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Coaching STAR Events Presented by: Speaker’s Name and School.

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1 Coaching STAR Events Presented by: Speaker’s Name and School

2 Coaching Winners

3 — REMEMBER: — STAR Events stands for — Students Taking Action for Recognition — ◦From the Competitive Guidebook: The presentation and project materials submitted must be planned, conducted, and prepared by the participants.

4 — It is not: ◦RATS—(STAR backwards) – Recognition for Action Taken by Students — — Nor is it: ◦A STAR— – Adults & Students Taken Action for Recognition


6 One person: get a large post it note paper. The other person: get 3 markers of different colors for you to share. 6

7 7

8 8

9 9

10 10

11 11

12 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 What do you know about the FCCLA Competitive Events? 16

17 Write down what you know about the FCCLA Competitive Events. Write down what you want to know about the FCCLA Competitive Events. 17













30 Career Investigation Can be used in every FCS class to meet the criterion for Career Preparation. Students complete research related to a particular career field.

31 Career Investigation Continued.. Addressed all TEKS related to career preparation. Satisfied TEKS for leadership skills and effective communication skills. Portfolio event

32 Chapter Service Project Manual or Display Event and an oral presentation. Can be any service project that makes a worthwhile contribution to any group of people. Examples: Roosevelt House- Decorated two bedrooms for a girl’s home. Safe Toy Project- Promoted lead testing for toys in our community preschools and daycares.

33 Chapter Service Project Continued.. Breast Cancer Awareness- Raised money for the cause. Baby Moses Law and Child Abuse Project Satisfies TEKS related to team building, interpersonal skills, and leadership. Decision making skills are taught and practiced. Service Learning is emphasized in this project.

34 Teach and Train Individual Event Research the career field of teaching including self-assessments and projected need in demographic areas. Prepare a Lesson Plan/Workshop Prepare an Oral Presentation Senior participants also complete a shadowing of a “best practices” educator. Works well in any classes in the Education Career Cluster, as well as Child Development career pathway.

35 Applied Technology — Individual or Team Event — Portfolio required — Develop a project using technology that addresses a concern in FCS and/or related occupations — Important to integrate & apply academic subject content — Can be used in any subject area to satisfy TEKS related to technology/career preparation

36 — Students are not afraid of technology!!! ◦Let them experiment with new technologies ◦Give them the tools and the background to link the technology to FCS & applied academics — Utilize the technology teachers/resources — Students should be proficient in technology before presenting it to others — Ex. One of my teams created a CAD drawing for a greenhouse during Housing/Interior Design class. They used math & science plus architectural skills from FCS. Applied Technology, cont.

37 Illustrated Talk Individual or Team Event File Folder required with Planning Process and Outline of Speech Oral Presentation using power point or other visual presentation method. A “generic, one-size fits all” Competitive Event; can be used in any subject area for presentation of a body of information.

38 National Programs in Action Individual or Team Event Oral Presentation Implementation of one of the FCCLA National Programs: Stop The Violence (Dating Abuse) FACTS- Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (Teens in the Drivers Seat) Families First Community Service

39 National Programs in Action Continued… Career Connection Student Body- Childhood Obesity Financial Fitness Power of One

40 Job Interview Individual Event Portfolio required Job Application prepared on-site at competition Job Interview conducted by the judges related to a particular job that has been researched by the participant. Can be used in any subject area to satisfy TEKS related to career preparation.

41 Fashion Design Individual event May also create a design board Create sample garment, portfolio and oral presentation. Students design a 6 piece collection with hand sketches or CAD drawings. Students complete one sample garment of the collection. Develop their own label and market plan for the collection. Must provide pattern pieces for the sample garment.

42 Recycle and Redesign Individual Event Display and oral presentation Use design and recycling skills to create a project. Satisfies TEKS for professional communications strategies (TEK 2) Satisfies TEKS 10 A-D in Fashion Design related to design and the design process. Can be used in Interior Design as well.

43 Fashion Construction Individual Event Students apply fashion construction skills learned in FCS courses. Must include at least 8 fashion construction techniques. Create a garment or ensemble that is displayed on a mannequin. Must create a display that includes a fabric analysis, time-line, budget and story board.

44 Environmental Ambassador Individual or team event Portfolio and an oral presentation Addresses environmental concerns Our chapter participated in the Nike- Reuse-A-Shoe Program and Jeans for Teens. Completed a series of videos promoting recycling of household items. Made ornaments with elementary school children from recycled puzzle pieces.

45 Interior Design Individual or Team Event Use FCCLA Scenario from website. Create floor plan, elevation and sample boards of the interior/exterior furniture. Floor plans created by CAD or using drafting techniques. See Interior Design packet. Includes use of elements and principles of design.

46 Interior Design Continued…. TEKS related to Elements and Principles of Design TEKS related to technology and the housing industry and interior design. TEKS 8 pertaining to drafting techniques and scaled drawings. TEKS related to floor coverings, accessories, lighting, furniture. Basically, TEKS 8-17 are covered in the project.

47 Entrepreneurship Individual or Team Event Create in-depth business plan Oral presentation with visuals and costumes Meets all TEKS in Entrepreneurship class







54 See you at the Winner Circle!

55 Contact Information: Donna Corder Lubbock-Cooper ISD

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