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Dry Freight Van Trailer (P-Series) Smart Buyer’s Comparison Guide

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1 Dry Freight Van Trailer (P-Series) Smart Buyer’s Comparison Guide
Consolidated Trailers, Inc., GS30F0025R Dear Government Procurement Professionals: *Please browse through this presentation and pay particular attention to the comparisons we make to other trailer manufacturers (Brand X). These differences are crucial in order to understand why the price of a simple dry freight van can vary widely from one manufacturer to another when the specifications seem to be identical. Make certain that you are receiving the best product value as measured by the life cycle and ease of use, as well as dollars and cents differences. Dry Freight Van Trailer (P-Series) Smart Buyer’s Comparison Guide

2 P-Series Basic Specifications
Length: 53’ Height: 13’6” Upper Coupler: 47” Inside Height: ” Width: ” 102 5/16 “ 98 5/16” 13’ 6” 110” 49 ½ “ This is our Standard Van Trailer – virtually the same throughout the industry with minor variations.

3 P-Series Basic Specifications
6” Radius corners 36” King pin setting GD60 Landing gear located 98.50” from king pin .050” Prepainted white aluminum nose and slide sheets. .040” Aluminum roof 4” I-beam crossmembers on 12” centers Binkley UltraLite 2 spring suspension Bridgestone 295/75R 22.5 low profile tires Brand X Comparison: . *Great Dane uses .050” Pre-painted White Side Sheets – Some manufacturers use .048” Aluminum instead. This 4% difference may seem small, but as you will see, there are many critical items we will add to this list.

4 P-Series Basic Specifications
Composite swing doors with one lock rod per door panel. Rear frame painted white. Hardwood plywood lining. 1 1/8” x 16 gauge hat section side posts. (3) additional per side between coupler and landing gear. Laminated hardwood flooring. Anti-snag steel roof bows, fully bonded on 24” centers. ½” bottom plywood lining & ¼” above in the nose. Brand X Comparisons: *Composite Rear Doors or Plywood Core Doors? Plywood Core Doors are cheaper and eventually rot, composite doors do not. *Three Additional Hat Section Side Posts in front section of trailer – Many manufacturers do not include this feature as standard.

5 P-Series Features and Benefits
TRAILER FRONT: 6.85” Top nose rail depth. One piece nose rail eliminates excess joints. Nose rail also incorporates a wire protection groove. Four 2.50” deep x 16 gauge steel nose posts. Flange riveted to front sheets. Rivet spacing 4.00” C/L with 2.00” C/L at sheet laps. .050” pre-painted white panels. Trucklite #97859 registration holder. Located lower road side for easy access. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane installs (4) posts in nose of trailer, many other manufacturers use only (3). *Great Dane uses a One-Piece Nose Rail, many manufacturers use a (3) piece nose rail (more joints equals more leaks and separation).

6 P-Series Features and Benefits
LOWER TRAILER FRONT: One piece extruded aluminum front closure covers exposed steel parts. Protects from damage and the elements. 3/16” x 4” high internal bulkhead protects against forklift damage. Gladhands mounted on a stainless steel bracket. Air and electrical lines protected by extruded aluminum channel. Exterior air & electrical connections mounted on exterior for ease of repair. Mounting bolts are welded in place to ease repair. Brand X Comparisons: *Look at the dotted line on the photo above, this area of our trailer is protected with an internal bulkhead that both strengthens the entire nose of the trailer as well as protecting it from damage – many other manufacturers do not include this feature. *Great Dane offers a standard one-piece aluminum nose rail – many Brand X trailers come with Steel Nose Rails which inevitably rust and present a maintenance problem. *Great Dane Glad Hands are mounted on a stainless steel bracket – many other manufacturers attach the glad hands directly onto the bulkhead or use a steel mounting plate that will eventually rust.

7 P-Series Features and Benefits
COUPLER: One piece .25” hi-tensile steel approach plate and mainbeam plate. Full width rolled lip provides front impact protection. Six heavy duty channel stiffeners in approach area to protect against cupping. AAR certified king pin provides superior strength and wear. Fifteen hand holes for access to air & electrical lines. Air & electrical lines suspended through coupler in conduit to protect against wear. Brand X Comparisons: *The most important feature here is our Great Dane Rolled Lip mounted on the nose of the trailer. This protects the lower nose of the trailer from damage and most other manufacturers to not offer it as standard equipment, if at all.

8 One-Piece Bottom Plate
One-Piece Bottom Plate When Mainbeam & Approach Plate are Same Thickness Brand X Comparisons: *Our one piece bottom plate is the strongest possible design for this critical area of the trailer - Many Brand X manufacturers offer two piece bottom plates that are structurally inferior. BOTTOM OF COUPLER ASSEMBLY

9 Forward Stiffeners New design includes (6) channels for dry vans.
Brand X Comparisons: *Many Brand X manufacturers use (3) forward stiffeners – Great Dane installs (6).

10 P-Series Features and Benefits
CROSSMEMBERS BETWEEN SUPPORT GEAR AND COUPLER: (4) 2.25” x 3/16” Hat shaped crossmembers used to obtain 110” interior height. Hat shaped crossmembers installed as subassembly. 1/4” side plates creates continuous end-clip on each side. Anti-snag hat design protects against tire damage. Torx head screw with washer and locknut keeps floor secure at high stress areas. Brand X Comparisons: *The Hat Shaped cross members you see in the above picture (forward area of our trailer) are sealed against corrosion by design and are anti-snag – many Brand X manufacturers offer standard I-Beam Cross Members, a cheaper and inferior substitute. *Great Dane uses a Torx Head screw with a washer and locknut to secure the cross members – most other manufacturers use Torx Head floor screws without fasteners.

11 P-Series Features and Benefits
LANDING GEAR TYPE: Great Dane GD ,000# lift capacity, 140,000# static capacity. Five crossmember mount with common end clip. AAR rated. 0.25” x 2.00” x 2.50” x mounting angle welded to crossmembers. Major components bolted in place for ease of repair. Grade 8 mounting bolts attach bracing to landing gear legs. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane offers 5 Cross member Span – many other manufacturers use (4).

12 P-Series Features and Benefits
CROSSMEMBER REINFORCEMENTS FOR LANDING GEAR: Steel gusset between front and rear crossmembers gives extra strength. Brand X Comparisons: *If you look at the photo above you will note the steel gusset mounted between the front and rear cross members where the landing gear attach to the trailer along with the Protective Steel Plate mounted to the bottom rail that protects the landing gear and reinforces this area of the trailer – most other manufacturers do not offer this additional reinforcement in this critical structural area of the trailer.

13 P-Series Features and Benefits
LANDING GEAR BRACING: “K” bracing offers superior strength. 5/8” Grade 8 support gear mounting bolts with lock nuts. 1.66” OD tube fore and aft diagonal brace. 3.00” structural channel K-Brace horizontal and diagonal. 7 gauge x 13.00” x 48.00” mounting gussets. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane offers K-Bracing for our landing gear – most other manufacturers offer an X-Brace (Steel - Tubular design) and it is far weaker in terms of strength and durability.

14 P-Series Features and Benefits
LANDING GEAR SHOE: 10.00” x 10.00” cushion foot. Removable feature. Reduces vertical force in the crossmembers and bottom rail up to 50%. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane offers a Cushion Foot Leg design which reduces stress on the landing gear and forward structure of the trailer – many other manufacturers offer a standard sand shoe and axle – a cheaper, inferior design.

15 P-Series Features and Benefits
Common End Clip Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane provides a continuous cross member end clip verses a Brand X end “clips” that do not span all of the cross members and are weaker by design.

16 P-Series Features and Benefits
CROSSMEMBER SPACING: 12.00” spacing on crossmembers. 4.00” Steel I-beam crossmembers are 80,000 psi LB/FT. material. The strongest design in the industry. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane uses a “Raised Section Rail” (in the picture above this is the aluminum raised strip on the bottom rail). Many Brand X manufacturers use a flat rail surface which is weaker and provides no protection for the riveted sections of the rail. * Great Dane cross members are Wax-Dipped for maximum anti corrosive protection. Many other manufacturers use a spray on under coating which is far inferior to our Wax-Dipped coating.

17 P-Series Features and Benefits
UNDERCOATING: Floor is pre-undercoated and caulked at seams. Crossmembers are pre-coated with wax including the end clips. Pre-coating allows for full coverage of both floor and crossmember. Brand X Comparisons: *NONE - All manufacturers should offer the above listed rust preventative protection.

18 P-Series Features and Benefits
CROSSMEMBER ATTACHMENT: Four 3/8” aluminum rivets per end clip to prevent rotation of crossmembers under load. 4.00” spacing of fastener to distribute stress. End clips material is 10 ga. x 4.00” x 5.00” hot rolled steel. Mylar tape full length of bottom rails and coated end clips provide superior corrosion resistance. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane installs wiring harnesses in a separate channel below the floor – many other manufacturers install wiring harnesses in a floor compartment which weakens the overall strength of the floor and often presents a maintenance problem as the trailer ages.

19 P-Series Features and Benefits
FORWARD SLIDER RAIL ATTACHMENT: Reinforcing clips are standard on front two crossmembers on each side for extra strength and attachment to rail. Stop blocks are standard front and rear. Brand X Comparisons: * Our Great Dane trailers have reinforcing clips that attach directly to the slider rail – many other Brand X manufacturers provide no additional support.

20 P-Series Features and Benefits
SPRING SUSPENSION QUICK RELEASE: Slider quick release feature is standard. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane provides a standard “One man” operated spring assist for sliding the trailer suspension. Many other Brand X manufacturers use a “Spring Loaded” system that requires “Two Man” operation.

21 P-Series Features and Benefits
SPRING SUSPENSION: Binkley Ultralite 2 consists of: Liteslide 4 subframe (bogie) Duralite suspension -Slider rails -Hangers -Spring seats -U-bolts -Torque arms 3 Leaf Springs are standard 44,000 lb. capacity Brand X Comparisons: NONE: Binkley “Ultralite 2” is almost the standard for our industry.

22 P-Series Features and Benefits
AIR RIDE SUSPENSION: Hendrickson HKANT-40 consists of : K2 Slider box (bogie) Slider rails Integrated suspension and axle beams Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane uses Hendrickson Turner Suspensions, a U.S. manufacturer that provides 70% of all the trailer suspensions sold in the continental US. Many other manufacturers provide Neuway suspensions that are generally very difficult to obtain replacement parts for. Options Manual dump valve Automatic dump valve “Air assist” pin puller Surelok device

23 SURELOK Device Maintain trailer ride height while minimizing trailer walk during loading and unloading Limits vertical and horizontal movement Automatically engages when parking brake is set No driver intervention required Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane provides a Surelok Device that is a safety item every manufacturer should provide. This is a simple, inexpensive device that prevents the trailer from “walking” away from the dock, and eliminating the risk of a major accident or injury.

24 P-Series Features and Benefits
MUDFLAP MOUNTING BRACKET: 0.25” x 2” x 3” angle - full width mounted to rear of slider. Secured with 2.00” x ” backing plates using hex head cap screw with locknut. Universal bolt mounting pattern meets TMC RP-701. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane’s Mud flap Bracket design is simple and can be replaced with ease anywhere on the planet with a single piece of Angled Steel.

25 P-Series Features and Benefits
REAR FRAME Brand X Comparisons: * None – Typical design of most trailer manufacturers.

26 P-Series Features and Benefits
HEADER AND DRIP MOULDING: Standard L.E.D. Rear header lamps 0.50” x 2.00” flat bar for light protection 0.19” x 2” x 3” tube with integral galvanneal drip molding Brand X Comparisons: * Our Great Dane design is the strongest in the industry compared to any other manufacturer.

27 P-Series Features and Benefits
HORIZONTAL BAR CONSPICUITY: Recessed in formed horizontal tube protects conspicuity tape. Reduces maintenance. Brand X Comparisons: * Great Dane uses a recessed in-laid tape installation on our bumper tube to avoid damage to the conspicuity tape – Most Brand X manufacturers simply apply their tape to the exposed bumper surface.

28 P-Series Features and Benefits
DOORS: .50” composite with galvanized interior backing. One lockrod per panel with cast keepers. Four (4) aluminum hinges per panel. “Break-away” design allows hinges to break prior to door damage, saving the more expensive door panel. Mylar tape between outer aluminum door skin & hardware to prevent oxidation. Standard dual seal gaskets on doors. Brand X Comparisons: Great Dane rear swing door hinges are break-away type – Many other manufacturers use traditional door hinges. Great Dane installs (4) hinges per door – Many other manufacturers use (3).

29 P-Series Features and Benefits
DOOR HARDWARE: One Carriage bolt top & bottom on each lock for theft prevention with camtainer tee nuts. Two rod guides each rod for total of four lock rod guides. One 6.00” x 6.00” anti-theft plate. Secura-Cam anti-theft feature on curbside door. Brand X Comparisons: * Great Dane installs a Secura-Cam Anti-theft feature on our door – many other manufacturers do not provide.

30 P-Series Features and Benefits
DOOR HINGES/ BUMPER: Three 3/8” fasteners per hinge with breakaway feature. Rubber bumpers protect side panel damage from door hardware. Four aluminum 3.875” breakaway hinges. Bushings around all hinge pins significantly reduce wear. Camtainer fasteners on top and bottom hinge for anti-theft protection. Brand X Comparisons: * Great Dane uses Camtainer fasteners (anti-theft feature) on our top and bottom door hinges which can only be removed from the inside of the trailer – Most other manufacturers use standard hinge bolts.

31 P-Series Features and Benefits
REAR FRAME CONNECTION: 10 ga. x 2.00” x 5.00” steel structural tube corner posts. Two crossmember rear frame connection ( box section). 1/4” x 8.50” x 13.00” bottom rear gusset - six 3/8” torx head cap screws with lock nuts. Lower side marker lights and ABS lights recessed in gusset for protection. Brand X Comparisons: * Great Dane rear door frames are reinforced with a ¼” x 8 ½” steel gusset fastened directly to two cross members. This provides the strength needed to protect the lower rail from dock impact. Many manufacturers use small reinforcement brackets attaching only to the bottom of the rail.

32 P-Series Features and Benefits
TOP CORNER GUSSET: 0.25” gussets give superior anti-rack protection. Provides a full ” inside rear frame opening height. No need for wedge design. Bolt heads on the inside to protect cargo. Brand X Comparisons: * Great Dane’s Corner Gusset is the strongest design in the industry – most other manufacturers weld a “corner iron” into this space which is an inferior design.

33 P-Series Features and Benefits
INTERIOR LINING - STANDARD HAT POSTS: 1/4” x ” x ” hardwood plywood side lining. Plywood starts above scuff liner. 48 self drilling screws per 48.00” x ” plywood section typical 8.00” centers on seams. Plywood retainer between horizontal pieces protects from cargo snagging, also allows for expansion plywood. Brand X Comparisons: * Great Dane installs recessed Torx Head screws in our interior lining – Many other manufacturers us plastic headed screws which are inferior.

34 P-Series Features and Benefits
INTERIOR LININGS - LOGISTIC POST: ¼” x 24” x 96” hardwood plywood installed vertically. Plywood starts below top of scuff liner. Self drilling screws installed on 8” centers. Logistic slots on 4” vertical centers. Block foam located behind plywood to reduce “concavity” effect. Brand X Comparisons: * Great Dane installs block foam between the plywood lining and the exterior aluminum panel to provide stability – Most Brand X manufacturers do not provide.

35 P-Series Features and Benefits
INTERIOR LININGS - SSL 1/4” x 22” x 96” Hardwood plywood “backer” with .019” galvanized steel facing. Steel is treated with an acrylic clear coat to prevent oxidation. SSL panel starts below top of the scuff liner (approximately 2”). Logistic Post required. Block foam pads located behind SSL panels to prevent concavity. Brand X Comparisons: NONE! * Our SSL Interior Lining is the toughest interior design on the planet – No other manufacturer offers this interior option.

36 P-Series Features and Benefits
ROOF BOWS: Steel anti-snag bows for cargo protection. Two fasteners per end, .25” aluminum rivets. Heavy duty two part epoxy bond used on both bow flanges provides strongest connection available. Top surface of the bow is knurled for superior adhesion. 24.00” centers allow for “Loop” frame connection with side posts and crossmembers. Brand X Comparisons: *Anti-Snag Roof Bows – Many manufacturers use I-beam Roof Bows that are easily damaged by Fork Lifts. *Roof Bows Bonded to Roof Sheet – Many manufacturers use Roof Tape instead (far inferior to a bonded adhesive process).

37 P-Series Features and Benefits
CORNER CAP: 1.00” rivet spacing at front. Formed aluminum corner cap, .081” thick. Additional radial depth for strength and leak protection. Caulked and sealed. Ease of repair for upper corner damage. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane provides separate, replaceable front corner caps – many brand X trailers do not.

38 P-Series Features and Benefits
AIR & ELECTRICAL WIRING: Air & electrical lines runs along outer edges in bottom rail. No hat channel needed in floor where forklift or cargo damage can occur. Ease or repair-accessible. 3/8” service (blue) tubing. 1/2” emergency (red) tubing. Retainers keep tubing in place. Brand X Comparisons: *Great Dane Wiring is protected, is accessible and easy to repair – many manufacturers simply wire-tie their electrical harnesses or enclose the harness in a floor channel which creates a potential for forklift damage and a future maintenance problem.

39 P-Series Features and Benefits
INTERIOR FLOOR/COUPLER ATTACHMENT: Coupler extends 50.00” from front to be less susceptible to dishing or moisture. Typical floor butted to form smooth transition in joggle van. Five screws per boards at coupler connection, secured with lock nuts. Brand X Comparisons: *Our Great Dane trailer includes a 50” Steel exposed plate in the nose of the trailer – Many manufacturers extend the length of this interior floor plating in order to save material costs by substituting steel plate for wood flooring. This weakens the floor structurally and is an inferior design.

40 P-Series Features and Benefits
TOP RAIL DEPTH: 8 7/8” deep 6061-T6 top 2.27 #/ft. Aluminum rivets on 2.00” centers connect roof sheet and side panels to top rail. Brand X Comparisons: * This is a major difference in design – our top rails are 8 7/8” deep – Many Brand X manufacturers use a 5 9/16” deep. The reduction in rail depth saves the manufacturer money but weakens the overall strength of the trailer.

41 P-Series Features and Benefits
BOTTOM RAIL DEPTH: 11 1/4” Deep 6061T6 extruded 2.46#/ft. Rail knob for rivet protection. Six fasteners per post Heaviest rail section in the industry. Brand X Comparisons: *Our Great Dane Bottom rail, at 11 ¼” deep is the heaviest bottom rail in the industry – Many Brand X manufacturers offer a 6” deep rail. The differences in strength and material cost is substantial.

42 Summary of Comparisons
Feel Free to cut and paste this checklist and use it to make comparisons.

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