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Language Points in Unit 2. There is a curious English word. Its first two letters stands for a man, the first three for a woman, the first four for a.

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1 Language Points in Unit 2

2 There is a curious English word. Its first two letters stands for a man, the first three for a woman, the first four for a brave man, and the whole word for a brave woman. What is the word?

3 Consist vi. consist of = be made up of 由 … 组成 Consist in 在于 … 1 ) The UK consists of four countries. The Uk is made up of four countries. F4 这个很受年轻人喜欢的组合是由 4 个帅男生组成的。 2 ) The group F4, which is very popular with the young people, consists of four handsome boys. 3 ) Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. 4 ) What does happiness consist in ?

4 divide & separate 1) 请把这个班分成几个小组。 Please divide the class into several small groups. 2) 感染了非典的病人应该跟其他人隔离开来。 The patients infected with SARS should be separated from other people. divide … into … ( be divided into … ) separate … from … (be separated from … ) 3)As we joined the big crow I got _____ from my friends. A. separated B. divided C. lost D. puzzled

5 puzzle n/v puzzled a. puzzling a. 1) n. 难题, 谜, 迷惑, 困惑 2) v. 使 … 迷惑 / 困惑 puzzle oneself (one ’ s brain) about sth = puzzle over sth 苦苦思索,为 … 大伤脑筋 I am puzzling my brain about how to make my lesson lively and interesting. be in a puzzle about sth I am in a puzzle about the matter. The question puzzled me. I'm puzzled about what to do next. He listened to the lecture with a ____ expression. A. puzzled B. puzzling C. puzzle D. being puzzled

6 (3) Sth. needs doing = Sth. needs to be done (1) There is no need to do sth 1) There is no need to spend a whole night memorizing the English new words. 2) Is there any need to further explain this structure? (2) need to do I need to have my hair cut. The tree needs watering. The tree needs to be water

7 debate v/n. v. debate about sth. 对 … 进行辩论,讨论 debate sth/ doing sth./debate wh-word +to do 考虑 … 以决定(做 … ) n. open/close a debate a heated debate 1) He is a kind of person who likes to debate about everything. 他是那种好争辩的人。 2) They were debating about the advantages and the disadvantages of surfing on the internet. 3) I ’ m debating where to go on holiday. 4) He debated buying a new car, but didn ’ t in the end.

8 debate argue quarrel Debate/argue/quarrel 区别见《百思》 P19 debate: v/n. ( 正式的)辩论,讨论(如在公众场合或议会中) argue. v 争论,争吵,争辩 n. argument quarrel : v/n 争论,争吵(常因琐事而争吵)

9 Clarify v. 使(某事物)清楚,澄清 to clarify a remark/statement/fact/ the meaning of 2) I hope that what I say will clarify the misunderstanding. 3) His mind sudden clarified. 1) I will clarify my position/stand at a proper time. 澄清立场

10 1) Are they coming as well/too ? 2) She is a talented musician as well as a photographer. 3) He plays guitar as well. 4) E-mail, as well as telephone, ______ an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play 5) Miss Han, _____ Mrs. Howe, speaks good French. They often talk in French. A. so well as B. as good as C. as well as D. so good as 6) John plays football ______, if not better than, David. A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as as well/as well as

11 1) We bought this house for its convenience. 2) Please come at your convenience. 3)The newly-built office building is equipped with many modern conveniences. 4) Will the 3:50 train be convenient to you? convenience n. convenient adj. for convenience 为了方便 at one ’ s convenience 在某人方便时 convenient 主语通常是物而不是人 be convenient to/for sb Come and see me whenever _____________. A. you are convenient B. you will be convenient C. it is convenient to you D. it will be convenient to you n. 便利的设施 / 设备 ( 可数 ) n. 方便 / 便利 ( 不可数 )

12 attraction n. attract v. attractive adj 1) Do you know why Jay Zhou ’ s songs have such a great attraction for the young people? 2) The idea of going to the moon holds little attraction for me. 4 ) The film Harry and the Chamber of Secrets attracted a great number of young people to go the cinema to see it. 3 ) scenic / tourist attraction(s) 旅游胜地

13 influence n/v. 1) Who influence you most in your life? 2) Who has the greatest influence on you in your life? V. influence sb/sth N. influence on sb/sth. 3) Now some people think that TV has quite a harmful influence on children. have a bad, good, beneficial, harmful, …, influence on sb/on sb ’ s behavior, character, etc.

14 worthwhile/worth adj 1) It is worthwhile to visit /visiting Hangzhou which is a beautiful place. 2) Hangzhou is a beautiful place which is worth visiting. 3) Thank you for your worthwhile suggestion. Thank you for your worth suggestion. worth: a. ~+n./pron.( 代词 )/V-ing 只作表语不作定语 worthwhile a. ~+to do sth./doing sth. 既可作表语又可作定语

15 1) The book is worth reading. = It is worth/worthwhile reading the book. 2) Nursing is a very worthwhile job. 3) We had a long wait, but it was worthwhile because we got the tickets. 4) The exhibition is well worth a visit. 5)He thinks teaching foreign language is worthwhile. worthwhile/worth

16 Language About Language 1 debate., puzzle, conveniences, clarify, legal, Kingdom, attraction, influence 2. 1) whispered, 2) asked, 3) smiled, 4) screamed, 5) begged, 6) agreed, 7) answer, 8) shouted, 9) complained, 10) suggested, 11) decided, 12) advised

17 Discovering Useful Structures 1) Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. have/get/find/keep/make...+ O. + P.P. ( 过去分词作宾补 )( 宾语 ) 2) So to their surprise the three countries found themselves united peacefully … 3) … they were going to get Ireland connected to the other three … 4) My grandfather had his old house rebuilt. 5)They kept the door locked for a long time. 6)I raised my voice to make myself heard by all the students. 动宾关系 ( 被动 )

18 2. 1) We have got the house mended now. 2) You look different today. Have you had your hair cut? 3) Do you want to have the dictionary delivered to your house or would you prefer to the shop for it? 4) A: Could I have a look at the photographs you took when you were in Europe? B: Sorry, I haven ’ t had the film developed yet. 5) On my way to the station my car broke down. When I got the to the repair shop I found it closed.

19 6) The computer doesn ’ t seem to work well. You ’ d better get it repaired? 7) Jill and Eric got all their money stolen while they were on holiday. 8) Chris had some flowers sent to Sarah on her birthday. Then Chris asked Sarah to marry him and they had it announced in the newspaper. They had no time to arrange their own wedding, so they had it organized by a company.

20 Assignment for you 1) Finish Exercise 1&2 in Using Words and Expressions in the Workbook(P49-50). 2)Finish Exercise 1 & 2 in Using Structures in the Workbook on P 50. 3) Begin to do the Exercise on P21-23 in Best English. 4) Read The article Bridging the gap in the English news paper Teens.

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