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Jan Stibor Storage & Server Product Manager Huawei Big Data Storage N9000.

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1 Jan Stibor Storage & Server Product Manager Huawei Big Data Storage N9000

2 Definition of Big Data HUAWEI Big Data Storage Solution Application Scenarios of HUAWEI Solution

3 Page 3 Era of Big Data Is Coming By 2015, data amount will reach 8 ZB with the valued of $16.9 billion. 250 million pictures per day Videos of 28,800 hours per day More than 1 PB per 3D movie 200 PB per safe city 6.3 million orders per day 50 million messages per day 2.9 million s per second globally 24 PB data processed per day

4 Page 4 What Is Big Data? Mass data Exponential growth of unstructured data Quick data flow and dynamic data system Real-time analysis, not post analysis Various data types Unstructured data such as files, s, and videos accounting for 90% of the data amount generated in the next 10 years Veracity of Great data Prediction and analysis of the future and the behavior mode IDC: four characteristics of big data

5 Page 5 Driving Force of Big Data Storage — open architecture, gradual scale out, and integration of near-line systems and offline systems Archiving — lifecycle management of mass data at a low cost and high energy efficiency Big Data Maintenance — easy to use Analysis — compound data, unified storage of multiple data sources, unified query, and sharing of storage resources Collection Storage Management Analysis

6 6 Contents Definition of Big Data HUAWEI Big Data Storage Solution Application Scenarios of HUAWEI Solution

7 Page 7 HUAWEI Big Data Storage Solution Large-capacity solutionHigh-performance solution Big Data Mass data query and analysis solution CSS/CSE Analysis Storage Archiving

8 Page 8 HUAWEI OceanStor N9000—X in 1 Scale-out DB Scale-out NAS Scale-out Backup Quick data import Support for JDBC and ODBC SQL 92/2003 Data compression Linear expansion from 3 to 288 nodes More than 3,000,000 OPS Capacity up to 100 PB NFS/CIFS interfaces HDFS interface Global online deduplication Support for LTFS

9 Page 9 HUAWEI OceanStor N9000 Architecture …… Unstructured data, object data, structured data Unified management and namespace Lifecycle policy Index of quick file search Remote replication and snapshot Global deduplication Periodic data inspection NAS interface Database interfaceObject interfaceArchiving interfaceHDFS StorageAnalysisArchiving Map-reduce Apple Big data sharing BI Big data analysis Behavior prediction, real-time analysis, … HPCInternet … 10GE/Infiniband Node Application layer Storage layer Media asset

10 Page 10 N9000 Hardware High-performance node : The scene of frequent read and write small files 2 U high 25 disk slots 2-channel hexa-core CPU 48 GB memory at least SSDs for storing metadata High-bandwidth node : The scene of large file sequential read and write Large-capacity node : Near-line storage Acceleration node 4 U high 36 disk slots 2-channel hexa-core CPU 48 GB memory at least 4 U high 36 disk slots 2-channel quad-core CPU 16 GB memory at least 1 U high Front view Rear view Front view Rear view

11 Page 11 N9000 Software — Wise Series WiseLink WiseQuota WiseTier  Cluster load balancing software  Support for multiple load balancing policies  Optional, allowing for separate purchase  Quota management software that sets space usage limits on directories or users.  Optional, allowing for separate purchase  DST software  Support for policy-based automatic migration  Optional, allowing for separate purchase WushanFS WushanFS: Wushan File System WushanFS  Self-developed distributed file system  Mandatory, one-off purchase  Wise Data Protection (WiseDP) 4

12 Page 12 Switch Extensive Flexibility: WiseDP N+1 to N+4 data protection File-level data protection 1 hr/TB data recovery +1 ECC +3 ECC +2 ECC +4 ECC Number of Nodes ODCRDCRDNMax. No. of Allowed Faulty Disks Max. No. of Allowed Faulty Nodes Utilization % % % % % % % % % Original data counts (ODC) Redundant data counts (RDC) Redundant data nodes (RDN)

13 Page 13 Outstanding Performance: WiseLink... Automatic load balancing among existent and newly added nodes Single node expansion within 60s Without human intervention and manual modifications

14 Page 14 Outstanding Performance: WiseTier High-OPS nodes Large-capacity nodes Hot data Cold data Enables DST to work among diverse types of nodes. Adopts tiering policies based on I/O access popularity. Adopts hotspot anti-shake policy to prevent unnecessary data migration. Seamlessly adapts to service changes without interrupting ongoing applications. Consolidates multiple storage systems into a single storage system, eliminating the possibilities of frequent data migration and simplifying management.

15 Page 15 Simplified Management: Refined Space Management 100 TB 20 TB User 30 TB User group Centralized management of a single file system of 100 PB Unified topology display Comprehensive performance monitoring Fast automatic deployment 40 TB User group 10 TB User WiseQuota: sets quotas for subdirectories to facilitate space management. 20 TB User 10 TB User

16 Page 16 HUAWEI 9000 — Adapting to Changes and Converging for Easy Management Extensive Flexibility  Scaling from 3 to 288 nodes  Support up to 100 PB of capacity  Linear scaling of performance and capacity Outstanding Performance  World's leading file system access performance of more than 3 million OPS Optimal Integration  Distributed scale-out architecture  Integration of scale-out NAS, scale-out DB, and scale-out backup Streamlined Management  Unified management of all nodes on a single interface  LCM

17 17 Contents Definition of Big Data HUAWEI Big Data Storage Solution Application Scenarios of HUAWEI Solution

18 Page 18 HUAWEI OceanStor N9000 Scenario— Media Asset Management... HPC VOD server cluster TV set + set-top box PC Smart phone VOD system …… … Non-linear editing system HD editing SD editing Cataloging Editing Audio Effect … Query/Cataloging Post-production system Media asset management system LAN Animation rendering N9000 high- performance nodes N9000 high- bandwidth nodes and large-capacity nodes TV station non-linear editing system solution Stable bit steams and low single-stream bandwidth, with a strong need for data sharing Animation rendering solution Frame image file storage, with a strong need for high performance in sequential read of small-sized I/Os VOD solution Concurrent reads by multiple users, with a strong need for high bandwidth Media asset management solution Large capacity, high bandwidth, and data sharing Movie post-production solution Stable bid streams and high-bandwidth throughput, providing data sharing Focusing on five aspects

19 Copyright©2012 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The information in this document may contain predictive statements including, without limitation, statements regarding the future financial and operating results, future product portfolio, new technology, etc. There are a number of factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the predictive statements. Therefore, such information is provided for reference purpose only and constitutes neither an offer nor an acceptance. Huawei may change the information at any time without notice. HUAWEI ENTERPRISE ICT SOLUTIONS A BETTER WAY

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