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2 Meet your Volunteer Staff VOLUNTEER RECRUITERS MATT FRYE ROBERT WATSON 792-3580/ 876-3102/


4 Are you ready to be a team member on a high performance team? Welcome to MUSC Medical Center!

5 How Do I Know We Have a High Performance Team? Most Wired Hospital 2013 Complete List:

6 What is a team? A team comprises any group of people linked in a common purpose.

7 Founded by Medical Society of S.C. in 1824 First medical college in the southern U.S. Transferred to the State in 1913 Comprised of six colleges by 1967; granted university status in 1969  Medicine - Dental Medicine – Pharmacy – Nursing – CHP - Graduate Studies Governed by a seventeen-member Board of Trustees Major employer – approximately 12,000 employees and $2.1 billion annual operating budget  Physicians  over 780  Residents & Fellows  over 675 Medical University of South Carolina 7 7

8 Medical Center Leaders Patrick J. Cawley, MD CEO/Executive Director, Medical Center VP, Clinical Operations, University 8 8

9 Medical University President David Cole, MD, FACS 9 9

10 MUSC Organization University Medical Center MUSC Physicians

11 FY2013 Medical Center Statistics Patients from outside Tri-County area  45% Average daily census  599 inpatients/day Patient admissions  35,767 Surgical cases  25,625 Emergency room visits  77,601 Outpatient visits  978,216 11

12 MUSC Health (MUSC Clinical Enterprise) MUSC Medical Center  University Hospital  Ashley River Tower  Children’s Hospital  Institute of Psychiatry  Storm Eye Institute  Hollings Cancer Center MUSC Physicians  MUSC Specialty Care  MUSC Primary Care 12

13 MUSC Specialty Care MUSC Health Specialty Care West Ashley MUSC Health Specialty Care North MUSC Health Specialty Care East MUSC Children’s Hospital After Hours Care 13

14 Our Mission (The never changing purpose of MUSC. Why it exists.) We improve health and maximize quality of life through education, research, and patient care 14 MUSC Health Strategic Plan

15 Purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference Patients Clinical Staff Non- clinical Support Clinical Support Clinical Care Patients & Families Purpose, Worthwhile Work & Making a Difference

16 The Big 3 Way-finding Patient transport Rounding

17 MUSC EXCELLENCE A I D E T A cknowledge  Acknowledge, knock and pause, smile, handshake, eye contact I ntroduce  Introduce self and others, explain role, experience, skill set-manage up D uration  Duration, how long things will take, set expectations, be clear E xplain  Explanation, simple terms, what to expect, answer questions T HANK!  Thank, close with appreciation!

18 MUSC EXCLLENCE 10-5 Rule 10 feet – make eye contact & SMILE 5 feet- Say

19 Patient Fall Risk Identifiers Patient yellow arm band. Yellow fall precaution sticker on chart. Yellow non-skid footwear. Yellow magnet for door frame. SBAR hand off communication.

20 Wheelchair Transport Always remember to practice AIDET Take the size of the patient into consideration prior to selecting the chair Do not lift or support a patient’s weight (in or out of chair) Apply the brakes first and fold up foot plates (swing out leg rests) Patient should have their feet on the foot plates before pushing the wheelchair When pushing the patient, stand close to the handles with elbows bent

21 Wheelchair Transport Back the wheelchair into the elevator; Patient will be facing the door and this will allow for a smooth exit Always apply the brakes when not moving (elevator, hallway, ramp/horseshoe) Instruct patient to remain seated until chair is prepared for exit At the destination, apply the brakes, fold up foot plates (open leg rests), and direct the patient to stand and get out chair using chair arms to support their weight You are not allowed to hold babies or install car-seats

22 Changing What’s Possible Through getwell:)network ® Interactive Tool for Patients & Families NEW! Version 5.0 Live 1-14-14

23 getwell:)network ® (GWN) Much more than just entertainment for our patients  Video Education Library of >600 videos (average length = 3 min.) o Variety of health topics o Encourage patients to watch “Videos Picked Just For Me” o You may preview videos in an empty patient room  call 888-GWN-DESK to set up a “guest” patient  Quality & Safety tool o Encourage patients to respond to “Questions,” “Alerts” or “Messages” – press “Select” to acknowledge a message In addition, patients & families have access to  E-mail  Internet websites (Hands On Health SC, AHA, ACS, ADA)  CarePages  MyChart – Epic’s patient portal  Written information on medications  TV, movies (now free), & games

24 Your Resources – Who to Call For technology issues in the patient’s room (“TV doesn’t work” ) o Notify the patient’s nurse, or o Call 2-5600 yourself to report the problem For questions about your role as a Volunteer, regarding GWN: o Matthias Frye (876-3102) or Robert Watson (792-3580) For questions about classes, or ideas about GWN: o Kathleen White, Patient & Family Education Coordinator (792-0301 or pager 12524) o getwell:)network coordinator at MUSC (792-6899) Working Together, We’re Changing What’s Possible!

25 Volunteer Info. Always remember to sign in and out each day  Touch Screen Computer in each office  Your PIN Number will be on the roster next to the touch screen in the Volunteer office

26 Volunteer Info. ID Card Color Codes AdministrationGREEN StaffLIGHT BLUE StudentsYELLOW FacultyPURPLE PhysiciansBLUE ResidentsBROWN Hospital Authority (Volunteers) RED ContractorsTEAL Must be worn at all times Wear at collar level $15 replacement fee Use to access volunteer office and locked doors

27 Volunteer Info. MEAL CARDS $6 per day Cafeterias, Gift Shops Scan as DEBIT Use only on days you volunteer PARKING Hagood Ave Parking Lot Use only on days you volunteer

28 MUSC Volunteer Dress Code ID’s MUST Be Worn @ All Times!!  Keep @ collar-level Red MUSC Polo Shirt Mandatory  All volunteers will wear Polo Shirts unless wearing an Apron Black or Khaki Pants / Skirt Comfortable, closed toe shoes  No sandals or flip-flops Natural hair coloring Moderate body piercings and visible tattoos MUSC

29 STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR Adaptability Be a team player Remove: “It’s job” Be proactive Embrace change Offer suggestions Respect AIDET 10/5 Rule Telephone..etiquette Don’t criticize..MUSC in the..workplace Elevator..Etiquette Excellence Take pride in..your workplace Manage-up..others Welcome new..volunteers Maintain a safe..environment Accountability Wear ID @ collar-level Adhere to MUSC code..of Conduct Uphold patient..confidentiality Attend and volunteer training..(annually)

30 Dismissal of a Volunteer Volunteers must adhere to the policies and procedures of the MUSC Medical Center and the Volunteer program and satisfactorily perform their volunteer assignments or be subject to dismissal. Human Resources Policy 33 of the Medical University Hospital Authority states: “A volunteer is an agent of the Authority while performing assigned duties. Therefore, volunteers are expected to abide by Authority policies and external regulations that govern their actions, including but not limited to those of ethical behavior, confidentiality, financial responsibility, and illegal use of drugs. Volunteers are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act and are not considered employees for any purpose.”

31 Patient Privacy Because you work in a hospital you may get asked by a friend or neighbor for information about a patient. Unless the patient has given permission, staff members are forbidden by law to disclose the details of their medical status. Volunteers are not allowed to disclose patient information.

32 Patient Privacy PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION Name Birth date Social Security Number Medical Record Number Address Phone Number Admission/Discharge/Service Dates TO PROTECT OUR PATIENTS Minimize computer screens Turn over sheets with patient info Place sensitive documents in confidential recycling bins Don’t discuss patient info in public areas What you see or hear stays here!

33 Infection Prevention & Control Center for Clinical Effectiveness & Patient Safety

34 Health Screening & Clearance Must have:  Signed minor consent form  Shot records 2Varicella & 2 MMR Will receive TB Skin Test  Must return Wednesday between 1-3 to have your test read NO EARLIER !!!!

35 Disaster & Emergency Policies For all Emergencies Dial: 792-3333

36 Disaster & Emergency Policies Bad Weather  DO NOT COME TO THE HOSPITAL! In case of Emergency  792-3333  Manager  Vol Office  Leave the Hosp.  Sign Disaster Sign-in Sheet Accidents  Report to your unit/area supervisor immediately  Report to Vol Office Public Safety  792-4196  For general & after hrs assistance

37 Disaster & Emergency Policies Fire Procedure R emove anyone from immediate danger E nsure all doors are closed A ctivate the manual fire alarm C all the Operator to report the fire (2-3333) T ry to fight the fire

38 Stroke Awareness Stroke every 45 seconds & Death every 3 minutes 4 out of 5 families are affected by stroke Berkeley, Dorchester & Charleston counties highest rates in SC Costs the US over $60 billion each year

39 Stroke Awareness Warning Signs Loss of sensation Weakness (especially one-sided) Confusion Dizziness Trouble speaking Sudden, severe headache

40 Stroke Awareness Act F.A.S.T. for Stroke F ace: ask the person to smile. Does one side droop? A rm: ask the raise both arms. Does one drift down? S peech: ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. Can they repeat the sentence correctly? T ime: if the person shows any of these symptoms, act quickly, time is IMPORTANT!

41 Do You Know the Difference?... May Day Public Safety 792-3333 792-4196 Suspicious Persons Locked Doors Stroke Slips & Falls Campus Escort Fire





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