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“Big Math Idea”. Five Attributes of Worthwhile Tasks.

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1 “Big Math Idea”

2 Five Attributes of Worthwhile Tasks

3 1. It focuses on significant mathematical ideas. Big ideas in mathematics Problematic (solution not apparent immediately)

4 2. It is developmentally appropriate Ideas are within reach from both a cognitive level and from an experiential one

5 3. It is contextualized. Situating mathematical tasks within everyday contexts

6 4. It offers an appropriate level of challenge. Offer a cognitive challenge that requires students to make decisions and explore new ideas, and yet not be so challenging as to feel overwhelming.

7 5. It encourages multiple perspectives. Stimulates a variety of strategies, representations, and mathematical ideas and encourages students to explain and justify their thinking.

8 At your table… Develop a worthwhile instructional task for an inclusive 4 th grade classroom based on tonight’s “Big Math Idea”. Justify why it is a worthwhile task.

9 MPS Learning Target #1 (Grade 4) Use strategies fluently to make estimates, solve, and pose real-world problems (e.g., single and multi-step) for all operations, to compare and rename numbers, and to find factors and multiples. Wisconsin Sub-skill Descriptors (Beginning of Grade 5) Sub-skill B.a: Concepts 1) Recognize and apply place-value concepts to whole numbers less than 1,000,000. 2) Read, write, and represent numbers using words, numerals, pictures (e.g., base ten blocks), number lines, arrays, expanded forms (243=200+40+3), and symbolic renaming e.g., 243=250-7. 3) Compare and order numbers less than 10,000 represented in numbers, arrays, symbols (, =) and words. Sub-skill B.b: Computation 10) Use all operations in everyday situations to solve single or multi-step word problems. 11) Solve three- and four-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping; multiplication of two-digit by one-digit numbers; division with single-digit divisors and two-digit dividends and with two-step or mixed operation problems with single-digit numbers. 16) Determine reasonableness of answers.

10 At your table… Read description of “C.H.”

11 At your table… Brainstorm how you would support C.H. in order to make this a worthwhile task for him. Consider our discussion of scaffolds and tiers from our last class.

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