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Geraud Brumfield Shippensburg University Unintended Learning.

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1 Geraud Brumfield Shippensburg University Unintended Learning

2 Have you ever sat and wondered how someone learns something without someone teaching it to them? Like learning how a deaf person begins to understand how to read lips? Or how a young child holds a pencil correctly? Usually this skills aren’t offered in a classroom but they are learned from observing and trying it on their own. It is called : Unintentional Learning

3 What is Unintended Learning? Unintended learning is learning that happens but in a non traditional way Such as observing peers, on a computer, video games, etc. It is also referred to as incidental learning or random learning

4 Why is important? It is believed that students learn the most from experience and hands on training. Examples of this would be: Simulation games Computer Games By using these games, students get a chance to learn without knowing it and without you teaching them

5 What are some other terms? Formal learning refers to hierarchically structured school systems; it runs from primary school through to university and organized school-like programs created on the job for technical and professional training. Informal learning describes a lifelong process through which learners acquire attitudes, values, skills and knowledge from daily experience.

6 Some more terms Intentional learning is the process whereby an individual aims at learning something and goes about achieving that objective in any way necessary. Accidental learning happens when an individual learns something by chance, without having planned or expected it.

7 MORE Terms Non-formal learning includes any kind of organized educational activity outside the formal system whether operating separately or as an important feature of some broader activity intended to serve identifiable learning objectives.”

8 Informal vs. Formal Learning This chart helps explain what the differences between informal and formal learning. It also discuss another exciting topic: Intentional vs. Unexpected Learning

9 Video Informal Learning In this 10 minutes video, Jay answers all the questions about informal learning. He goes into detail about all the things people wonder about informal (unintentional) learning.

10 Example Informal Learning What You Know about Math This YouTube video gives an example of students rapping about math. It can be a clincher to makes students begin to discover math on their own. This video focus is more for high school students.

11 Math Games to CHECK OUT X Factors In this game, student will be finding factors of numbers. For example, if the number is 12. The student will have to match numbers together like 4 and 3; 12 and 1; and 6 and 2. This way students are learning the factors of 12 without even thinking about it.

12 Simulation Games to CHECK OUT Farm Frenzy In this game, students will get the opportunity to run an effective farm by raising geese and having making other products This game would provide students with problem solving skills and logical skills that they will need to use in everyday life

13 Info to CHECK OUT Incidental Learning Case Study on Incidental Learning

14 4 Tips for Teachers Remember: Try to be a “facilitator of learning” and not a “pusher of information’ Allow students to learn on their own and from their peers Students tend to enjoy incidental learning a lot more than sitting behind a desk trying to regurgitate information for a grade Make the lessons worthwhile for the students and not just for your ease

15 References Informal Learning YouTube Case Study on Incidental Learning Incidental Learning Simulation Games Cool Math Games

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