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Linlithgow & Linlithgow Bridge Children’s Gala Day 2014 Parent’s Meeting 20 th March 2014 Fairies, Junior Guards & Flower Girls.

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1 Linlithgow & Linlithgow Bridge Children’s Gala Day 2014 Parent’s Meeting 20 th March 2014 Fairies, Junior Guards & Flower Girls

2 Format for the evening Welcome – General information – Children leave the meeting to be paired with a partner by Committee members – Flower Girls – Fairies – Junior Guards – Parents remain in the hall 2

3 General information The Gala Day takes place on Saturday, 21 st June 2014 Each child will have a partner for the procession – Each child will be given contact details for their partner – Please ensure you have the contact details Children should attend each rehearsal listed for the entire time Please help your children learn the Gala Day Song Each child receives a tube of Smarties Please eat the contents and then fill the tube with 20p coins Return coin filled Smarties tubes at any rehearsal Gala Day Magazines will be distributed at Rehearsals This is one of the major fund raisers Each child will receive up to 5 Magazines Please sell the Magazines to friends, family & neighbours, etc. Please sell the Magazines safely Please return the money for the Magazines at a rehearsal 3

4 Contents of information pack Rehearsal dates Decorated arch form – Return at a rehearsal by 10 th June 2014 Posy form (Flower Girls only) Return by 3 rd June 2014 Gala Day Song words Wet weather tickets – DO NOT LOSE THEM! – Take them with you on the Gala Day 4

5 Fairies Dresses – White short length dresses – NO hoop underskirts Shoes – White – Must be comfortable (no trainers) – Girls will be walking for about an hour Fairy wands – Collect at rehearsals (£5 deposit) – Wands can be decorated as you wish – Wands can be returned for the £5 deposit on Sunday 22 nd June at 6:00 pm to the Linlithgow Rose Social Club car park Wings – Usually made of wire, coated with white net or lace to match the dress 5

6 Flower Girls Dresses – Full length dresses – Any colour – Dresses for each pair must be of the same colour – NO hoop underskirts Shoes – Must be comfortable (no trainers) – Girls will be walking for about an hour Posies – Fill in the order form contained in the information envelope – Sample of the dress fabric must be handed in with the order form – Fabric samples and forms must be handed in at the rehearsal on 3 rd June. – Posies are ordered by the Committee on return of the form in the pack – Posies are collected and paid for (£15) by their parents from Flowers by Carolyn, High Street, Linlithgow on Gala Day morning 6

7 Junior Guards White ghillie shirt If you already have a suitable white ghillie shirt this can be used You can obtain your own white ghillie shirt Shirts can be ordered from Stewart Highland. They are able to take orders and measure your son tonight or at their shop in Laurieston. The Gala Day receives no donation or commission from shirt sales Long black trousers Shoes – Black – Must be comfortable (no trainers) – Boys will be walking for about an hour 7

8 Health & Safety Good standards of behaviour are expected from every child – Children must follow the instructions of Committee members, stewards and police at all times – Poor behaviour spoils the enjoyment of others – If parents are worried about behaviour issues please contact the Committee Collection at Rehearsals – For health and safety reasons children will not be allowed to exit the rehearsal hall on their own without parental permission. Chosen by the Parents of Flower Girls on the invitation acceptance. – Parents of Fairies and Junior Guards MUST come into the hall to pick up their child. – Collection will take some time with about 150 children – Patience & co-operation are requested 8

9 Rehearsals DayDateTime Tuesday3 rd June 20146:30 pm to 7:30 pmAll Tuesday10 th June 20146:30 pm to 7:30 pmAll Thursday19 th June 20146:30 pm to 7:30 pmAll Rehearsals are at St Michael’s Kirk Hall 9 The final rehearsal will take place in St Michael’s Church – Times are approximate & may overrun – Collect children from the Kirk Hall This information is in the pack given to your child

10 Gala Day arrangements The police will close the roads between 10:30 am & 11:30 am The road closure is outside the control of the Committee It is expected that the roads will be closed by 11:30 am at the latest Procession starts at 12:00 pm prompt Please ensure that your child is wearing sun protection and has taken any necessary medication – The Committee and Stewards are NOT permitted to administer medication or apply sun protection Please ensure that your child is wearing comfortable shoes Children MUST NOT be removed from the stage during the ceremonies – Safety and child protection requirements Due to health & safety concerns and Child Protection requirements please WAIT until the complete retinue and guests have cleared the stage area before collecting your child 10 Meeting timeMeeting point 11:00 to 11:15 amChalmers Hall, Linlithgow BridgeAll Collection timeCollection point After the crowning ceremonies are complete (approx 2:00 pm) At the rear of the stage

11 Wet weather arrangements The Crowning ceremonies will take place in St Michael’s Church Fairies, Junior Guards and Flower Girls should be collected from St Michael's Church after the crowning ceremonies. – Finish 2:30 pm (approx) 4 wet weather tickets are included in the information pack – Entry is controlled by stewards and is by ticket only – Possession of a ticket does not guarantee entry to the church 11

12 £19,530 What would you do with… 12

13 We put on a Gala Day! Admin Costs £348 Programmes £1,661 Transport £2,324 Bands £3,950 Prizes and Gifts £1,082 Gala Day £5,828 Fundraising & events £3,988 13

14 Where does it come from? Grants £3,981 Donations & Sponsorship £3,671 Programme Sales £2,000 14

15 We need your help! Smartie tubes fill them with 20p coins return them at rehearsals Magazines Please sell the these souvenirs to family and friends Please sell them safely! 15

16 This presentation will be available in the parent information section of the Gala Day web site: – Parents can register on the web site for a password » Registration opens 31 st March 2014 – Late news will be posted on the web site Pictures from previous Gala Days are available on the web site Any questions please ask a member of the committee Find us on Facebook Follow us on twitter @LinlithgowGala Additional information 16


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