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Unit1 Vocabulary. condition n. 条件 ;状况 pl. 环境;形势 1. 失重状态 2. 住房环境 3. 只要彼得也被邀请, 我就来。 the condition of weightlessness housing conditions I’ll come on condition.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit1 Vocabulary. condition n. 条件 ;状况 pl. 环境;形势 1. 失重状态 2. 住房环境 3. 只要彼得也被邀请, 我就来。 the condition of weightlessness housing conditions I’ll come on condition."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit1 Vocabulary

2 condition n. 条件 ;状况 pl. 环境;形势 1. 失重状态 2. 住房环境 3. 只要彼得也被邀请, 我就来。 the condition of weightlessness housing conditions I’ll come on condition that Peter is invited.

3 connection n. 连接;关系;亲戚 Is there a connection between the sun and the seasons? What is his connection with the case? He has some important connections in Hongkong. in connection with 关于,有关,和 …… 联系起来 他问了我许多与英国生活有关的问题。 He asked me many questions in connection with life in Britain.

4 devote …to sth. / doing sth. 把 … 献给;把 … 专用于;致力于 devote oneself/ one’s time / life / energy/every effort to sth. / doing sth. 他专心钻研医学。 He devoted himself to medicine. 居里夫人毕生从事科学工作。 Madam Curie devoted all her life to scientific work. 我们应该尽一切努力帮助残疾人。 We should devote every effort to helping the disabled people.

5 behave vi. 行为,举止,表现 He behaves well (badly). 他表现好 ( 差 ). behave oneself 举止得体,守规矩 behaviour (behavior) n. 待人态度, 举止 我的摄像机自从修好后一直很正常。 My camera_________________________ since it was repaired. has been behaving well

6 worthwhile adj. 值得做的, 值得出力的 到巴黎的访问是值得的。 The visit to Paris is worthwhile. 她有一个很值得去出力干的工作。 She has a very worthwhile job. 他的成功使我们所有的努力都值得。 His success makes all our efforts worthwhile.

7 It is worthwhile to do / doing sth. Sth is worth +n./ doing Sth is worthy to be done/ of being done/of sth. 巴黎值得游览。 It is worthwhile to visit Paris / visiting Paris. Paris is worth visiting / a visit. Paris is worthy of being visited/of a visit. Paris is worthy to be visited. “ 值得做某事 ” 的表达法

8 observe: to watch attentively 聚精会神地看, 观察 ; obey 遵守 celebrate 庆祝 observation n. The scientist has observed the stars all his life. We must observe the traffic rules. How do you observe your Christmas Eve?

9 我看到一个陌生人进了 / 正在进办公室。 我注意到班上有几个学生睡着了。 observe sb.doing sth. 观察某人在干某事. observe sth. 观察到某人干某事. observe that clause 注意到 I observed a stranger go/going into the office. I observed that several students were asleep in class.

10 argue: give a different idea 争论, 辩论 persuade 说服 They argued for the right to strike. 他们为争取罢工权利而辩论. Don ’ t argue with you mother. argue for / against sth 为 / 反对 …… 辩护 argue with sb about/over sth 就某事与某人 …… 争论 argue sb into/out of doing sth 说服某人做 / 不做某事 The lawyer ____ his client( 诉讼委托人 ) in the court( 法庭 ). A. argued for B. argued with C. argued against D. argued at A

11 inspire 激励,鼓舞;引发,激起 inspire sb to do sth inspire sb with sth = inspire sth in sb inspiration n 给予鼓舞.激励之人/之事;灵感;好主意 This woman is an inspiration to all of us. inspiring adj 鼓舞的,激励的 inspired adj (人或作品)得到灵感的,有灵感的,非常好的 an inspiring thought 鼓舞人心的想法 an inspired work of art 得自灵感的艺术作品 Lincoln’ s speech is so _________ that people were________ to fight against slavery. inspiringinspired

12 strike 打;(时钟)敲响;突然袭击;突然想到;打动(某人)的心, 给予 --- 印象;罢工 1.The thief struck him on the head. 2.A very big earthquake struck that country many years ago. 3.The clock struck 12. 4.A good idea struck me. 5.I was struck by its beauty. 6.They are striking for better working conditions. 打 突然袭击 敲响 突然想到 打动 罢工

13 Match the explanations with new words Finish something successfully v. The state that something is in n. Help provided by government organizations for people with social and financial problems n. An organization for a special purpose The way in which two things are related to each other. achieve condition welfare institute connection

14 A series of actions intended to achieve a particular result. n. Someone who is very skilled at a subject n. Use your time, effort,in order to do or help something be successful.v. Something deserves the time, efforts and money. a. A hollow place made by a bird to make its home in.n. See and notice something. v. campaign specialist devote…to worthwhile nest observe

15 To disagree with someone in words To state,give clear reasons, that sth is true To give sb. the idea for a story, poem The speed or number of times at which something happens over a period of time, Take something somewhere,or make a speech to people. V. Always thinking of what other people need or want.a. Unwillingly to talk proudly about one’s abilities,and achievements.a. }argue inspire rate deliver considerate modest

16 1.___________ something done successfully 2.____________ things that are made to interest people 3.____________ way in which sb/sth behaves 4.___________ fill somebody with good feelings and aims 5.____________ admire or show regard for someone 6.____________ decide to do sth with a great determination 7._____________ give reasons to support sth 8._____________ care about, be busy with sth 9._____________ in a natural environment achievement entertainment behavior inspire respect concern oneself with be determined to do argue for in the wild

17 1.He will never a_____ anything if he does not work hard. 2.You get a wonderful sense of a _________ when you reach the top. 3.The car has been well maintained and is in excellent c ________. 4.Ability and effort are c _______of success. 5.Most of the people in this neighborhood are on w ____. 6.He works in Social Science Research I ______. chievechievement ondition onditions elfare nstitute

18 7.Police have so far failed to establish the c ______ between the two murders. 8.He used his c ________ to find another job. 9.Martin started a c_______ for equal rights with white people. 10.He is a heart s_______. 11.He decided to s_________ in heart research. 12.I had this dress made s________ for the wedding. 13.A s _____ school is a school for children with special needs, that is, children with mental or physical problems.onnectiononnections ampaign pecialist pecialize pecially pecial

19 14.I’m d ______all my time and energy to being a mum. 15.Mother Teresa has d ______ herself to caring for the poor. 16.I would rather the money went to a w ________ cause. 17.I sat in a corner and o _______what was going on. 18.This custom has been o ________ by most people. 19.The UN has sent a team of o _______ to the peace talk. 20.She is in hospital under o ________.evotingevoted orthwhile bserved bserved bservers bservation

20 21.The family a _____bitterly over who should inherit the house. 22.Croft a ______ that a date should be set for the withdrawal of the troops. 23.The couple’s a________ seemed to be about who was going to take the dog to the vet. 24.The story was i_______by a chance meeting with a Russian duke. 25.I haven’t started writing the article yet. I am still waiting for i________. 26.I prefer i________ music. rgued rgued rgument nspired nspiration nspiring

21 27.I have a large family to s _________. 27.I have a large family to s _________. 28.The divorce r _____ rose sharply this year. 29.I am having some flowers d ________for her birthday. 30.It is a custom for the principal ( 校长 )to d_______ a new term speech. 31.The request to get a computer for each class is under c___________. upport ate elivered eliver onsideration

22 1.Climbing the east tower can let you a______ something exciting and make you feel a sense of a__________when you reach the top. 2. Poor working c _______ lead to a strike, for most of workers are in bad c_______. 3.Song Chingling c_______ herself with/in/about w_____ projects. 4.My uncle is a s_________ in heart disease, and also s________ in medical research. 5. Teaching is a very w_________ career. It is w_______ to teach English especially in Yuezhong. chieve chievement onditions ondition pecialist pecializes orthwhile oncerned elfare

23 6.I am usually i______ by Beethoven’s i________ classical music. He is a Genius. But Genius is 1% i________ and 99% perspiration ( 汗水 ). nspirednspiring nspiration 5. The teacher b______ like a friend towards me because of my good b_______ in class. That’s to say, I always behave myself/ behave well in his class. ehaves ehavior

24 7.Jane has argued _____ the government ____ how to protect chimps. She argued _____ the chimps to be kept in nature, and she argued _______ them to be used for entertainment or advertisement. argue for sth….. 为 ……. 而争辩 ; argue against sth….. 反对 …. 而争辩 ; argue over/about……. 有关 ….. 而争辩 ; argue with sb …… 与谁 …… 而争辩 ; withover/about for against

25 8. 有一天, 在野外我们观察到一只猩猩捕捉猴子.  One day, we observed a chimp hunt a monkey in the wild.  One day, we observed a chimp hunting a monkey in the wild. One day, we observed that a chimp hunted a monkey in the wild.

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