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Multiple Lip Seal MLS Introduction

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1 Multiple Lip Seal MLS Introduction
March 2005 ArvinMeritor Confidential

2 Multiple Lip Seal (MLS)
The New Meritor MLS seals will be introduced starting March 7th, 2005 at ARM assembly plants Axle models/positions affected are: 14X, 16X, 18X & 38X Forward Rear Drive Axle Input (FUI Position) 14X and 16X Forward Rear Drive Axle Output (FUO Position) 14X, 16X and 18X Rear Rear Drive Axle Input (RUI Position) ArvinMeritor Confidential

3 FUI Position 145, 160 and 185 Forward Rear Drive Axle Input
A-1205-X-2728 Seal FUI and FUO positions are soft unitized (two piece seal with seal and running sleeve combination) and will require a running sleeve to be pre-positioned on the yoke prior to yoke installation to the shaft. FUI and FUO sleeves eliminate the requirement for internal seal locators/stops to set the position and preload of dirt excluder lips. Internal locators generate heat and debris which can affect long term seal life. A-1199-U-4025 Sleeve

4 FUO Position 145, 160 Forward Rear Drive Axle Output
Sealant Bead on Seal O.D. Two Piece Seal Construction Seal in Bore, Sleeve on Yoke Deflector Integrated into Running Sleeve Improved Contaminant Exclusion Radial Lips vs. Axial Lips To Handle Endplay On Stationary Member – Not affected by Centrifugal Force Multiple Exclusion Lips with Vents to Prevent Internal Vacuum Premium Fluoroelastomer Material Broad Temperature Operating Range Excellent Abrasion Resistance and Wearability Steel-on-Steel Contact Between Yoke and Seal Running Surface Improved Heat Dissipation Better Alignment Elimination of Contact Bumpers Between Stationary & Rotating Elements Eliminates Heat and Wear During Break-in A-1205-Y-2729 Seal A-1199-V-4026 Sleeve

5 FUO Position 145/160/185 Forward Rear Drive Axle Output SOFT UNITIZED
A-1205-Y-2729 Seal A-1199-V-4026 Sleeve

6 RUI Position 145/160/185 Rear Rear Drive Axle Input
A-1205-Z Seal A-1205-A /185 Seal The RUI seal position is fully unitized as current so the assembly procedures will not change from current when installing the yoke. Internal locators/stops are not present in this seal position as well. With the RUI position, the outer bearing adjacent to the yoke is positioned with bearing backface (large end) against the yoke so the sleeve can be located with the bearing. The bearing arrangement is different for the FUI and FUO positions therefore the sleeve must be assembled to the yoke.

7 RUI Position 145/160/185 Rear Rear Drive Axle Input FULLY UNITIZED

8 MLS Test Info Lab Testing Mud Slurry Testing Successfully Completed
Drip Slurry Testing Successfully Completed Hot Oil Durability Testing– Excellent Results – Still Running Dust Testing – Excellent Results – Still Running Torque Testing Successfully Completed Cold Testing Successfully Completed Installation Tests Successfully Completed Spring Pop Off Tests Successfully Completed

9 MLS Test Info Field Testing
100 Vehicle Installations for All Seal Positions on RT145 Dec 03 - April 04 install 6 Installations on RS160 July 04 install Two Issues to Date – Not Seal Related Incompatible Top off Fluid Loose Yoke Nut RT145 Data 118k Mile Average/Vehicle 26k min, 213k max

10 MLS Field Service Kit Field Service Tool Kit (Kit 4463) contains:
Tech Bulletin (TP-0446) with Field Installation Procedures Seal Drivers Location Decal (TP-0464) Installation CD (TP-0531)

11 Multiple Lip Seal (MLS) Introduction
ARM Manufacturing Implementation Plans Set – March 7th, 2005 Implementation PIL Complete PIL 430 Aftermarket Seal Availability Available through Florence & Brampton Product Profile Available SP-0537

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