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“I served in the United States Navy.”

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1 “I served in the United States Navy.”
NAVY OPTOMETRY I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: “I served in the United States Navy.” Welcome remarks (ad lib) Quote is excerpt from speech given by President John F. Kennedy to Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy – August 1, 1963 Optional sound bit attached: If you want to play the original sound bit, click on the sound icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen during presentation. President John F. Kennedy

2 Why sit through this presentation?
Debt-free Future Exotic “Beachfront” Locales Unlimited Professional Growth Excellent Benefits Continuing Education Opportunities Excellent Working Environment Enjoy Greater Pride and Respect as a Navy Officer Greater opportunity to begin career with a Debt-free future Exotic “beachfront” locales: Many Navy locations are in highly desirable coastal cities. San Diego, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Portsmouth, Pensacola, etc. Unlimited professional opportunities – Full-scope optometry, Navy leadership courses, certification process Excellent benefits - Medical, dental, liability insurance, commissary and exchange privileges, numerous “military” discounts at participating businesses Continuing education: Time and funding to attend continuing education conferences to meet state licensing requirements Excellent working environment: State-of-the-art equipment; competency-based credentialing process Military uniforms: Admired and respected by general public; a lot to be said for the old saying “There’s just something about a man (or woman) in uniform”

3 Agenda The Money The Benefits The Job The Career…
The Scholarship (HPSP) The Loan Repayment (HPLRP) Overview - the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Navy Lifestyle. The Money: Illusions Dispelled The Benefits: Its all covered The Job: The opportunity to practice in varied settings. The Career…(one assignment at a time, 2-4 yrs in length per assignment) The Scholarships: The reason you are here. Average value is $37,000 per year for each student. The Loan Repayment: $38,300/year for up to 3 years

Each year of service worth 2.5% toward retirement multiplier 50% of base pay at 20-years up to 75% at 30 years Must do minimum 20 years to get a retirement benefit Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) applied annually based on Consumer Price Index Example 1: Navy Commander (O-5): Retiring with 20 years would receive $42,875.00/yr Retiring with 28 years (max for rank) would receive $64,101.00/yr Example 2: Navy Captain (O-6) Retiring with 20 years would receive $47,668.00/yr Retiring with 30 years would receive $84,167.00/yr Figures from DoD Military Compensation Web Site: Figures are in “today’s” dollars for an officer retiring in 2009. Retirement benefit will have an ANNUAL COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENT applied to it to maintain pace with inflation. This is money you will be receiving EVERY YEAR, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! For more information on Military Compensation Benefits visit:

5 OTHER BENEFITS 30-days paid vacation annually (2.5 days accrued/mo)
Free medical care for family Low cost dental care for family No clinic on weekends/holidays - Quality of Life! Thrift Savings Plan (tax-deferred retirement and savings plan) Retirement Benefit 50% of Base Pay at 20 years; 75% at 30 years Commissary and Exchange Benefit 20 to 25% average savings over civilian counterparts Paid Continuing Medical Education GI Bill/Tuition Assistance to obtain Masters Degree Residency/MBA programs/PhD programs Self-explanatory bullets Many other benefits…..VA Loan, Discounts on a wide variety of products and services including travel, entertainment

6 Mission / Opportunities
Humanitarian Missions Expeditionary Medical Facilities Instruct Flight Surgeons Refractive Surgery Center Director Research (PhD programs) Residency Programs Adjunct Faculty Positions Humanitarian Missions: Deploy with USNS Mercy, USNS Comfort, or other Navy ships on humanitarian missions. Expeditionary Medical Facility Kuwait: Opportunity to be sole eye care provider at the tip of the spear Opportunity to teach Flight Surgeons as an Aerospace Optometrist. Opportunity to be Director at one of several Navy Refractive Surgery Centers DUINS training for Masters/PhD/Residency Instruct Optometry student externs as Adjunct Clinical Faculty for several schools of optometry

7 Professional Opportunity
Leadership Opportunities - There are NO similar civilian pathways or experiences that will give you the management and leadership skills you will obtain as a Naval Officer. Serve 3-30 years – The skills you learn and practice during your Naval career will assure your integration and acceptance into the civilian world of health care whenever that time comes

8 Navy Optometry Integrated Hospital-Based Care
Specialty Contact Lens Fittings Pre/Post Refractive Surgery Care Glaucoma Management Patient Load = 2 pts/hr Electronic Medical Records Adjunct Faculty Positions Deck Plate (afloat) Optometry Aerospace Optometry Research Optometry As a Navy Optometrist….

GUAM (AGANA HEIGHTS) HAWAII (PEARL HARBOR) ITALY (NAPLES AND SIGONELLA) JAPAN (YOKOSUKA, IWAKUNI, OKINAWA) KUWAIT (KUWAIT CITY) SPAIN (ROTA) Small Bases you are only Eye Specialist on Staff (will work with Critical Care, etc) Large Bases have an MD to work with and provide more opportunities for sub-specialty collaboration

CONNECTICUT DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA FLORIDA GEORGIA ILLINOIS MAINE MARYLAND MISSISSIPPI NEW HAMPSHIRE NORTH CAROLINA RHODE ISLAND SOUTH CAROLINA TENNESSEE TEXAS VIRGINIA WASHINGTON Arizona – Yuma California – Camp Pendleton, Lemoore, Port Hueneme, San Diego, Twenty Nine Palms Connecticut – Groton District of Columbia – Arlington Annex, Bethesda, Washington D.C. Florida – Jacksonville, Key West, Mayport, Pensacola Georgia – Albany, King’s Bay Illinois – Great Lakes Maine – Brunswick Maryland – Annapolis, Patuxent River Mississippi – Meridian New Hampshire – Portsmouth North Carolina – Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point Rhode Island – Newport South Carolina – Beaufort, Charleston, Parris Island Tennessee – Millington Texas – Corpus Christi Virginia – Norfolk, Portsmouth, Quantico, Virginia Beach, Yorktown Washington – Bremerton, Everett, Oak Harbor, Silverdale

11 Career Navy Optometrist
Challenging Clinical Assignments Leadership Opportunities Integration Into a Multidisciplinary Medical System A Life of Variety The Military Retirement System Summary of Positives…..As a career Navy optometrist…. You will have the opportunity to work in CHALLENGING CLINICAL ASSIGNMENTS You will be challenged with a myriad of LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES You will have the experience of INTEGRATION INTO A MULTIDISCIPLINARY MEDICAL SYSTEM with an ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD SYSTEM working closely with a variety of medical professionals in the treatment of your patients. You will definitely experience a LIFE OF VARIETY….embrace it! You will not regret the experiences! And, when all is said and done and you have completed a rewarding career, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the MILITARY RETIREMENT SYSTEM. Pictured– Naval Medical Center San Diego

12 Examples of Leadership Positions held by Navy Optometrists
Command Surgeon, U.S. Joint Forces Command (Rear Admiral) Director, Medical Service Corps (Rear Admiral) Deputy Director, Medical Service Corps Commanding Officer U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa Naval Ophthalmic Support and Training Activity Naval Operational Medicine Institute Executive Officer NavMed Manpower, Personnel, Education, and Training Command Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory Specialty Leader for Navy Optometry Director/Officer-in-Charge, Branch Health Clinic Director for Administration, Expeditionary Medical Facility Kuwait Department Head, Optometry Clinic President, Armed Forces Optometric Society Chairman, Admissions Committee, American Academy of Optometry Self Explanatory

13 Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)
START YOUR OPTOMETRY CAREER DEBT FREE Full Tuition at Public or Private Optometry School Reimbursement for: required books and equipment required school fees (except housing and meals) Monthly stipend of at least $ Stipend effective 01 July 2008

14 Scholarship Requirements
Enrolled in Accredited Optometry School Minimum GPA of 3.0 Able to complete Degree prior to 42nd birthday US Citizen (Birth or Naturalized) Meet physical qualifications of a Commissioned Officer Age limit is waiverable

15 Obligation of Scholarship Students
No uniforms or drilling during Optometry School During the summer, you will be paid to attend Officer Development School, study for exams, or attend externship opportunities at Naval Medical Facilities Serve one year of Active Duty for each year of scholarship participation. (minimum 3 years)

16 Factors Considered in Selection
OAT + GPA Evidence of Leadership Prior Eye Care Experience Good Recommendations Prior Military Service OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) + GPA Evidence of Leadership Prior Eye Care Experience Good Recommendations Prior Military Service

17 Health Professions Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP)
Accession/Retention incentive program FY10 authorized 1 Direct Accession candidate (to date) Repayment of qualified loans in exchange for an obligated period of active duty service. Total obligated service for Direct Accession is 8 years 3 years Active Duty; 5 Years Immediate Ready Reserve Receive loan repayment up to a maximum of $40,000 per year (up to 3 years) Total 3-year amount: $120,000 Funds used in HPLRP are taxable income Tax deducted (28%) prior to disbursement of funds to lending institution Participant responsible for any unpaid loan balance Additional information available at HPLRP website: Qualified Loans: Government or commercial loans for actual costs paid for tuition, reasonable educational expenses, and reasonable living expenses relating to the attainment of a degree in a health care profession (Optometry). Participant only has to do 3 years of Active Service. Balance of obligation can be served in IRR (basically on a list) The maximum annual repayment that the Navy may award an FY09 program participant is $40,000. The award will be equal to the participant's validated debt up to the $40,000 ceiling. HPLRP awards are considered taxable income and will be treated as part of the participant's gross income for the taxable year in which payments are made. The participant is individually responsible for the tax liability on the repayment amount. The participant is also responsible for any unpaid loan balances. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will withhold 28% from the award as federal income tax withholding, this amount will be reflected on the W-2. A separate W-2 will be sent from DFAS in January to the participant's home address on file with HPLRP. DFAS will send the payment directly to the lender listed on the approved HPLRP application following completion of selection package processing. Following this schema, HPLRP cannot pay off any "single" loan. However, we have a methodology in place that can allow us to pay off one or more of multiple loans. Keep in mind that the participant has received 100% of the validated debt, up to the annual ceiling, but 72% has gone against the loan and 28% to withholding

18 Navy Optometry Points of Contact
Specialty Leader for Navy Optometry Michael D. Pattison, OD, MS, FAAO CAPT, MSC, USN Assistant Specialty Leader for Navy Optometry Rick Zeber, OD, MBA, FAAO LCDR, MSC, USN Note: World War I recruiting poster transitions from “ I wish I were a man…… Be a man and do it” to “I wish I were an O.D.” …… Be an O.D. and do it”

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