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Mathematics Professional Development Day October 11, 2010 Making sense of CHANGE Math Life live it Relevance, Rigor and Change It’s the Math Life!

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1 Mathematics Professional Development Day October 11, 2010 Making sense of CHANGE Math Life live it Relevance, Rigor and Change It’s the Math Life!

2 Average SAT Scores HCPS Virginia Nation

3 Relevance How do we make math relevant for our students? Real-world problems and discussions Open-ended questions Make it worthwhile! Student-centered SHARE IDEAS! Math Website Links – Delicious and Infographics

4 4 Slide Title

5 Oil leaked from April 20 – July 15, 2010. On July 15, the leak was stopped after releasing about 4.9 million barrels (7.8×10 5 m 3 ) of crude oil. It was estimated that 53,000 barrels per day (8,400 m 3 /d) were escaping from the well just before it was capped. It is believed that the daily flow rate diminished over time, starting at about 62,000 barrels per day (9,900 m 3 /d) and decreasing as the reservoir of hydrocarbons feeding the gusher was gradually depleted. The Deepwater Horizon was able to operate in waters up to 8,000 feet (2,400 m) deep and drill down to 30,000 feet (9,100 m). BP estimated the worst case flow at 162,000 barrels per day (25,800 m 3 /d). Internal BP documents estimated the flow could be as much as 100,000 barrels per day (16,000 m 3 /d).

6 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill What “I wonder…” questions about the mathematics would kids (or adults) ask? What jobs related to the spill involve pertinent mathematics? To which mathematics content could this disaster be connected?

7 Dan Meyer WCYDWT NFL Scouting Combine 40 yard dash by Rich Eisen of the NFL Network The video I showed is located here: Dan Meyer’s blog is Here’s the full video from the NFL network: combine/09000d5d816b2dca/Rich- Eisen-s-40-yd-dash combine/09000d5d816b2dca/Rich- Eisen-s-40-yd-dash

8 Highlighted SOL Changes Awareness (curriculum and pacing guides, SOL Crosswalks, VDOE training institutes) Understanding Content (Curriculum Framework, technical assistance documents) Connections (Enhanced Scope and Sequence lesson, Vertical articulation of content - know how and when content is taught. Use mathematical language!

9 6.5 investigate/ describe positive exponents, perfect squares 7.1a) investigate/ describe negative exponents b) determine scientific notation for numbers greater than 0 d) determine square roots 8.5 a) determine if a number is a perfect square b) find 2 whole numbers between which a square root lies New from grade 8 Exponents/Squares/Square Roots

10 5.7 Order of Operations 6.8 Order of Operations ( no { }, | | ) 7.13 evaluate algebraic expressions 7.3 operations with integers 8.1 simplify numerical expressions involving positive exponents, using rational numbers, order of operations, and properties to justify Alg1.1 represent verbal quantitative situations algebraically/evaluate expressions for given replacement values of variables New from grade 7 Expressions and Operations

11 3.3 b) model fractions 5.18 c) model solutions of one-step linear equations (+,-) 6.2 b) identify fract, decimal, percent from a representation 4.2 b) represent equiv fractions 4.3 d) write dec/fract from a model 6.4 represent multiplication and division of fractions 7.3 a) model operations (add/sub/mult/div) with integers New content Modeling New content

12 Equations and Inequalities 6.20 graph inequalities on a number line 7.15 a) solve one- step inequalities/ b) graph on number line 7.14 a) solve one- and two-step linear equations 8.15 a) solve multistep linear equations 8.16 graph linear equations in two variables Alg1.4 solve multistep linear and quadratic equations (2 variables) Alg1.5 solve multistep linear inequalities (2 variables) Alg1.6 graph linear equations and inequalities

13 5.16 Mean as Fair Share 6.15 Mean as Balance Point Alg1.9 Standard Deviation Alg2.11 Normal Distributions New content Technical Assistance Document for A.9 Published Technical Assistance Document for AII.11 October 2010 New Content

14 6.17 identify/ extend geometric/ arithmetic sequences 7.2 describe/ represent arithmetic/ geometric sequences using variable expressions Alg2.2 investigate/ apply properties of arithmetic/ geometric sequences/ series to solve real world problems New content

15 Each figure in the pattern below is made of hexagons that measure 1 centimeter on each side. If the pattern of adding one hexagon to each figure is continued, what will be the perimeter of the 25th figure in the pattern? Show how you found your answer. NAEP Released Items – 2007 Grade 8 M7 #14 SCR Hard 29%

16 Perimeter Problem In what situation would this task be used? In which course/level would you use this task? How would you adjust it for another course/level?

17 Worthwhile task? Questions to ask yourself… Does the problem challenge students to use higher-level critical thinking skills? Is the problem clearly connected to the targeted mathematics? Are there multiple ways to solve this problem? Is it accessible to all students?

18 Worthwhile task? Questions to ask yourself… Does the problem promote mathematical communication? What might students struggle with? This would be an appropriate problem if you were studying… or if you have already studied…

19 Where can I get worthwhile mathematical tasks? NAEP released items PISA released items APEC Mathematics Assessment Database sessments sessments Heinemann Mathematics (not free, but cheap)

20 21 st Century Skills Math ITRTs Michaelanne Day, Highland Springs HS Jennifer Maddux, Short Pump MS Andrea Lund, Tucker HS Katie Owens, Holman MS Reflective Friends Henrico 21

21 Vision Goal #5 in the HCPS Strategic Plan All students will become responsible and effective users of technology. We will infuse the curriculum with technology to enhance the development of 21 st century skills. Dr. Russo’s message: We need to take the next step in effectively integrating technology into our instruction. What are the computer expectations?

22 Four 21 st Century Skills 1.Communication/Collaboration Partner/Group Students Discussion Boards/Blogs/Responders Student Demonstration 2. Research and Information Fluency Webquests Online Resources Origins of Concepts

23 Four 21 st Century Skills 3.Problem Solving/Critical Thinking Real Life Application Team Analysis Project Based Learning Well Thought out Questioning 4.Creativity and Innovation Video Student Activities Use Tools like Adobe Suite, Audacity, Office 2010 Games for Review

24 Small Group Activity Groups 1.Communication/Collaboration 2.Research and Information Fluency 3.Problem Solving/Critical Thinking 4.Creativity and Innovation List ways that you can include this 21st century skill into the math classroom? acowens/math/

25 Schedule Make sure to sign in at each session! 10:00-10:55Session 1 11:00-11:55Session 2 Lunch 1:15-2:50Content Sessions Additional Info on Math Website 3:00-3:30Closing Session Additional

26 Closing Session Starfish Video Babies born last year Raffle Drawing Announcement of Survey

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