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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Folding Bike Company.

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1 Your Friendly Neighbourhood Folding Bike Company

2 Kmax Design Team Members: Jake Kaupp Pete Mckay Jared MacInnis Peter MacLennan Team Supervisor: Dr. Alex Kalamkarov Client: Kmax Designs Team Sponsor: True Temper Sports

3 The goal of our project is to build and create a full size mountain bike that folds into a much smaller size when your finished using it. Typically these bikes are small and unable to provide the stability and comfort for variable riding conditions.

4 September 2002 –Established Kmax Designs –Chose our project and finalized our client and supervisor requirements October 2002 –Acquired True Temper Sports as a sponsor –Began Brainstorming November 2002 –Finalized Design

5 January 2003 Worked out all final design problems February 2003 Started fabrication March 2003 Completed fabrication Painted, rigged and tested prototype Completed an FEA analysis

6 Tubing $315 Machine Time $675 Recycled Parts $386 New Parts $397.91 Miscellaneous $206.09 Grand Total $1980


8 Manufacturing Processes –TIG Welding All frame tubes, rear dropout, hinge and bottom bracket – Silver Soldering Brake and gear cable mounts (damage from intense heat, high strength not a requirement)

9 Rear triangle and dropouts –Aluminium cylinder used to align rear dropouts –Brace for top of rear triangle fabricated from extra tubing –Lower tubes cut and bent on inside then welded unable to produce curved sections –Top tubes did not require bending

10 Cable mounts were positioned so as to avoid tension when folding All mount locations were strategically placed and marked prior to soldering Jig was required to locate position of rear brake mounts

11 U-shaped aluminum block –Small clearance between block and hinge –Hole drilled through block and hinge with clearance for faster assembly –Quick release through block and hinge to hold hinge closed

12 Angle of head tube changed Original angle too large Internal grinding of seat tube due to excess material Small groove in seat tube to increase forces on seat post

13 The Folding Mechanism Aluminum C - clamp Frame Geometry Final Componentry & Peripherals

14 The focal point of the Kmax DFS A standard industrial door hinge was utilized Hinge originally had 6 pre-drilled bolt holes Technicians filled the holes to increase strength One single centered hole drilled for Quick Release Pin Bearing surface provided by weather stripping lining


16 Design credit goes to Albert who envisioned the design Aluminum clamp/bracket provides rigid support, yet is a flexible safety device Increased clamping area provides greater closing force, increasing the stability of the DFS

17 49° 59° 72° 50° 80° 10° 30° 10°

18 Frame True Temper OX Platinum Headset Dia-Comp Bottom Bracket Shimano Front Changer Shimano XT Bottom Pull Front Shifter Shimano Deore Front Brake Avid V Brake Fork Rock Shock Judy XL 100mm travel Pedals MKS FD6 Folding Rear Changer Shimano STX-RC Rear Shifter Shimano 7 Speed Rear Brake Shimano Alvio V Brake Tire Size 26 x 2.1 Inch

19 ANSYS 6.0 was used for the FEA of the Frame. Two analyses were completed Static Analysis Semi-Dynamic Analysis Frame was modeled as a collection of line elements possessing the characteristics and properties of the individual frame elements.

20 Element Size = 20 mm # of Nodes = 160


22 Critical Areas Maximum Stress: 31.895 MPa Failure Strength: 813 MPa

23 Maximum Stress: 53.252 MPa Failure Strength: 813 MPa Critical Areas

24 Illustrates the validity of the frame design –Maximum Stress never exceeds the UTS of the Material, in both Hinge and Frame –Proves the frame possesses stable geometrical characteristics Depicts potential failure areas Validates the folding method.

25 Kmax feels that we have reached our goal in producing what was intended, The Casablanca is a full size folding mountain bike that will fit in the trunk of a car. The design also incorporates a widened wheel base to improve stability, an initial concern caused by the ‘dip’ in the frame due to the hinge.

26 There are some areas that the Kmax design team has identified that could be improved. –Dimensions of Rear Triangle –Dimensions of the Front Segment –Alignment of the Drop-Outs Also a full Three Dimensional FEA should be undertaken by a professional to determine a precise FMEA and determine the wear and fatigue to which the frame will be subject to

27 In conclusion the Kmax Designs Team believes that we’ve produced an innovative bike frame that hopefully increases interest in cycling due to its unique portability, making it easier to have a rip, anytime, anyplace.


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