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FUNdamentals (U8) and Schools linking with Clubs Physical Literacy from school to club Lisa McCrickard Ben McGuckin.

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1 FUNdamentals (U8) and Schools linking with Clubs Physical Literacy from school to club Lisa McCrickard Ben McGuckin

2 Aim: To help coaches plan and implement quality School Club Link Objectives: By the end of this session, you will be able to: Understand school club links Have the knowledge of how to set up a successful SCL Understand the benefits for all involved Importance of club coaching and games structure within a club Link between Gaelic Start and SCL

3 Who Are WE ? Ben Mc Guckin Claire Devlin Ronan Devlin Ruairi Convery Simon Gillespie Teresa Mc Girr Conor Daly Conor Mc Goldrick Eoghan Gribbin Kelly Mc Rory Matt Mc Nulty Roisin Keenan Magdhlin Mc Alinden Joe Mc Mahon Michelle Heagney Ryan Daly Sinead O Neill Stephen Beattie Janette Mc Manus Owen Mooney Ciaran Murtagh Conor O Toole Fionntan O Dowd Garreth Thornton Gavin Phillips Lisa Mc Crickard Macartan Mc Kenna Aoife Lennon Karol Mc Quade Kathy Crangle Stephen Quinn Maria Donnelly

4 Our main programme objectives: Develop the generic physical literacy skills of our youngest pupils through participation in enjoyable sports activities. Help raise pupils’ confidence & self-esteem, their motivation to learn and their achievements in other curricular areas, particularly literacy and numeracy. Raise the confidence of, and provide support to, primary teachers in delivering P.E. Primary Sports Programme


6 Definition of school/club links A school club link gives young people the opportunity to participate in worthwhile sporting / physical activities beyond the school day and in activities that can continue throughout their lives. (Department of Culture Media and Sport and Department for Education and Skills)

7 Why do we need school/club links? To increase the number of young people playing in GAA To provide a clear pathway to enable young people the chance to continue their GAA participation To develop sustainable relationships between schools and local clubs

8 How do Young People benefit? Providing healthy lifelong participation Extending their learning to practice and to try new skills to progress in their sport Increasing confidence, self esteem, social skills and teamwork. Provide the opportunity for children to pursue sport in their own time and after leaving school Gaining access to high quality training (coaches and facilities) Raising awareness of how to join and regularly participate in community clubs, as players, coaches and volunteers Enabling lifelong participation, make new friends, and develop skills

9 How do clubs Benefits? Enhancing potential to recruit new members, e.g. increased numbers and membership of young people Supporting the development of young people beyond the school Providing the opportunity for young people to develop both as players and as volunteers within the club, including coaching/ leadership and officiating Sharing facilities and resources Improving access to more training and resources Increasing their profile in the community

10 How do schools benefits? Supporting development for all students beyond school in a variety of activities to participate in Sharing facilities and resources Enabling club coaches to pass on expertise to children in the school More ideas for teachers, by working with quality clubs and coaches Healthier, fitter pupils More skilful, able pupils with higher standards displayed in lessons & teams Raising the schools profile in the community

11 Developing School Club Links Arrange meeting with principal to discuss potential SCL Get club personal to take coaching sessions after school Set up message board in school to show what takes place in club Donate money to school (equip,jerseys) Availability of club facilities (school play etc)

12 Arrange meeting with principal to discuss potential School Club Link

13 Training will continue In the Club Hall on Saturday

14 Set up message board in school to show what takes place in club


16 What is Gaelic Start? Framework for Coaching Under 6 – Under 8 Provides Coaches with a Yearly Plan Provides In-service for Club Coaches Over 300 cards have been design to accommodate all aspects of coaching Under 6 – Under 8’s The cards are user friendly and can be used be anyone


18 2 Laps


20 20An Introduction to Games ‘I don’t think so’ What are these players saying or thinking? ‘I wonder will the ball ever come up again’? When is the ball coming up?

21 20 Touches 6 Points 1 Touch 1 Lost Ball 10 Touches 2 Goals 5 Points 24 Touches 0 Touches Bored 0 Touches Bored- ZZZZ











32 Comhairle Uladh 200632 Club Coaching & Games Structure Club Coordinator Administrator Equipment Coordinator Junior Head Coach Senior Head Coach Under 14 Head Coach Under 12 Head Coach Under 10 Head Coach Senior Team Manager (U.21’s) Under 18 Head Coach Under 16 Head Coach Children’s Officer School/Club Liaison Officer Under 8 Head Coach Parent Helper Coaching Coordinator Head Coach

33 Conclusion Provided the framework around how to set up school club links Raising the profile of the club within your community Understand the importance of club coaching structure How ‘Gaelic Start’ fits in with developing club links


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