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Xerox Workcentre 6605.

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1 Xerox Workcentre 6605

2 Machine Overview Document Feeder Control Panel Output Tray
Manual Feed Slot Tray 1

3 Make sure the Green Guides are right up again the Paper
Loading Paper in Tray 1 Make sure the Green Guides are right up again the Paper Note: You will need to confirm the paper size and type on the control panel once you close the tray. Keep an eye on the Max Line. We do not want to over load the tray with paper.

4 Loading Originals Document Feeder: One or more pages go Face Up. Make sure the gray guides are right up against the original. Document Glass: Originals go Face Down on the glass in the Upper Left hand corner.

5 User Interface Copy Scan Stop Fax Print from USB
Energy Saver: Press this button to put the machine in sleep mode or wake it up from sleep mode. Clear All: Clears all settings to the default settings Copy Scan Stop Fax Start: Press start to began a copy job, send a fax, or an . Print from USB Deletes a character at a time

6 Changing the Toner The device will alert you when the toner is 15% empty. Only change the toner at 0%. Each toner is marked by color. Pull on the color tab to remove the empty toner from the machine.

7 Clearing Paper Jams Push down on the release button, and lower the Rear Door into the open position. Remove any jammed paper from the back of the Fuser. Locate the tabs on either side of the paper guide cover on the Fuser. Lift up on each of the tabs, and move the paper guide cover into the open position.

8 Use the pad to insert the # of pages
Main Copy Screen From Services Home Select the Copy Feature Use the pad to insert the # of pages The Green “start” button will begin your copy job On the main copy screen you can change your paper supply, 2-Sided Copy options, lighten/darken, as well as your color settings.

9 Scanning to Email Select the Scanning button from Services Home
Hit the green button to begin scanning The address book will contain any upload addresses Use the New Recipient button to manually enter an address.

10 Main Faxing Screen Select the Fax button from Services Home
Use the key pad to manually input the fax number. On the main fax screen screen you can change your resolution, 2-Sided fax options, and lighten/darken Hit the green “Start” button when your ready to fax

11 Press the help button on our website to access customer knowledge basic. Where you can find the full user guides and a keyword search for frequently asked questions .

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