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I’m TiredAnything GoesLife’s a DragBumper to bumper Clean it up 10 20 30 40 50.

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2 I’m TiredAnything GoesLife’s a DragBumper to bumper Clean it up 10 20 30 40 50

3 Typical passenger car tire inflation pressures are about A. 12-22 PSI B. 28-35 PSI C. 40-100 PSI 10

4 You get a flat while traveling, the first step in changing a tire is to A. Raise the tire off of the floor B. Remove the nuts C. Deflate the tire D. Loosen the nuts 20

5 When mounting a tubeless tire, first inflate the tire to A. Recommended Pressure B. Fill out the sidewall C. About 40 PSI D. About 100 PSI 30

6 To remove a tire from the rim, first A. Deflate the tire B. Remove the nuts C. Remove the tube D.Apply pressure on the tire bead 40

7 Tires are constructed of A.One type of rubber and steel B.One type of rubber and fabric C.Many types of rubber D.Many types of rubber, fabric and steel 50

8 Oil should be changed every_____miles A.100 B.1000 C.2000 D.5000 10

9 In the DAILY DOUBLEof drag test, which of the following was NOT used to determine the answer? A. Frontal area B. Mass C. Density of Air D. Velocity of air movement

10 The cylinder glaze breaker/ball hone, is rotated by A.a 3/8” air ratchet electric drill motor C.5/8 combination wrench D.Hand DD

11 The Purpose of a caster angle on an automobile is to: A.Prevent tire wear B. bring the contact of the tire under the point of load C.Compensate for wear in the steering D.Maintain directional control 30

12 With power steering, temporary increases in effort when turning the steering wheel in either direction may be caused by: I.Engine idle to slow II. Air in the system A.I only B.II only C.Either I or II D.Neither I or II 40

13 The purpose of the rubber strap wrapped around the brake drum during resurfacing on the lathe is to A. maintain drum to cutter contact B.prevent drum expansion C. aid in producing a better finish all of the above 50

14 In self-adjusting drum brakes, the adjustment takes place A. when the car is backed up and then braked B. Every time the brake pedal is released C.As the parking brake is applied 10

15 In a disc brake, the part that holds the brake pads on each side of the disc is called the A. rotor B. Caliper C. piston 20

16 The purpose of using a dual brake master cylinder is A. to make the pedal easier to push B. to provide longer brake life C. that if one section fails, the other section can still provide braking 30

17 Which statement is true of front disc brakes A. it is where the parking brake is mounted B. they squeeze the rotor C. they have return springs D.they do not shed water after driving through puddles 40

18 Antilock systems use mechanisms at each wheel that A. make all wheels skid the same amount B. relieve hydraulic pressure at the wheels that are about to lock C.keep the front brakes from applying until the rear brakes apply 50

19 The link between the rear axle and the transmission is the A.Driveshaft B.Spring C.Shifter 10

20 Between the engine and the automatic Transmission is the A.driveshaft B.starter C.U-joint D.Flywheel 20

21 The three basic types of spring are A.rubber, air, and coil B.leaf, coil, and torsion bar C.leaf, torsion bar, and rubber 30

22 Daily Double

23 Shackles are used at the rear of the leaf springs to A.take care of the changes in length of the leaf springs as it bends B.raise the rear height of the car C.lower the rear height of the car 40

24 Square cut caliper seals will A.act as an hydraulic seal B.act as a self adjuster C.act as a return mechanism for the piston all of the above 50

25 Which of the following tools is used to force a piston back into the caliper’s bore on a front-disk brake? A.C clamp B. pair of channel-lock pliers C. large punch and rubber hammer D. rubber-tip blowgun 10

26 The number 10.090 cast into the brake drum refers to the A.Minimum diameter of the drum B. discard diameter C. original size of the drum D. manufacturer’s part number 20

27 The type of disc brake calipers found on most american automobiles is A.single-piston floating B.Two-piston fixed C.Two piston floating D.Single-piston fixed 30

28 If the brake pedal is hard to depress on a vacuum power brake system, the most probable cause would be A.Too much vacuum B. Loss of vacuum C.Loss of brake fluid D.Worn-out brake shoes or pads 40

29 When replacing the left front caliper on a diagonally split brake system, the correct bleeding sequence is A.Left front, rear right B. right front, left front C. right rear, left front D. none of the above 50

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32 Category: Valve Servicing

33 When grinding the valve, what THREE areas are actually ground?

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