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新视野大学英语第二册教学课件 New Horizon College English Book 2.

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1 新视野大学英语第二册教学课件 New Horizon College English Book 2

2 Book 2 Unit One Section A Time-Conscious Americans

3 Background Knowledge Proverbs concerning time

4 1.Time works wonders. 2.Time tries truth. 3.Time is the best healer.

5 4.Time and tide wait for no man. 5. All time is no time when it is past.

6 Time is money. A stitch in time saves nine.

7 Vocabulary and structure

8 2. The sea was calm and still. 1. A still pool

9 3. Nothing stand still in the computer industry. 4. Going back home, it ’ s as if time has stood still and I ’ m ten years old.

10 Still waters run deep. (谚)流静水 深,人静心深。

11 A committed group of environmentalists

12 1.No further discussion arising, the meeting was brought to an end. 2. Lunch finished, all the guests returned to the sitting-room.

13 1.A slave to drink 2. A slave to money 3. A slave to social conventions 4. A lot of kids nowadays are slaves of fashion.

14 1.She has made so many commitments that she has to budget her time very carefully. 2. The government has budgeted for one bridge in the city

15 1. A family / week’s budget 2. The company’s advertising budget 3.The defence budget 4. It is important to balance this year’s budget.

16 1. planning the annual budget 2.a welfare program with a budget of $2 billion 3. over /under budget 4.budget deficit 5. balance the budget 6. be on a tight budget

17 This corrupt official couldn ’ t account for the source of his income.

18 1.If you are a tutor, how much do you charge for monthly work? 2. We won’t charge for delivery if you pay now.

19 A great number of farmer workers have poured into big cities to look for jobs. They have every reason to charge for their hard work.

20 1. Acute pain 2. Acute sorrow 3. His distrust of reporters was particularly acute on this story.

21 1.The visit of President Nixon developed a sense of trust between China and America. The Sino-US relations

22 2.A new sense of urgency had entered into their negotiations/ arms-control talks.

23 The dog has an acute sense of smell.

24 The telephone line was dead. Wendy replaced the telephone handle.

25 First impressions really do count.

26 After a few weeks in Marseille, I grew restless and decided to take a ship to Corsica.

27 1.The government raced the new law through all its stages so as to complete it before the election. 2.The child raced through his homework in order to watch the football match on TV.

28 1.An abrupt attitude 2. An abrupt change of policy 3. An abrupt drop in oil prices

29 You mustn’t take her negative comments of your plan personally.

30 1.her opening words 2. the opening night of a new play 3. the opening speech of the debate

31 1. ritual phrases of greeting 2. a ritual call 3. the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony

32 the ritual of communion in the Christian church 基督教教会的圣餐仪式

33 1.informal interactions among adults 2. the degree of interaction between teacher and student 3. human-computer interaction

34 A healthy mind goes with a healthy body.

35 Ill health often goes with poverty.

36 1.I had a leisurely glass of beer. 2.Walk at a leisurely pace.

37 1. Assess the present state of the economy. 2. Assess oneself against the model 3. It’s difficult to assess the impact of the President’s speech.(Gettysburg Address)

38 It ’ s difficult to assess the effects of the new legislation just yet.

39 1. To hold a meeting over dinner 2. Relaxing over a glass of wine

40 1. People in the desert are always short of water to drink, much less to bathe in. 2. The baby can hardly walk, much less run.

41 He can hardly afford beer, much less champagne.

42 1.The journalist was probing into several financial scandals. 2. He could not probe into the mystery of her speech.

43 A report probing the official ’ s involvement with drug dealing.

44 The bank refused to help the company; consequently it went out of business.(bankrupt)

45 1.Given their inexperience, they’ve done a good job. 2. Given her interest in children, teaching should be the right career for her.

46 3. Given that there was so little time, I think they ’ ve done a good job. 4. Given the circumstances, you ’ ve coped well.

47 1.He saved his strength for the end of the race. 2. Let ’ s save the rest of the cake for later.

48 Some people don ’ t care about the preservation of wild animals,for they think it has no relation to the matter at hand.

49 Her question was not related to the matter at hand.

50 Conduct v. organize and carry out 进行 Conduct an experiment/ a survey/ an inquiry

51 1.a telescope 2. telecommunications 3. teleshopping

52 1.We thought she did not like us, whereas in fact she was very shy. 2. They want a house, whereas we would rather live in a flat.

53 1. Three years elapsed before he returned to college. 2. Three months have elapsed since he left home.

54 Several months were to elapse before his case was brought to trial.

55 These doctors and nurses are worthy of our respect.

56 worth sth is worth (doing) worthy Sth. is worthy of + n. /being done /to be done worthwhile It is worthwhile doing/to do sth. 1. The matter is worth consideration /considering. 2. The matter is worthy of consideration/being/to be considered. 3. It is worthwhile considering/to consider the matter.

57 competent as / at / in / for something 1. He is competent for the task. 2. He is not competent to look after young children.

58 Text analysis Part 1 Time is one of the elements that Americans save carefully, the other being labor. Part 2 Americans save time in daily life. Central Topic: Americans are time-conscious

59 Text Structure Analysis: A Paragraph of a General statement Supported by Specific Details and Reasons

60 Transitional Words 1.Cause and effect: result in, therefore, due to, consequently, since 2. Comparison and contrast: whereas, however 3. Exemplification: for example

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