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Thermal Imaging Cameras (T.I.Cs) FF Mason Red Watch, Broughton.

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1 Thermal Imaging Cameras (T.I.Cs) FF Mason Red Watch, Broughton

2 Aim of Lecture, 1.To highlight what is used in the brigade. 2.To gain understanding on their operation, Testing procedures, design and Construction. 3.To understand operational considerations.

3 There are 3 types of T.I.Cs carried in the brigade. 1.Talisman K90 Thermal Imager – (OSU) 1.EEV P4438 Argus Thermal Imager – (RP)EEV P4438 Argus Thermal Imager 2.Argus 3 Thermal Imaging Camera – (ODPM)

4 EEV P4438 Argus Thermal Imager. Design, 1.Case constructed in Reinforced Toughened Plastic. 2.Designed to be Heat, Water & Impact Resistant. 3. It is fitted with an adjustable body/neck lanyard. 4. It is designed with pistol Grip, and two side straps. 5.The thermal image is focused onto the internal image tube by a lens at the front of the unit. 6.The biocular display image is viewed via a lens at the rear of the unit. 7.The rear lens is fitted with a visor to provide smoke and ambient light shielding, and is compatible with most BA sets.

5 Use, 1.The TIC is powered by a integral battery pack located behind a quick release cover in the handle. 2.4 dry cell battery packs are supplied with each unit (Red face – 8 AA type LR6). 3.To power up the camera press the on/off switch which is located to the rear of the pistol grip carrying handle. 4.A BNC socket is fitted to the unit for use with a remote monitor via cable connections. 5.The adjustable neck lanyard is to be used at all times when the camera is in use. 6.The side adjustable hand straps are to be used by the operator for holding the camera and for general positioning when viewing.

6 Operational Use and Considerations, 1.The TIC can be used with or without Breathing Apparatus, depending on the circumstances and requirements of the incident 2.The TIC may be used for; Locating the seat of fire in smoke filled premises Locating casualties in smoke or darkness Locating areas of fire spread or hot spots 3.It should be noted that the TIC may indicate hot spots which may not necessarily have been directly affected by the fire 4.Before cutting away, a thorough investigation should take place to ensure that the areas indicated by the TIC are indeed hot spots and not just areas generally affected by residual heating. 5.Crews must be aware that the TIC cannot see through glass or water. It will in fact reflect your image back to the camera. As will any other reflective surface such as gloss painted doors, whiteboards etc. 6.In addition it may not show the position of any obstructions or holes in the floor.

7 Using the TIC in Breathing Apparatus, 1.The practicalities of using a TIC in BA must be assessed, and therefore the numbers included in the BA team must be sufficient to meet these needs. Particularly if firefighting equipment is to be used 2.The use of the TIC is not a substitute for guidelines and therefore the use of guidelines in conjunction with the TIC must be considered where premises are complex and/or are of a large nature 3.The OIC will nominate a crew to operate the TIC 4.The OIC will also detail specific tasks for the nominated crew to carry out 5.The BA Entry Control Officer is to record on the BA Control Board the fact that the TIC is in use and the task for which the nominated crew has been detailed 6.As the camera can take up to 30 seconds to warm up, it will be good practice for the BAECO to switch on the unit and ensure it is functioning correctly whilst the BA crew are handing in their tallies

8 Safety Feature, 1.The camera is fitted with an automatic Iris as standard. This is used to protect the sensor from temperature overloads This will close when pointed at excessively hot objects. Recovery is automatic on removal of the temperature overload from the field of vision.

9 Testing, The camera should be visually examined weekly, operated quarterly and after operational use. Special attention is to be given to the carrying straps, and in particular the securing clips.

10 Any Questions?

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