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Vent window installed. Install door frame side latch.

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1 Vent window installed

2 Install door frame side latch

3 The other door

4 Windshield

5 Finish windshield installation

6 Radio antenna installed

7 Door strap

8 Cooling shrouds to be cleaned/repaired

9 Painted the frame black

10 Other side of the frame

11 From the rear

12 Top, sides, bottom – some tiny spaces to paint

13 New brakes and cylinders

14 Brake hub turned – painted Aluminum

15 13mm wrench to adjust brakes

16 New wide tires for the rear - radials

17 brake adjusters

18 Brake cleaner used prior to finish painting and mounting brakes and cylinders

19 Tremclad gloss black paint

20 Original brake cylinders - seized

21 Rear brakes finished

22 Engine cover (bottom) repainted

23 Engine cover repainted - top

24 Engine mounting holes - front

25 Arrow shows the speedo drive

26 Speedo cable – engine mounted

27 Square drive inside

28 Speedo cable – side view – mounts on the motor

29 Use the small brake fluid container for filling the reservoir

30 Bleeder kit mounted to the front brake nipple – 8mm wrench required

31 Pumped out brake fluid from the brake lines

32 Dirty – should be clear

33 Fill the reservoir

34 Left rear brakes being bled – you can do this by yourself, just look under the cabin

35 Keep refilling the reservoir as you bleed the brakes

36 Right rear ready

37 Watch through the door gap when you do the front brake

38 Brake bleeder kit – you can make your own

39 How to make a brake bleeder – start in the kitchen

40 Get yourself a plastic container with a lid, clear tubing to fit tightly over the bleeder nipple and a vent hole in the lid

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