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3 Introduction Why organise it? Award Overview Award 2000 Best Practice Award Administration Working together

4 Why Organise It? DEAS Officer good new Staff role More enpowered & motivated Cadets Gives goal’s to older Cadets Useful for recruitment Can involve external organisations Good qualification for Cadets Worthwhile results for the effort Good Fun for Cadets & Staff!

5 Award Overview

6 Award Principles Available to all Voluntary Flexible Balanced Progressive Marathon - not a sprint Enjoyable

7 Award Basics 3 Levels 4 Sections - Skill, Service, Expedition and Physical Recreation Residential Project HQAC is our authority

8 Ages & Timescales Bronze starts age 14 Age dispensations At Bronze, 3 of the Sections require 3 month’s work each Other Section requires 6 months

9 Award 2000

10 Promised a lot Seemed to deliver very little Should be easier to understand & administer Achievement based on agreed & set targets New activity ideas……..

11 Service Idea’s

12 Air Training Corps Bronze - Training & assisting new Cadet Recruits on the unit Silver -Corporal helping others to compete Bronze or teaching Cadets Gold - Sergeant helping others with Bronze or Silver Awards or as a Staff Cadet at an AEF or VGS

13 Other Service Idea’s Fire Service Police Service First Aid Fund-Raising People in Need Environment Sports Leadership

14 Skill’s Ideas

15 Aeronautics Based on ATC Syllabus Training Bronze - Leading Cadet Silver - Senior Cadet Gold - Staff Cadet

16 Other Skill’s Ideas Aircraft Recce Flying Gliding Ceremonial Drill Marksmanship Music

17 Physical Recreation Ideas

18 Physical Achievement Tests 7 Activities Base Line Assessment Regular testing to check improvements Can use own points system - not compulsory

19 Other Phys Rec Ideas Football Rugby Hockey Netball Orienteering Canoeing Athletics

20 Expedition Section

21 Training - First-Class Training Wing Practice & Expedition Weekends Squadron Training & Expeditions Modes: foot, cycling, horse, canoeing, rowing or sailing Season - End of March to the end of Oct

22 Best Practice

23 Case Study 1 - 1315 Sqn Led by DEAS Officer - monitors progress Skills -Aeronautics Service - ATC or First Aid Courses Phys Rec - Achievement Tests Expedition - Wing Weekend in 2000 Bronze & Silver aligned where possible to Leading & Senior to give a natural progression

24 Case Study 2 - 2403 DF Induction into Award each Spring Participants agree activities/targets Skills - Aeronautics Service - First Aid in future Expedition - Wing Weekend in 2000 Phys Rec - Achievement Tests

25 Case Study 3 - 150 Sqn Very successful in throughput Phys Rec - Achievement Tests Service - Youth Organisation Skill - Marksmanship Exped - Squadron Expedition

26 Award Admin

27 New Cadet Administration Entrance Pack Level inserts Contains CD-ROM

28 New Cadet Administration Entrance Pack Level inserts Contains CD-ROM Fill out name, address, DoB, Date of Entry. Operating Authority & Unit before issue

29 Useful Resources ACP 20a ACTI 74 DEAS ACP awaited Award Handbook - 4th Edition Programme File/ Old Expedition Guide still OK Free literature from DEAS TVW Web Site in future? Leaflets & programmes

30 Expedition Approvals DEAS Insurance will cover Corps Insurance offers best cover Apply for Adventure Training Approval thro’ Ad Trg O Call activity Camp Craft Don’t mention DEAS

31 Useful Contacts Record Books - WHQ Admin - SWSO Award details - Section details - Wing Expedition Training

32 Working Together

33 Wing Expedition Training Training/Practice Weekend Expedition Weekend First year was last year Some teething problems 25 Cadets from 2403, 1315, 2477, 155 Fun, enjoyable, successful

34 Requirements Have a DEAS Log Book Be a First Class Class Units to nominate “tent” groups Ideally supply own equipment Attend both weekends Units to ideally supply staff (1:5) Supply report within 1 month

35 2001 Dates To be confirmed Bronze Training/Practice Bronze Assessment Hopefully other dates later in the year from another centre?

36 An Insight!

37 Summary Fun, worthwhile activity Easy routes to success Get Involved!

38 Any Questions?



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