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In-wheel Motors Center for Automotive Research Business of Plugging In October 11, 2011.

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1 In-wheel Motors Center for Automotive Research Business of Plugging In October 11, 2011

2 2 Protean Electric Inc. American Company Patented In-wheel Motor Design for: o EV o PHEV o Hybrid Product Offering: High Efficiency Direct Drive Regenerative braking Simpler Vehicle Integration o Built-in inverter & control electronics o No transmissions or drive shafts

3 3 Superior power density High power and torque o Peak Power: 81 kW o Continuous Power: 64 kW o Peak Torque: 800 Nm o Continuous torque: 500 Nm 420mm dia. /115mm width 31kg mass Applications: New and existing vehicles Light duty vehicles up to 7500 GVW 18” wheel or larger required Supports gas, diesel or CNG Applicable to FWD, RWD or AWD

4 4 Multilink or solid axle Suspension Stator Wheel Bearing Rotor Wheel Rim Integrated Power Electronics Inverters Patented “distributed architecture” o Eight autonomous motors o Shared common rotor No external power electronics required Direct drive - No gearbox, driveshafts or differentials

5 Click to show video animation of Protean Electric wheel motor 5

6 MetricEnglish Peak output power @400Vdc81 kW110 HP Continuous output power @ 400Vdc64 kW86 HP Peak output torque*800 Nm590 ft-lb Continuous output torque500 Nm370 ft-lb Nominal input voltage range200-380 Vdc Width115 mm4.5 in Diameter420 mm16.5 in Maximum Speed 230Vdc Bus 400Vdc Bus 800 rpm 1400 rpm 800 rpm 1400 rpm Total motor mass31 kg68 lb 6 * Values stated at 70% maximum motor current. Peak torque at 100% current is approximately 1100Nm.

7 7

8 8 Market Viability

9  Four Protean Drive™ motors  One motor at each wheel  AWD battery EV  0-60 mph in 5 seconds  Over 130 mph top speed Volvo C30 PHEV 9

10 GAC Triumphchi EV 10  Two Protean Drive motors in the rear  RWD battery EV  Debut in Guangzhou International Motor Show

11 Ford F-150 EV 11  Four Protean Drive motors  One motor at each wheel  AWD battery EV  Over 7,000 lbs. GVW EV  ICE Engine Removed

12 12 EV – PHEV – “Through the road” Hybrid Additive torque/power performance Regenerative braking system helps improve fuel economy Enables the driver to select the various drive modes (conventional ICE, hybrid and pure EV) Through-the-road hybrid: Maintain the ICE engine drive - Add Protean drive to rear of FWD car - Add Protean drive to rear of RWD car Protean Drive Battery Protean Drive

13 Vauxhall Vivaro PHEV 13  FWD diesel powertrain  Two Protean Drive motors in the rear  PHEV - 55 miles pure electric range  Driver may select the drive mode Can achieve an effective 60% fuel economy improvement in charge depleting mode (Electricity + Diesel) as compared to charge sustaining mode (Diesel Only)

14 14 BRABUS Hybrid based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class  2.2L Diesel Powering the rear wheels  Two Protean Electric motors in the rear  Acceleration of 0-62 mph (0-100 km/hr) in 7.4 seconds  Acceleration of 37-75 mph (60-120 km/hr) of 5.6 seconds

15 Vehicle Interface CoolingMechanical Electronic ControlHigh Voltage Compatible flange interface Commercial off the shelf bearing Compatible with off the shelf rims Minimal heat transfer between mechanical brake and motor 6 L / min. flow requirement Use of standard radiator components All HV switching inside the motor minimising EMC issues Common interface To meet automotive standards Open architecture to ISO 26262 High 5 ms speed refresh to allow advanced vehicle control Use of off the shelf ECU hardware 15

16 16 2010 The Protean Drive ™ Global Path to Market 2020 Integration to existing vehicles Military OEM Integration Simpler to integrate: FWD, AWD, RWD Live rear axle or not

17 17 BRABUS high-performance Full Electric based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class  Four Protean Electric motors  Demonstrates a peak combined: -320 kW (430 hp) -3,200 Nm (2,350 ft.-lbs.) torque

18 18 Click to play video of IAA Frankfurt Auto Show


20 20 Center for Automotive Research The Business of Plugging In Conference Tuesday October 11, 2:00-3:30 “PEVs: Getting Plugged In to the Newest Technology” The intent of this session; 1.Highlight key PEV technology developments. 2.Address the challenge of creating an effective business model for PEVs. 3.Explain how your company is working to develop technologies that are not merely technological solutions, but are also viable long term business opportunities. 4.Present various charging and electric drive technologies and the challenges facing wide-scale PEV adoption. Each speaker is allotted 15 minutes for their powerpoint presentation. There will be a 25 minute Q&A session after all speakers have presented Co-Moderators: Brett Smith,Brett Smith, Co-Director and Assistant Research Director, Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology Group Jay Baron,Jay Baron, President and CEO, Center for Automotive Research Vehicle Technology Panel (2:00-3:30 p.m.): Don Karner,Don Karner, President, Ecotality North America Sherif Marakby,Sherif Marakby, Director, Electrification Programs and Engineering, Ford Motor Company Robert Wyatt, Transit Connect Electric Program Manager, Azure Dynamics Craig Knight, President, Protean Electric Working notes

21 21 Presentations are to be delivered to CAR no later than noon, Monday October 10. Audience questions will be collected and the moderator will ask the questions (there will be no open floor microphone). We ask that you are in the room 15 minutes before the session is to begin. For the following items, please contact Denise Semon ( if you need any If not already done, please complete speaker packet and return to Denise. Also, please be sure to sign the audio waiver included in the speaker packet. We would like to offer the audio webcasts of these sessions after the event. In order to do so, we need all participants to sign the waiver. As a speaker, you receive complimentary registration for the entire event (including the Dinner Wednesday evening at the Henry Ford). One PR support person may register at no cost to attend your breakout sessions only. If they wish to attend the entire conference, they may register at the discounted rate of $450. We also are asking each panelist to be available for minimum 15 minutes following panel for follow-up media interviews. CAR will assist in arranging media interviews if requested by either a speaker or media representative. Coordination of on-site press conferences can also be arrange Brett Smith Co-Director, Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology Co-Director, Conference Group Center for Automotive Research 1000 Victors Way, Suite 200 Ann Arbor, MI, 48108 Tel. 734-929-0491 Mobile: 734-255-0884 Working notes

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