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Breaking the cycle of destitution and abuse Copyright 2004 © LIFE Changing Experiences Foundation Ltd.

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1 Breaking the cycle of destitution and abuse Copyright 2004 © LIFE Changing Experiences Foundation Ltd

2 About us About us Life Changing Experiences Foundation Ltd is a not for profit organisation, raising money for underprivileged and disadvantaged teenage girls throughout NSW to participate in a mentoring program called THE SISTER 2 sister Project. This program is designed to reverse the detrimental effects of low self esteem in our teenage girls and to break the cycle of destitution and abuse in our community.

3 Mission statement Opportunity for all To support and nurture our underprivileged and disadvantaged youth by giving them the vital tools to build a happy and fulfilling life, despite the suffering and setbacks that life invariably has thrown their way. To break the cycle of suffering as a result of poverty, bereavement, destitution, abuse, unemployment and to reverse the detrimental effects of low self esteem in our teenagers. To help them to reach their full potential by overcoming the pain of their past and to achieve community “wellness”

4 THE SISTER 2 sister PROJECT What is involved? THE FIVE DAY COURSE This five day mentoring program is held in the school holidays from 9.00am- 4.00pm. Our next course will be held at Four Points by Sheraton Darling Harbour. Through out the week long course, the girls will be exposed to a wide range of positive role models who, themselves have overcome obstacles from their past. Our speakers range from TV presenters, Home and Away stars, clinical psychologists, NLP practitioners, sporting stars, entrepreneurs, young achievers, pop stars and best selling authors. Each girl is assigned a big sister, who will be their mentor for the week and also for the next twelve months. Their “BIG SIS” will be a point of contact for support and guidance in times of need and each are volunteers from the community. EVALUATION COURSE In twelve months time, the girls will attend another mentoring course to assess the progress of this program

5 Focuses of the week long course To provide a safe environment To give the girls the opportunity to relax and have fun To participate in Life Changing Experiences To make them feel special To provide a strong support network To teach them that the past does not equal the future

6 THE SISTER 2 sister PROJECT Modules Covered The Past Does Not Equal the Future, Strategies to Overcome Life's Obstacles, The Power of Self Esteem, Body Image- Nutrition and Eating Disorders, Money Management, Career Advice, The Art of Speaking, Ultimate Goals to Success, Effective Time Management, Social and Dining Etiquette, Dining Field Trip to Five Star Restaurant, Communication and Relationships, Deportment and Posture, Relaxation and Stress Management, Exercise and Fitness, Gym Field Trip, Personal Grooming, Dressing for Success, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Graduation Presentation and Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

7 How to nominate a child in need 1.School principals can nominate a student from their school 2.Members of the public can nominate a girl in need By visiting our website you can download a nomination form. Send nominations to PO Box 530, Vaucluse NSW 2030. Girls must be between the ages of 13-18 years of age Girls must be enrolled at a school Each girl is asked to write a supporting letter to explain why they should be considered to attend the course All girls are considered and will be placed in the next available class (pending on funding)

8 Case study “I would really like to go to the Sister to Sister project because I live with my grandparents and my mother is in jail and I haven’t seen her since I was nine. I don’t have any role models in my life and I don’t have any brothers and sisters to guide me. I have a tight budget. I think I could benefit from the opportunities that the Sister to Sister project could offer me” Natasha 13 years old

9 Case study “I would like to be involved in this project because it sounds like a really worthwhile experience. My sister was killed in a car accident and my dad got a brain injury and since then my family has been separated and I live in two homes (one with my dad and one with my mum). My mum has been suffering from depression since the day my sister died. I am really pleased to be offered this experience” Laura 14 years old

10 Case study “I have trouble finding friends and someone I can trust. We have six people in the family. My brother Kieran is 4 years old and is mentally disabled and has a condition called Smith-Magenis Syndrome, it is where a gene is missing. Kieran is a very violent and abusive person. He has hit me before given me enough of a bruise so I couldn’t walk once or twice. No one can control him in the family so we took him to a specialist and he is on anti psychotic pills. My other brother is ADHD and is also abusive and violent but he doesn’t have that much medication. Yes there was some abuse coming from my stepfather who pushed us around. He died a month ago suddenly from cancer so mum is depressed all of the time and the family is falling apart.I want to stop jigging school, getting into fist fights and taking drugs. I’ve never really had the chance to do the right thing because I’m too busy being bad but all I need to say is I NEED HELP BAD” Kirsten 14 years old

11 Case study “During the past three years of my life seems to have been turned upside down. My dad has had a liver transplant and has had major medical problems. I have been involved in a continuing legal process due to personal reasons. At times I have found it hard to cope and the stress has interfered with my education and every day life. At times I find it hard to find the energy to get through my day. I think that this program would do me good, as I feel that I need a break and maybe this is my chance to turn my life around. Kristi 16 years old Kristi has suffered from physical abuse for some time. She has had Glandular Fever. All of this has combined to stop Kristi from having normality in her life. This program could be an important positive for Kristi. Deputy Principal.

12 A girl sits alone in her room As tears stream down her face She doesn’t know who or why she is She cannot run this race Big sister lies awake at night And thinks of all the girls Who’s eyes are full of tears And could one day change the world From these quiet thoughts a night A great idea has formed Why not give these girls a chance To learn why they were born So for one week in April last We learned to love ourselves To know that we are all worthwhile That we should be our selves I know who I am now That answer has been won For though there have been hard times There are much greater times to come Felicity Kirkham May 2004

13 How you can help Volunteer opportunities Bringing the community together to support the alleviation of destitution and abuse in our teenagers Fundraising Be a Big Sister mentor Let us advertise your business-donate a prize/service for our raffle and we can advertise your business on our website and raffle tickets Do you have the time to help us out with your expertise? For example, would you be willing to help us out with website design, the designing of brochures, the assembling of fundraising kits, the couriering of fundraising packages to schools, writing press releases, seeking prize donations, seeking opportunities to spread the word about The SISTER 2 sister Project. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for our project?

14 Future Developments “Potentialize” LIFE CHANGING EDUCATION PROGRAM Potentialize is literally life changing education! It offers a range of motivational presentations for boys and girls from year 4-12, addressing topics relating to personal success, bullying, self esteem, obesity, drug and alcohol awareness, overcoming obstacles, study skills, time management and goal getting.

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