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THIS IS NGAT National Guard Association of Texas.

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1 THIS IS NGAT National Guard Association of Texas

2 NGAT PURPOSE To be a premier professional organization that serves and advances the needs and interests of its members and provides advocacy and support for the Texas Military Forces. To promote and support adequate National Security. To foster and improve the National Guard of Texas and the National Guard of the United States as a component of the Armed Forces of the United States. To preserve and perpetuate the history and traditions of the National Guard of Texas. To further the educational opportunities of young people and to support educational, literary or scientific activities, including the granting of educational scholarships to annual and life members of the National Guard Association of Texas and their dependents. The Association shall provide for an Educational Foundation to be known as the National Guard Association of Texas Educational Foundation.

3 NGAT HISTORY NGAT was founded in 1959 to provide a unified voice for the Texas National Guard and its members. Today, NGAT has a membership of over 35,000 current, former, and retired members of the Texas Military Forces. NGAT pioneered the provision of life insurance to the Texas National Guard, and is the designated the State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI) program for Texas. NGAT is a non-profit veterans organization.

4 NATIONAL GUARD ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES (NGAUS) PURPOSE NGAUS is a nonpartisan organization representing nearly 45,000 current and former Army and Air National Guard officers. Formed in 1878, NGAUS is focused on procuring better equipment, standardized training and a more combat-ready force by petitioning Congress for resources. Well over a century later, NGAUS has the same mission. Our goal is to maintain the freedom and security of this nation by guaranteeing a strong national defense through the provision of a vital, dynamic National Guard as a part of the Total Force.

5 ENLISTED ASSOCIATION OF THE NATIONAL GUARD NATIONAL GUARD OF THE OF THE UNITED STATES (EANGUS) PURPOSE EANGUS has only one mission--to provide a voice on Capitol Hill on enlisted National Guard issues. These issues affect not only National Guard but all reserve component members.

6 NGAT MEMBERSHIP As a citizen-soldier, you deserve superb training and leadership, state of the art facilities and equipment, and worthwhile benefits. We need your help! By joining NGAT today, you will add your voice to those of your compatriots in pursuing these goals. The greater our numbers, the more influence we can bring to bear in Congress and the State Legislature.

7 ANNUALLIFE RANKNGATEANGUSNGAT E1 – E6$15EANGUS Included$150 E7 – E9$20EANGUS Included$200 RANKNGATNGAUSNGAT W1$20$26$200 CW2$20$35$200 CW3$20$46$200 CW4$25$59$200 CW5$25$73$200 O1$20$30$200 O2$20$45$200 O3$20$59$200 O4$25$72$200 O5$25$85$200 O6$30$108$200 O7$30$123$200 O8$30$139$200 Retired$20$100 Associate$20$150 NGAT MEMBERSHIP DUES

8 LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITY NGAT is the voice of the Texas Military Forces both in Washington and in Austin. We carefully monitor legislative activity and ensure that legislators are informed on key Texas Military Forces issues. LEGISLATIVE VICTORIES Reduce retirement age by 3 months for 90 days of active duty (eff 28 Jan 08) Authorize 5 years of VA health care for members who serve in combat theater TRICARE Reserve Select for current Guardsmen and TRICARE for Gray Area Retirees Universal Military ID Card Authorize veterans the option of saluting the US Flag (vs. putting hand over the heart) FEDERAL INITIATIVES Make current early retirement eligibility retroactive to 9-11-01 Provide all Guardsmen coverage under the TRICARE Dental Program Authorizing Veteran Status for National Guard and Reserve Members Entitled to Reserve Retirement Pay Authorize pre-tax dollars for health insurance National Guard Empowerment STATE INIATIVES Amend Hazelwood Act to cover all people who mobilize and deploy with the TXNG

9 Education scholarships and tuition waivers or reimbursements State income tax advantages Group life insurance Distinctive vehicle license plates Low cost home loans State bonus for combat zone service Free drivers license: Disabled Vets Monetary award for enlistment referrals Credit union membership Guard Retirement Age Reduction Military pay raises Limited access to interest free emergency loans State retirement income for NG service Reduced or free hunting/fishing licenses Limited exemption of property taxes Burial rights in state cemeteries WHAT YOUR STATE AND NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS HAVE ACCOMPLISHED

10 LEGISLATIVE SUPPORT We need your support in keeping the Texas Military Forces equipped and ready. Work with NGAT at the grassroots level to educate our elected leaders about important issues facing the Texas Military Forces by joining the NGAT E-Mail/Fax Brigade. Email today to join! WRITE TO CONGRESS Voice your opinion on current legislative issue using the “Write to Congress” link on the NGAT website. Texas currently ranks 3 rd in the Nation on letters written to congressional leaders using this link. Get involved send your letter today!

11 NGAT NEWS MAGAZINE Stay informed about what is happening in the Guard and in your Association. Read the NGAT News Magazine. Issues quarterly to all NGAT members. Send stories or photos for the NGAT News magazine to

12 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Here are some of the benefits available to members of the National Guard Association. For a details concerning these benefits visit the NGAT website at Membership Benefits INSURANCE Term LifeCancer Whole LifeDental Discounted Healthcare EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS RENTAL CAR DISCOUNTS AdvantageAlamo Hertz REDUCED HOTEL RATES La QuintaChoice Hotels Omni Hotels TELEPHONE DISCOUNTS Sprint/NextelT-Mobile LifeLine Health Screening Discount DELL Computer Discount Discount Passports Security Systems Discount Army/Air Force Times Maui Jim Sunglasses Discount Desert Diamonds Discounts NGAT News Magazine

13 WHY DON’T YOU JOIN US TODAY CONTACT US National Guard Association of Texas 3706 Crawford Avenue Austin, Texas 78731 512-454-7300 1-800-252-NGAT(6428) Fax 512-467-6803

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