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10+ Reasons to use… TAXI advertising. Taxis are noticeable Taxis reach busy people on the streets and in cars With taxis, advertisers can reach up to.

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1 10+ Reasons to use… TAXI advertising

2 Taxis are noticeable Taxis reach busy people on the streets and in cars With taxis, advertisers can reach up to 30 million consumers per week in major cities Taxis carry messages on both major and minor roads, adding unique cover 89% of people agree that taxis are easy to spot on the street Taxis deliver attractive, impactful, visual messages Source: Kinetic Worldwide 2011

3 Privileged access to restricted routes Taxis can penetrate messages in areas where other traffic is banned Examples: bus routes, airports, stations, City of London, hotels, museums, conference centres, festivals, Taxis are in proximity to stores on key streets e.g. Oxford St Waiting taxis keep the message visible in key locations, e.g. at ranks

4 Taxi ads reach quality ABC1 audience Taxi audience is upscale, active, affluent and mobile 81% of ABC1s spontaneously recalled seeing a brand on a taxi 64% of all taxi advertising is viewed by people in employment 47% of people who work in Greater London have seen taxis in the last 7 days Source: GB TGI Q2 2012

5 High dwell time for interior ads to target quality passengers Taxis offer calm and private space for passengers – an opportunity to advertise inside ABC1 adults make up 71% of the audience viewing taxi tip seats in London in the last 7 days Passengers are likely to be Smartphone users Internal digital screens allow advertisers to reach audiences with moving words and pictures Those viewing advertising inside a taxi in London are 61% male and 39% female Source: GB TGI Q2 2012

6 Taxis can travel with technology New app Blippar can turn tip-seat images into Interactive entertainment creating instant brand experiences on your phone Adding QR Codes to ads can give out information NFC will offer new and upcoming opportunities New technology encourages fun, rewarding and engaging experiences for passengers Perfect for advertisers to integrate easily with mobile and online media

7 Taxis in different forms Superside Livery Superlivery Megaside Flexisides Rear window Tip Seats

8 Great for promotional activities Brand recognition Used in PR events Innovative designs make it stand out from big crowds

9 Taxi receipts gives more opportunities Taxi receipts offer creative potential to leave passengers with a hard copy message Memorable take away reminder provides brand recognition

10 Visa promotes card payment in taxis Olympics 2012 sponsor Visa saw an opportunity to offer card payment to passengers, supported by a fleet of liveried taxis to promote the service. Offering card payment to black taxi passengers is not yet mandatory in the UK. However, that has not stopped Visa from starting to offer this on a large scale, supported via a fleet of liveried taxis to promote the service. With the advent of the Olympics, this is the perfect moment to launch this activity, ensuring that they’re able to offer card payment to visitors from around the world in 2012. “We want Londoners and tourists not to be restricted by the cash they carry in their pockets. As we start to transition to taxi card payments, there will be knock-on benefits to leisure and business passengers.” Mariano Dima, Chief Marketing Officer,Visa Europe Source: Ubiquitous taxis

11 promotes online service at key moments in the day “This campaign was carefully designed to raise awareness of our brand, as well as to encourage people to consider using their skills in a new and interesting way. We wanted to do something light-hearted that would engage and impact Londoners with a positive message – and starting with a blitz on 500 taxis was something that worked well for us.” Saif Bonar, UK Manager, Freelancer, a new virtual company introducing employers to freelance staff (IT web designers, copywriters and marketeers) used a combination of online and outdoor to launch in London. The Online campaign targeted both freelancers and contractors at their desks. The outdoor element, a heavyweight 500 taxi campaign, guaranteed reach of the audience whilst they were receptive – in other words outdoor, on the move, between meetings, having lunch and socialising. The online and taxi campaign proved a perfect combination of hard working media for a hard working audience. Source: Ubiquitous taxis

12 Vodafone connects London with on- board taxi phone chargers Vodafone delivered on a commitment to ‘keep Londoners connected’ with an iconic London service: black cabs. Vodafone combined the two by providing phone chargers in branded cabs. In so doing, the company made a strong statement that Vodafone’s service is as vital to keeping London calling as cabs are to keeping London moving. A recent London taxi count has revealed that this campaign delivered on average 40% share of voice of taxi campaigns seen across key locations. What’s more, it was seen on 26% of all taxis (branded or unbranded) across the count period. “We are committed to offering London the best possible network. We have already made hundreds of improvements to increase coverage, capacity and reliability and now with our fantastic fleet of Union Jack cabs and their on-board chargers which anyone can use, all Londoners will be able to see our continuing commitment to the capital.” Guy Laurence, Chief Executive, Vodafone UK Source: Ubiquitous taxis

13 Leading advertisers in taxis Accenture, Artemis, BAE, Brazil, Hampton by Hilton, Highland Spring, Jack Daniels, Jack Wolfskin, Jupiter, Korean Air, LBC, Lufthansa, Mastercard, M&G, Madame Tussauds, Microsoft 365, Neptune, Samsung, Talk Talk, TAP, Tiffany, Turkish Airlines, Verifone, Visa, Vodafone

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