoticeable; not attracting attention

24 Pg. 210 What is meant by “it is hardly worthwhile to cut his hair”? How does the warden, who understands Jimmy and his ways, make his point? Jimmy’s character?

25 Connotation Al the emotions and associations that a word or phrase arouses. Villainously – meaning – Badly or obnoxiously Connotes? Criminally – Is this appropriate for Jimmy’s character?

26 Livery Buggy

27 Sticky Notes

28 Pg. 211 What are Jimmy’s “connections”? What do the tools indicate? Humor based on deception What can be inferred from the occurrence of “a neat job of safe burglary”?

29 Pg. 213 Read passage Which of the following statements is supported by the information given by the passage? A. Jimmy is ignored by the young lady. Jimmy has fallen in love with the young lady and wants to know as much as possible about her. C. When Jimmy asks the boy questions, he is trying to get information that will enable him to rob the bank. D. Jimmy’s college football sweater makes him very attractive to the young lady.

30 Story Questions Valentine, 9762 Why is Jimmy Valentine in prison? How would “friends on the outside” help Jimmy shorten his prison stay? What do you think the warden means when he says Jimmy is a compulsory guest? What is Mike Dolan really asking Jimmy when he asks “Got anything on?”

31 When out of prison, how does Valentine support himself? Who is Ben Price? Why does Ben start looking for Jimmy? At what point in the story does Valentine become another man? How do you know that Jimmy fell in love with Annabel Adams the first time he saw her? Find a quote to support your answers. Pg. 63

32 Who was Mr. Ralph Spencer, the phoenix that arose from Jimmy Valentine’s ashes? Where did Jimmy learn about the shoe business? What reasons does Jimmy give for his new and honest life in the letter he writes to Billy. Do the reasons seem genuine? Explain. Pg. 64

33 “A Retrieved Reformation” audio

34 O. Henry Message to his readers 1908

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