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Unit Two Key to Exercises. The answers to the questions on the text.  1.Can you name some capitals and describe their characteristics?  Yes. Paris reminds.

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1 Unit Two Key to Exercises

2 The answers to the questions on the text.  1.Can you name some capitals and describe their characteristics?  Yes. Paris reminds people of pleasure and gaiety, Athens is where the Olympic Games originated, and Beijing is rich in historical and cultural heritage, to name only a few.  2.What causes the destruction of cities?  Earthquakes, fires, wars and diseases have all had their share in the destruction of cities.

3  3.What is special about Rome?  It is full of the glory of the past.  4.What is the main idea of this paragraph?  Cities have their own peculiar qualities or characteristics like men.  5.What makes a capital city international?  The close relationship with other countries often makes a capital city international.

4 I. Read the text again and complete the statements.  1.Write out the capital cities of the following countries:  USA, Washington; Britain, London; Canada, Ottawa; Australia, Canberra; New Zealand, Wellington.  2.Earthquakes, fires, wars and diseases all have played a part in destroying some wonders of the world.

5  3.Each city has its own peculiar qualities.  4.Being the center of government and power, a capital city has its advantages over other cities.  5.The life of a city can be influenced not only by the local inhabitants, but also by visitors from foreign countries and regions.

6 II.Fill in the blanks with words or phrases from the Vocabulary Snapshot. Change the forms if necessary.  1.The rainforest in Brazil is spoken of as the biggest one remaining in the world.  2.They levelled all the old buildings to make way for the road.  3.They sent several policemen to guard the meeting room.

7  4.The government has tried dozens of approaches to prevent the old city from decaying.  5.Through science we've got the idea of associating progress with research.  6.This kind of cooking is peculiar to Southwest China.

8  7.Walkways( 走道 ), flowerbeds (花圃) and grassland (草地) are laid out in the neighbourhood.  8.He ranks as the highest authority on English literature there.  9.In the 18th century many writers imitated the language of Shakespeare.  10.Can you imagine how she felt when she knew she had failed?

9 III.Complete the sentences with the proper forms of the words given in parentheses.  1.Our country has grown richer because of growing (commercial) commerce with other nations.  2.Among those (presence) present at the meeting were some foreign experts.  3.It is really surprising that his (imitate) imitation of that singer could be almost perfect.

10  4.In most Middle East countries, politics has close (associate) association with religion.  5.Though only a college student then, Nicholson was filled with the (ambitious) ambition to become famous one day.  6.He was absorbed in the (glory) glorious memories of his championship-winning days.

11  7.My father wanted me to become a (profession) professional doctor, but he felt disappointed in the end.  8. People agreed that Kublai Khan (忽必烈) was one of the most outstanding (empire) emperors in ancient China.  9. Long before I went there, Africa was alive in my (imagine) imagination.  10.During our visit to the USA, we had a (wonder) wonderful time in the Disney World.

12 IV. Translate the Chinese into English.  1. 我发现书整齐地摆放在书桌上。 (lay out)  I found that the books were laid out neatly on the desk.  2. 我们谨向所有参与过这个项目的人表示感谢。 (have a share in)  We would like to thank all who had a share in this project.  3. 他们的延误是由天气不好造成的。 (due to)  Their delay was due to bad weather.  4. 影响人们的不是过去而是现在和未来。 (not... but)  What influences people is not the past but the present and the future.

13  5. 总体而言,人们经常把政治和战争联系起来。 (associate... with)  Generally speaking, people often associate politics with wars.  6. 汤姆曾受过一流的教育,因而,他比未受过很好教育的 孩子们更有优势。 (have an advantage over)  Tom had a first-rate education, so he had an advantage over those children who were not as well educated as he.  7. 许多学生抱怨食物一点也不令人满意。 (by no means)  Many students complain that the food is by no means satisfactory.  8. 他们兴奋的叫喊声几乎淹没了音乐。 (all but)  Their screams of excitement all but drowned out the music.

14 V. Make sentences according to the models of sentence structure.  Model 1  ◆ People often speak of New York as a city of skyscrapers.  1.most tourists, Guilin, an earthly paradise, a beautiful city on the Li River  Most tourists speak of Guilin as an earthly paradise, a beautiful city on the Li River.  2.people all over the world, Brazil, a dominant power in soccer  People all over the world speak of Brazil as a dominant power in soccer.

15  Model 2  ◆ The existence of a city is often longer than that of the empire of which it is the capital.  ◆ A city's peculiar qualities and characteristics are sometimes those of the people who live in it.  1.The air in a hilly region is cooler than the air on plains.  The air in a hilly region is cooler than that on plains.  2.In my opinion, his misdoings are the misdoings of a fool.  In my opinion, his misdoings are those of a fool.

16  Model 3  ◆ Great pride is taken in making the city worthy of its rank as the capital.  1.a father should do whatever he can, to make himself, the name of father  A father should do whatever he can to make himself worthy of the name of father.  doing so, he proved himself, trust  By doing so, he proved himself worthy of trust.

17  Model 4  ◆ It would be worthwhile encouraging other cities to imitate the capital.  1. make such an experiment at the cost of so much money  It would be worthwhile making such an experiment at the cost of so much money.  2.for the soldiers, to fight or even die for the freedom of their country  It is worthwhile for the soldiers to fight or even die for the freedom of their country.

18 Use the Right Word  Choose the right word and put it in the blank in its proper form.  (be able to), capable (be capable of)  A. John is the most able man I have ever known.  B. The room is capable of seating 20 people.  C. Because I am ill, I will not be able to come tomorrow.  D. The company isn't capable of handling such a large order.

19  2.especially, specially  A. He is especially interested in table tennis.  B. She came here yesterday specially to see her parents-in-law.  C. I had this dress made specially for the wedding.  D. Pollution is very serious, especially in urban areas.

20 , contrast  A. You'd better compare the translation with the original.  B. He compared his car with hers, and found that they were very much alike.  C. In his book the writer contrasts good with evil.  D. The cool weather these days contrasts with last week's heat.

21 Grammar Tips  I. Fill in each blank with an appropriate relative pronoun.  1.She works in a factory which/that makes television parts.  2.He has five children, two of whom work nearby.

22  3.They are short of steel without which they cannot continue with the production.  4.She is going to fly to Britain where she plans to stay for two months.  5.There might be some people at the party whom we don't know anything about.  6.The tree whose branches were newly cut off is a rare old one in this area.

23  7.Is there a shop around where we can get some fruit?  8.The professor and his lecture that have been mentioned in the papers caused heated discussions among us.  9.The reason why he was absent from the conference is that he was seriously ill.  10.The moment when the room became very quiet, the teacher began the test.

24 II. Fill in the blanks with the given words.  Young people often make their parents angry at their (1) choice. in clothes, in music, and in entertainment. But they do not (2) mean. to make any trouble; it is just (3) that they feel cut off (4) from. the older people's world, into which they have not (5) been accepted. That's (6) why young people want to make a new culture of (7) their own. And if their parents do not like their music or entertainment or clothes or their way of speech, this makes them extremely happy.

25  A young man (8) once said, "Sometimes you are (9) so proud of yourself that you do not want your parents to agree (10) to what you do. (11) All you want is to be left alone and do what you like. This is natural enough, after being a child for so many years when you were completely (12) under your parents' control." To these youngsters, my advice is this: "If you plan to control your own life, you'd better win your parents (13) over and try to (14) get them to understand you. If your parents see that you have a high sense of responsibility, they will certainly give you the (15) right to do what you want to do."

26 Reading Skills  Read the following paragraph and add a topic sentence.  Topic sentence: A good listener is careful to follow certain steps to achieve good understanding of a lecture or speech.

27 Practical Reading  I.Skim each item. Match the name of the group or event to each item.  ( B )1.The Crestown Fire Department  ( E )2.Concert in the Park  ( A )3.The Beall High School Class of 1939  ( C )4.The Allegheny Bird Club  ( D )5.Museum of Radio and Technology

28  II. Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).  ( F )1.An all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner will be given at the Hilltop Restaurant.  ( F )2.For more information about the antique radio sale, call 580-636-2979.  ( T )3.The guitarist and singer Lynn Simon will give a concert at the Spruce Street Inn.  ( F )4.During the party of the Beall High School Class of 1939, there will be a performance by Kevin Dodge, an expert in imitating bird sounds.  ( T )5.It is hoped that many classmates will be able to attend the meeting of the Beall High School Class of 1939 to talk about the good old days.

29 Practical Writing  The following is an incomplete meeting minutes. Use the following Chinese cues and fill in the blanks with appropriate, accurate and grammatical sentences to complete the minutes.

30  The Minutes of the Sales Committee Meeting held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 10 October 2009 in the Beijing Conference Hall, Yangtze Tower, Pudong, Shanghai( 于 2009 年 10 月 10 日星期三下午 4:30 在上海浦东 长江大厦北京厅举行 ).

31  Subject: Sales Office Telephone Services( 销售办公室电话服务 )  Attendee:Yue Mengjia (Sales Manager)  Sun Yuefeng (Office Manager)  Li Ying (Staff Representative)

32  Discussion:Telephone lines shut down presently after 6:00 p.m. Customers can't get through after that( 顾客在此之后无法打进 电话 ). Office Manager suggested keeping lines open until 10:00 p.m.( 办公室主任建议 晚上 10 点再切断电话 ). Two or three extra sales staff may have to be employed.

33  Decision: 1.As it was a good idea, there was an agreement to have a three- month trial period to see if sales figures could cover the extra costs( 这是一个好主意, 同意在三个月的时间段里试行,看看营业额 能否抵消此项额外开支 ).  2. Meeting in 3 months to review the situation.

34  ( 签名 )  Yue Mengjia Sun Yuefeng Li Ying  Sales Manager Office Manager Staff Representative

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