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1 Company Profile Subsidiary of Zytronic PLC (floated FTSE AIM in 2000) Sustained growth in last 6 years +45 years experience in glass/polymer lamination.

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1 1 Company Profile Subsidiary of Zytronic PLC (floated FTSE AIM in 2000) Sustained growth in last 6 years +45 years experience in glass/polymer lamination technology World leader in the development/manufacture of optical filters and glass composites for electronic displays Continued major investment in R&D and modern plant (£3m new 20k ft 2 semi automated facility and clean room in Q4 2007) Strong IP and optical quality lamination core competency has culminated in an industry acclaimed Touchscreen portfolio ISO9001 qualified and trusted to sole supply critical components to large multinationals (e.g. NCR)

2 2 Financial Background Year ended 30 September 2006 £000 2005 £000 2004 £000 2003 £000 2002 £000 2001 £000 2000 £000 Group Turnover12,30110,5908,7565,6905,0665,7854,485 Gross Profit3,8523,2782,5691,6151,3882,1751,576 Group operating profit/(loss) before interest1,3651,001370(353)(394)706526 Net Interest (payable)/receivable(53)(17)(20)(13)(12)57(16) Profit/(loss) before tax1,312984350(366)(406)763510 Taxation (Charge)/credit(158)(310)(114)5985(225)(162) Profit/(loss) after tax1,154674236(307)(321)538348 Ordinary Dividends(360)(286) -(71)(179)(143) Retained profit/(loss) for the year794388236(307)(392)359205 Earnings/(loss) per share basic diluted 8.0p 7.9p 4.7p 4.6p 1.7p 1.6p (2.1)p (2.2)p 3.8p 3.7p 3.6p

3 3 Company Organisation

4 4 Products Specialist glass products (Traditional Business) Optical Filters - to enhance the performance of information displays and provide anti-vandal protection RFI Shielded Filters - to minimise electro-magnetic interference to/from electronic displays. ITO and mesh options Laminates/Heater Panels/Visors - provision of safety related glass or polycarbonate laminates Touch Sensing products (Touchscreen Business) Unique Touchscreens - a range of laminated Touchscreens based on patented, Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT)

5 5 Touchscreen Product Range ZYTOUCH® ZYBRID® ZYPROFILM® ZYPOS®

6 6 Touchscreen Technologies All the above use some front face sensing medium which are prone to damage, vandalism, wear out mechanisms, environmental factors such as rain, sunlight and snow Resistive TouchscreenHas flexible conductive film mounted onto the front face of the sensor Infra Red TouchscreenIR emitters and Receiver mounted on to the front face of the sensor Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreen Has transducers bonded to the front face of the sensor Capacitive TouchscreenHas a conductive ITO coating applied to the front face of the sensor

7 7 Basic Elements of the Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Product Front protective glass with optical and strength enhancement options Middle layer – laminated sensor grid of micro-fine wires 10 microns thick Rear protective PET film or glass option

8 8 ZYTOUCH® Two piece solution front and back with embedded sensor Sensing can be achieved through glass overlay thicknesses of 3mm to 12mm.

9 9 ZYBRID®, ZYPOS® Sensor bonded on to rear of single front sheet glass Single 3mm Glass Sensor ZYBRID® is a customisable product ZYPOS® is a range of standard sensor size products

10 10 ZYBRID® / ZYPOS® Capabilities Attributes in Common Surface durability – unlimited touch life Light transmission - ~92% No Drift issues, one time calibration Nominal touch activation Fully sealable solution ZYPOS - standardised solution Standard product construction and size range Un-toughened 3mm anti-glare glass substrate Controller always located off the sensor, via a flexi tail ZYBRID - customisable solution Various glass treatments – thermal/chemical, films Different glass thicknesses Control electronics can be either integrated with sensor for one fit item or located off glass. Size variability for bespoke solutions

11 11 ZYTOUCH® and ZYBRID® / ZYPOS® Touchscreen Sensor Construction Rear Glass Interlayer Front Glass X-Wire Plot Y-Wire Plot Cold Lamination Roller Process 20 min production process Single Glass solution Hot Lamination Autoclave Production 6 hour production process High Impact Resistance two glass laminate Interlayer Front Glass Hard Coat Film Rear ZYTOUCH ® ZYBRID® / ZYPOS ®

12 12 Sensor Wire Pattern Unique Pattern Design X & Y, note the pattern skew which ensures that optical fringing does not occur

13 13 Zytronic Design and Manufacturing 18,000ft 2 Class 100 Clean Room Assembly Facility

14 14 X-Y Grid Sensor Wire Pattern

15 15 10 micron blackened sensing wire (available as option to reduce reflectance on outdoor applications)

16 16 Oscillation frequency is established on embedded sensing wires Each wire has an RC time constant Change in Capacitance (via the proximity of a finger) can be measured via a frequency change f = 1/RC Touch position can be obtained from x and y wire grid interpolation Capacitance forms between the finger and an electrode in the sensor grid Front Glass Hard Coat Film Rear X - Y wire array Projected Field

17 17 Driver Software Compatibility Output protocol available to customers to write their own custom software Windows 98, NT, 2K, XP, XP-E, Vista WindowsCE Linux Driver Software

18 18 PCT Solutions Direct Touch Solution Touch applied directly to front of Touchscreen Through Glass Touch Solution Touchscreen activated through thick front sacrificial glass, e.g. 6mm to 12mm thick glass Display 3mm Gasket Touchscree n Front Bezel Side Profiles 3mm Gasket Touchscree n Display Front Sacrificial Panel (Glass or Polycarbonate)

19 19 Banking Major supplier to NCR and Diebold of robust external ATM touch solutions

20 20 Rugged Point of Sale (POS) Robust, low maintenance touchscreen Suitable for public access and outdoor environments Fully sealable Cleanable and resistant to harsh chemicals and abrasives

21 21 Digital Signage / Retail Through window interactive displays for use with LCD or Rear Projection systems

22 22 Kiosks Suitable for lobby/outdoor use Technology enables bezel-less designs Screen print capability Webphone

23 23 Point of Information (POI) Fully sealable, weather and damage resistant Scalable to suit all LCD sizes (from 5.5” up to 65”) Technology enables operation through protective cover glass Passenger info system deployed in NYC yellow cabs 37” through glass screen for shopping centres

24 24 Gaming PCT TM technology enables touch operation through printed cover glass Available in various glass thicknesses depending on durability required

25 25 Juke Box Entertainment Systems Wall Mount SolutionVideo Solution

26 26 Industrial Displays Glove operable Ultra rugged Sealable to IP67+ Field engineer test module Ruggedised panel PC

27 27 Medical Displays Robust technology No surface coatings – can be cleaned with strong disinfectants Will work with surgical gloves Ante Natal Monitoring display

28 28 Touch Enhancement Options Anti-Glare (AG) Glass Coatings Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass Coatings Circular Polarizer Filters – Sunlight readability Light Control Filters (LCF) – Privacy option Infra-Red Reflector (IR) Film – Solar Heating Reduction Thermal Glass Tempering – safety and strength Chemical Glass Tempering – Strength Screen Printing

29 29 Optical Enhancement Filters

30 30 ZYPROFILM® Full flexible touch interactive image capturing film No display required Sizes up to 65”

31 31 ZYPROFILM® Construction Rear Projection Film (Can capture projected image) Cold Lamination process Sensor is only ~500 microns thick Sensor is fully flexible and can be formed around curved surfaces Interlayer Film Sensor Wires ZYPROFILM ®

32 32 Rear Projection film captures remotely projected image as well as being touch interactive Sensor can be curved

33 33 Through Glass Touchscreen Rear Projection System Flexible Wire Array Sensor and rear projection film laminate Image Projector Outside Window Glass

34 34 Through Glass – Shop Window Advertisements Advertising information behind a window

35 35 50” Rear Projection Through Touch

36 36 Curved Rear Projection Information Kiosk

37 37 Avionic Pilot Simulation Systems Touchscreen size 1.5m x 0.6m

38 38 Capacitive Switch Product ZYSWITCH® Based on same generic Projected Capacitive Technology Has all the same benefits as the generic touchscreen technology Can achieve up to 8 linear buttons or 16 buttons in an array key pad format

39 39 Capacitive Buttons Projected Capacitive Buttons Replacement for mechanical buttons 1 to 16 button Capability

40 40 Capacitive Buttons

41 41 Touchscreen Pin Pads No display required Silkscreen printed screens Security Breakage detection circuits located on front for alarm systems Toughened glass front for security

42 42 Pay at the Pump Touchscreen and Pin Pad Solution Projected Capacitive Pin Pad and Touchscreen Integrated into petrol pump

43 43 Questions?

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