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Unit 8 Housing and Clothing socks A pair of socks …pairs of socks.

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2 Unit 8 Housing and Clothing


4 socks A pair of socks …pairs of socks

5 shirt T- shirt two T-shirts

6 sweater 毛衣 There’s a sweater here. 这有一件毛衣。

7 hat A :Do you like the hat? B :Yes,I like it very much. I’ll take two hats. 我要买两顶。

8 pantsshorts jeans 长裤长裤

9 shoes slippers sandals sneakers; gym shoes

10 shirt hat sweater T-shirt pants socksshorts shoes

11 bag hat sweater T-shirt pants socksshorts shoes

12 shirt keep one’s shirt on 不要紧张, 不要在不了解清楚情况的时候就发火 Keep your shirt on,please! lost one’s shirt 某人丢失了他所有的一切 He’s lost his shirt.

















29 A: Hi, John! I _____ that you’ve just ______ a new house. B: Yes, the house is very _______and I love it. A: How many rooms does it have? B: It ____ a living room and two bedrooms, ______ a kitchen and a toilet with a bath. A: That’s _________! Is it in the city or in the _________? hear bought pretty has with wonderful suburbs

30 B: It’s in the suburbs. Houses are _______there than in the __________ area. A: But I’d ________ live in the downtown area. It’s more ___________. B: Yes. But I _______ the ________ and clean air in the suburbs. A: It seems we can not have ______ at the _____ time. cheaper downtown rather convenient preferquietness bothsame

31 Using the following tips or key phrases to make a new dialogue.…..? In….Room …, … Building. …near/far from/close to… I’d like to… We have….with…....have a look at… Show…around Ⅰ

32 Using the following tips or key phrases to make a new dialogue. …look nice… I think… I don’t think… I prefer… I’d rather… fit so well What’s your size?....try it on? Ⅱ What can I…? I want… What color do you prefer? What do you think of…? How do you like…?

33 Tell each other where you live on the campus. Talk about your partner’s new fashion. Make a dialogue about buying a pair of shoes or clothes.

34 Section Ⅱ Being All Ears Listen and Judge 1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( ) T F F F F

35 Listen and Complete My house is very big and comfortable. It is a two story_________. The kitchen, the living room and the dining room are downstairs and the bedrooms are_______ There is a small garden_________ the house and we______ various flowers in it. On Sundays, my father______ in the garden almost all day. The garage is behind the house. We have two cars in it. One is______and the other is my father’s. Both of us_____to work, for we live_______from our offices. apartment upstairs in front ofgrow works minedrive far away

36 Section Ⅲ Maintaining a Sharp Eye Pre-reading Tasks 1.What does an American house usually look like? 2.What is an apartment? 3.Are there many tall buildings in the suburbs? 4.What does the word”skyscraper” mean? 5.What do you have to pay if you don’t have your own house to live in?

37 Important words private 3. She is a very private person. 私人的,私营的,私有的 1. Are they public or private? 公办的还是民办的? 2. Can I speak to you in private? 我可以私下同你谈谈吗? 她是个非常孤僻的人。

38 Important words separate n. 分开, 抽印本 a. 分开的, 各自的, 单独的 v. 分开, 隔开, 分居 1. This word has three separate meanings. 这个词有三个不同的意思。 2. Do you want to separate check? 你们要不要分开付帐 ? 3. Would you like separate checks? 你喜欢分开帐单吗?

39 Important words apartment n. 一套公寓房间. 1. He lives in this apartment building. 他住在这座公寓大楼内。 2. He rented an apartment uptown. 他在住宅区租了一间公寓。 我是说,我们的房子很冷。 3. I mean, our apartment is cold!

40 Important words suburb n. 郊区 1. Is there a Library in your suburb? rural 乡下;田园 suburb (常用复数)郊区;近郊 urban 都市的;都市式的... outskirts 郊区... 你住的地区有图书馆吗? 那家工厂坐落于郊区。 2. The factory is located in the suburb.

41 Important words a place to store garbage a living space a shared yard and parking spaces 一个存放垃圾的地方 一个居住的空间 公用的院子和停车空间 红色字体为非限定动词作定语

42 “ 台北新地标 ” 的 101 大楼拿 下了 “ 世界高楼 ” 四项指标中的 三项世界之最, 即 “ 最高建筑 物 ”(508 米 ) 、 “ 最高使用楼 层 ”(438 米 ) 和 “ 最高屋顶高 度 ”(448 米 ) 。

43 Important words scrape skyscraper n. 刮掉, 擦掉 v. 刮掉, 擦掉 He suffered a few cuts and scrapes. n. 摩天大楼 The skyscraper was wrapped in fog. 他割破和擦伤了几个地方。 摩天大楼笼罩在云雾之中。

44 Important words landlord n. 地主, 房东 1. It's a nice pub, except for the landlord. 酒店很不错,但是那店主却不怎么样。 2. I have a really nice landlord. 我的房东人很不错。 3. Or the landlord will beat us. 要不地主会打我们的。

45 Important words worthwhile a. 值得 ( 做 ) 的 1. 那是值得的。 That's worthwhile. It is worthwhile to try again. 2. 值得再试一次。 This trip is still worthwhile. 3. 也算是不虚此行啊。

46 Important words neither…nor ( 既 ) 不 … 也不 … , ( 既 ) 非 … 也非 … 1. She won't go. Neither/Nor will I. 她不走,我也不走。 2. Neither/ Nor do I! 我也不!

47 Important words afford v. 提供, 供应得起, 给予 1. I can't afford a holiday this summer. 今年夏天我无法度假。 2. At last,we can afford a house. 我们终于买得起房子了。 3. I can't afford a color TV set. 我买不起一台彩电。

48 Important words wander around 客人可以在校园里随意参观。 这时他们绕著柱子绕了半圈,停下来又 四处张望。 2. They circled around half the pillar, then stopped to wander around. 1. Guests can wander around the campus at will. 闲逛

49 Difficult sentences 1 An American house usually has a private kitchen, a living-room and sometimes separate areas for eating and watching television. 一栋美国房子通常有一个私人厨房、一间起居 室、有的还有独立的就餐和看电视的区域。

50 Difficult sentences 2 Most of the houses in the suburbs are one or two stories tall, with private yards, gardens and garages. 郊区的房子大多数都是一两层高, 有私家庭院、花园和车库。

51 Difficult sentences 3 Cities have a lot of apartment buildings and some tall buildings may seem to “scrape the sky”, so they are called “skyscrapers”. 市区有许多公寓大楼,有些高楼似乎可以 “ 擦到天空 ” ,因此被称为 “ 摩天大楼 ” 。

52 Difficult sentences 4 And houses closer to the center of a big city are more expensive than those in the suburbs or in small towns. 靠近市中心的房子比郊区或小城镇的房子更贵。

53 Difficult sentences 5 There are also some Americans who can neither afford to buy a house nor to rent one. 也有些美国人既买不起房子也租不起房子。

54 Let’s relax

55 I'll light the fire You place the in the vase That you bought. Staring the fire For hours and hours While I to you Play your love. All night long for. for me Come to me, And rest your head for just five minutes flowers today at listen songs me Only now

56 is good Such a cosy room The are illuminated By the through them Fiery gems for you for you Our is a very, very house With two in the yard used to be so hard Now everything is, 'Cause of you Everything windows sunshine Only housefine cats Life easy

57 And our la,la,la, la,la etc Our is a very, very house With two in the yard used to be so hard Now everything is, 'Cause of you And our I'll light the, while you place the flowers in the vase That you today housefine cats Life easy fire bought

58 Post-reading Tasks Task 1: Using your own words to retall the writer’s description of an American house. Task 2: Describe your own future house or your ideal house in the future.

59 Read and Complete talk about seem afford own neither…nor worthwhile call wander around 1I________ to hear a voice in the distance. 2In our class many students_______mobile phones. 3Is it_____________ to buy a house in such a place? 4I can ________ understand ______ speak Japanese. 5I can’t _______ this car because I don’t have much money. 6Very tall buildings are usually________ skyscrapers in the U.S. 7They are always_______________ how to make more money. 8During those days we had no job to do; So we just_________________ the city. seemed own worthwhile neithernor afford talking about wandered around called

60 Read and Translate 1 In the U.S, the cost of housing is very high. 2 We live close to Beijing Road. 3 Houses in Beijing are much more experience than those in Guangzhou. 4 Some Americans can not afford to buy houses. 5 In the long run, it is more worthwhile to buy a house than to rent one. 6 Four of us share one room.

61 Click here and enter “Flash Teaching” on Page 1 & 2 for The Infinite Verbs. Section Ⅳ Minding Your Grammar

62 Let’s challenge ourselves! The Infinite Verbs

63 1. Fill in the following blanks with the proper form of the verbs given in brackets. Exercises 1. I like__________(swim) a lot. 2. Dr. Jones asked me_________(say) it again. 3. _________(work) mothers usually have to work hard both at work and at home. 4. Tom has________(work) in the company for two years. 5. ________________ (play)basketball is my hobby. 6. My grandmother hates_______(see) young men smoking. 7. It took me 2 hours__________(write) the article. swimming to say Working worked Playing/ To play to see to write

64 2.Translate the following sentences into English. Pay attention to the verb forms. 1. I like drinking a glass of milk in the morning. 2. They began to know each other three years ago./ They have known each other since three years ago.

65 3. Catherine has graduated from the school. 4. I am watching an English film. 5. We have many things to do.

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