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2 Applications for Large Display
Presentation Rooms Commercial Buildings Amusement Billboards Event Signage Home Theater TOSHIBA Control Room Info Display Network Monitoring Facilities Airports Traffic Weather Mobile Presentations TOSHIBA

3 Categories for Large Display
Available From TOSHIBA Plasma LED High Powered LCD Projectors VW CRT CRT PJ LCD LCD PJ DMD PJ TOSHIBA

4 Data Wall Engine Comparison
CRT Engine LCD Engine DLP Engine Focus 3 4 Brightness Contrast 2 PC Color Control Video Motion Quality PC Matching Display Response Burn Image Hazard 1 Display Element Life Power Consumption Weight Initial Cost Running Cost Serviceable 39 44 51 Legend - 4: Excellent 3: Good 2: Average 1: Poor TOSHIBA

5 TOSHIBA DLP Advantages
High Resolution & High Brightness Vivid Clarity & Depth Internal Video Processor (in each cube) –Allows for Magnification (up to 6 x 6 cube system) Digital Link Capability Remote Control Operation Built-in Back up Lamp TOSHIBA

6 TOSHIBA DLP Rear Projection
MODELS Model Name P412DL P500DL P600DL Screen Size 41 inch 50 inch 60 inch Lamp UHP120W Lamp Life * 6000hrs Brightness 750cd/m2 500cd/m2 300cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 300:1 250:1 View Angle H:150O V:60O Weight 198 lbs 120lbs 154lbs Magnification Yes (6x6) * Using standard operational setting TOSHIBA

7 Future Products Plan Model Spec Res. Available Description P380DL SVGA
800X600 Jul- 03 38” banner w/ tilt screen P414DL (crank) P413DL (straight) Sept.- 03 41” Slim DLP 41” DLP to replace CRT box P500DL P502DL XGA 1024X768 Now 50” DLP 50” DLP autochange lamp P600DL 60” DLP P670DL SXGA 1280X1024 Nov.- 03 Apr.- 04 67” DLP 67” DLP Hi-res DLP Engines P401LCU 40” LCD TOSHIBA

8 Business Unit Contacts
Mr. Gary Rachfal – Sales Manager ext. 13 Mr. Gary Kilpatrick – Engineering Manager ext. 12 Mr. Mitsuru Kobayashi – Service Manager ext. 29 Ms. Rachel Noxon – Asst. Sales Mngr.- Marketing ext. 20 Ms. Kathy Miller – Secretary, DLP Business Grp. ext. 21 TOSHIBA

9 DLPTM Description TOSHIBA

10 DLPTM Description TOSHIBA

11 DLPTM Description TOSHIBA

12 Benefits of DLP vs LCD Technology
Far better light efficiency Vivid color presentations DLP allows for quick, easy & accurate color balancing LCD has poor color convergence in corners DLP Contrast Ratio is very high! The aging effect is very strong on LCD’s DLP provides 10x life and greater ROI TOSHIBA

13 Benefits of DLP vs LCD Technology
For equivalent light output…. The DLP system now uses a watt lamp vs. the LCD system that uses a short life, high wattage watt lamp. Vivid color presentations…. Digital Light Processing is a revolutionary new way to project and display information. This proprietary TI technology provides for high resolution and true color reproduction. TOSHIBA

14 Benefits of DLP vs LCD Technology
Accurate color balancing…. With LCD projection systems, color balancing is much more difficult since their technology is more complex; (numerous dichroic filters and polarizers) LCD and color convergence….…. LCD systems are made with 3 matrices resulting in alignment that is never perfect. This poor convergence is time amplified. TOSHIBA

15 Benefits of DLP vs LCD Technology
DLP – High Contrast Ratio…. LCD systems provide contrast ratios of : DLP provides contrast ratios of :1. Strong aging effect for LCD… With LCD systems, it is impossible to color balance multiple cubes after 6 months operation. Also ineffectual to achieve the same white level on the video wall, cube to cube. LCD loses 50% contrast due to UV beams which also spoil gray levels. TOSHIBA

16 Benefits of DLP vs LCD Technology
DLP – Greater Return On Investment…. DLP element life is rated at 100,000 hours compared to LCD life of only 10,000 hours. Lifetime of the LCD is short and rarely stated by manufacturers. TOSHIBA

17 DLP Warranty Policy Standard Warranty: Extended Warranty:
One (1) year from job acceptance/installation Extended Warranty: Additional one (1) year = $ 1,000 -dealer Additional two (2) year = $ 1,500 -dealer Coverage: Replacement of any part Excluding labor, travel expenses Regular Service Schedule TOSHIBA

18 Lead Time Lead Time (Normal): From local Chicago stock Options:
Depending on order size 2-3 weeks from order receipt Options: AIR: For Urgent jobs 10 working day after purchase order receipt (from Japan) OCEAN: For normal jobs 12 weeks from Japan TOSHIBA

19 Target Markets/Applications
#1) Command & Control Room Markets: Traffic Control: State, City (IL. Tollway Authority) Broadcast Video: Distribution center for output signals, (AT&T / Comcast) Airport Communications: flight info displays (FIDS) Weather Command room Water distribution centers Electrical Distribution centers Security Police departments; dispatch/911 centers TOSHIBA

20 Target Markets/Applications
#2) Government: Defense Department Military Homeland Security TOSHIBA

21 Target Markets/Applications
#3) Retail Applications: Banner signage for fast food restaurants Sporting goods stores (Galyan’s) and sport training centers #4) Corporate Communications: Boardrooms Lobby and Showrooms TOSHIBA

22 Target Market/Applications
#5) Entertainment: Museums (Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum) Sports Stadiums/Clubs TOSHIBA

23 DLP Unit Installation Sites
Site: National Police Agency Application: Emergency Control Model: P500DL  8 x 2 TOSHIBA

24 DLP Unit Installation Sites
Site: Japan Coast Guard 3rd Region Application: Emergency Control Model: P500DL  x 6 TOSHIBA

25 DLP Installation Sites
Site: TEC Engineering Application: Network Control Model: P500DL  x 6 TOSHIBA

26 DLP Installation Sites
Barcelona Stock Exchange TOSHIBA

27 DLP Installation Sites
Barcelona Stock Exchange TOSHIBA

28 DLP Installation Sites
Site: Solvenia Elektro Maribor Control Room Application: Command & Control Model: P500DL  2 x 6 TOSHIBA

29 DLP Installation Sites
Site: Scandinavia Danish Directorate for Road Administration Application: Traffic Monitoring System for Copenhagen Model: P500DL  2 x 2 TOSHIBA

30 DLP Installation Sites
Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum – Las Vegas Model: P500DL  x 12 TOSHIBA

31 DLP Installation Sites
Illinois State Toll Hwy Authority Application: Command & Control Model: P600DL  x 3 TOSHIBA

32 DLP Installation Sites
Hydro Power Plants Chain – Nova Gorica, Solvenia Application: Command & Control Model: P500DL  2 x 2 TOSHIBA

33 DLP Installation Sites
ZF Hungaria– Eger, Hungary Application: For Gear Wheel Factory Model: P500DL  1 x 2 TOSHIBA

34 DLP Installation Sites
Len Water Channel Public Utility (Water) Control St. Petersburg, Russia Application: Command & Control Model: P500DL  2 x 2 TOSHIBA



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