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Technical Committee Orlando, Florida July 25, 2007.

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1 Technical Committee Orlando, Florida July 25, 2007


3 Honda Element on frame bench with upper strut tower measuring.

4 Another view of the Honda Element on the frame bench after the initial pulls on the rails.

5 Note all of the constructed measuring and pulling fixtures.

6 Note (ovals) of the front rail fixtures.

7 Both rails have been pulled & repaired & they are with 4mm of each other. 26.8 26.4

8 The next step was to measure the upper strut bolts- The passenger side bolt moved from specs.

9 The strut bolt on the driver’s side has moved and is out of specs.

10 March is setting one of the towers to pull the upper structure to specs.

11 Pulling the structure to specs

12 The measuring bar on the upper passenger’s side strut bolt.

13 Close up of the upper bolts at the correct specifications.

14 With the upper structure clamped to prevent it from moving, the lower rails are pulled to specs.

15 Close up of the out specs passenger’s side rail prior to pulling.

16 After the entire structure had been pulled & corrected to specification, the core support is welded in place with a STRS Welds.

17 Vehicle on alignment machine

18 Before & After on Front Alignment

19 Before & After on Rear Alignment

20 Nissan Sentra with Front end damage

21 What is Symmetrical and Asymmetrical?

22 Dimensional Date Sheet

23 Exploded view of the front frame rails

24 Asymmetrical measurements on the front frame rails. 145 165

25 The upper passenger strut mounting bolt at its correct length, width & height at pulling.

26 The upper driver’s side strut mounting bolt at its correct length, width & height at pulling.

27 Driver’s side door and fender of BMW

28 Upper strut tower attachment to show the extent of damage prior to the estimate being written.

29 Note that there was no movement of structure on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

30 Note the damage to the upper inner and outer passenger’s side reinforcements.

31 Note that the door has move upward and back.

32 Note that the belt molding on the front door is higher than the rear door.

33 The position of rail had a sag and sway condition

34 The new upper inner side rail in position prior to welding.

35 The position of the passenger side rail with the new outer upper rail held in position prior to welding.

36 New Passenger’s side front rail and apron being installed on a late model Nissan Altima.

37 The shops method of measuring.

38 Shops pulling tower.

39 Visual Check between the tire and the inner apron on 2002 Toyota Pickup

40 Gap between cab and bed on the driver’s side.

41 Distance between the passenger’s side cab and bed.

42 Technician performing a quick check of the frame.

43 Distance from a hole on the frame to the lower steering bolt on driver’s side.

44 The same length on the tram gauge with the same reference hole on passenger’s side.

45 Technician checking for diamond condition in repaired frame.

46 Close up of length on driver’s side of truck

47 Close up of length on passenger’s side of truck

48 Front Cam Bolts Passenger’s SideDriver’s Side Note position of slots

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