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Values 1.

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1 Values 1

2 What are Values? Qualities, Characteristic or ideas about which we feel very strongly. Value define what is of worth. Our values affect our decisions, goals and behavior. A belief that someone or something is worthwhile. Value help guide your actions and judgments. Believe it or not our values even affect the purchases we make. 2

3 Where do you get Values? Home Society School Friends TV Internet
You Tube My Space Church Music Books Families Culture Employers The Years you were raised 3

4 Your age will influence your values
Ages Parents Ages 8-13 – Teacher, heroes (sports, rock, TV) Ages – Friends (choose good ones!) Ages 21= Your values are established, but you may test your values from time to time. 4

5 Can you believe? By the time you are seven years old you have already formed values from your parents. Values need to be taught from the very beginning. 5

6 Characteristics of Values
Values are personal Our actions point to what we really value Our values give us our perception of the world Inconsistent behavior may indicate and absence of values Values change as experiences change 6

7 More Characteristics Respect others values
When faced with adversity, our values determine our choices Our values give us identity Values are subject to change! 7

8 Types of Values 8

9 Moral Values What is right or wrong; codes by which to live
What is an example? 9

10 Aesthetic Values What you feel has beauty in nature and life
Do we all feel the same way about this? 10

11 Material Values The things we want to spend our money on
How many of you only buy things on sale? 11

12 Intrinsic Values Things that have value to us in their own right
Example: An antique car, a best friend, a grandpa 12

13 Extrinsic Values You value something because it helps you get something you desire Example: You are friends with someone because they are good at a sport and they can help you get better 13

14 Universal Values Values that most people agree. Equality, world peace, respect. Does everyone feel this way? 14

15 Group Specific Values Each region or groups values are specific to them. Can you think of an example? 15

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