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Linear Ben Krahn Oregon State University Dairy Research Center.

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1 Linear Ben Krahn Oregon State University Dairy Research Center

2 Linear Type Evaluation Frame-15% Dairy Character-20% Body Capacity-10% Feet and Legs-15% Udder-40% Purebred Dairy Cattle Association

3 Linear Type Evaluation 50 point scale Comparing against ideal Objective comparison Breed Classification

4 Frame 15% Rump Stature Front end Back Breed Characteristics

5 Rump Width between pins Slight slope from hips to pins Thurls wide and centered between pins

6 Rump Width 5-Extremely Narrow2.5” 25-Intermediate4.5” 45-Extremely Wide 6.5”

7 Rump Angle 5-High Pins1.5” 25-Slight Slope1.5” 45-Extreme Sloped4.5”

8 Stature Measured at the point of withers Height at point of withers and pins should be proportionate Varies by breed

9 Breed 453525155 Holstein 5957555351 Jersey 5351494745 B. Swiss 6058565452 Guernsey 5957555351 Ayrshire 5755535149 Shorthorn 5856545250 Stature in Inches by Breed Linear Score

10 Strength 5-Extremely Narrow 25-Intermediate 45-Extremely Strong and Wide

11 Dairy Character-20% 5-Extremely Tight 25-Intermediate 45-Extrememly Open

12 Body Capacity-10% 5-Extremely Shallow 25-Intermediate 45-Extremely Deep

13 Feet and Legs-15% Foot angle-Pasterns Rear legs –Rear view –Side view

14 Foot Angle 5-Extremely Low 25-Intermediate 45 degrees 45-Extremely Steep

15 Rear Legs-Rear View 5-Extreme Hock-In 25-Slight Hock-In 45-Tracks Extremely Straight

16 Rear Legs-Side View 5-Extremely Posty 25-Intermediate 45-Extremely Sickled

17 Udder-40% Udder Depth Front Teat Placement Rear Udder –Height –Width Fore Udder Teat Length Udder Balance and Texture

18 Udder Depth 5-Extremely Deep-2” 25-Intermediate2” 45-Extremely Shallow6”

19 Front Teat Placement 5-Extremely Wide 25-Centrally Placed 45-Extremely Close

20 Rear Udder Height 5-Extremely Low13.3” 25-Intermediate10.5” 45-Extremely High8.7”

21 Rear Udder Width 5-Extremely Narrow5” 25-Intermediate5.5” 45-Extremely Wide7.5”

22 Udder Cleft 5-Extremely Weak flat1” 25-Intermediate1.25” 45-Extremely Strong2.5”

23 Fore Udder 5-Extremely Loose 25-Intermediate 45-Extremely Strong

24 Teat Length 5-Extremely Short1.25” 25-Intermediate2.25” 45-Extremely Long3.25”

25 Udder Tilt 5-Extreme Rearward Tilt2.5” 25-Nearly Level 45-Extreme Forward Tilt1.5”


27 References Purina Mills –http://dairy.purina-mills.com Holstein Association –http://www.holsteinusa.com American Jersey Association –http://www.usjersey.com Hoards Dairyman –http://www.hoards.com World Holstein Friesian Federation –

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