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Rolling Chassis Team Todd Anderson Matt Blackwood David Hovater Josh Smith Jessica Yoho.

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1 Rolling Chassis Team Todd Anderson Matt Blackwood David Hovater Josh Smith Jessica Yoho

2 Overview Formula SAE at a Glance Project Summary  Frame  Suspension  Brakes  Steering  Seat  Uprights Building Parts  Lathe  Mill  Large Band Saw  Small Band Saw  Composites Important Dates

3 Formula SAE Competition One of the largest Collegiate competitions Design, build, and compete with small Formula style cars 140 Universities from around the world compete in static and dynamic events Increase awareness for The University of Alabama Covers many aspects of Engineering Competition Date: 5/18/2005 – 5/22/2005

4 Formula SAE 0-60 in under 4 seconds Can corner up to 1.5 g’s Weighs around 500lbs 70 Hp Engine

5 Project Statement Design, build, and test a rolling chassis for integration with the 2005 UA Formula SAE car design.

6 2005 Car at a Glance

7 66” Wheelbase 48/46” Front Rear Track Seating Position under the Main Roll Hoop Two Pedals Pull Rod Suspension Semi Stressed Engine

8 Frame at a Glance

9 Frame Objectives Reduce Weight  Less than 60lbs total weight for the Frame  Use of Thinner Tubing Increased Driver Room Increase Torsional Resistance Reduce Complexity  Integrate Subsystems into Frame  Use of Square Tubing  Partially Stressed Engine  Easier to Build 4130 Spaceframe

10 Frame Analysis (Front) FEA Analysis in ANSYS Max Deflection: <0.08in Max Stress <31ksi

11 Suspension at a Glance Double A-arms Low Roll Center Pull Rod Vanilla RC Bicycle Shocks Anti-Sway Bar Use of Spherical Bearings

12 A-arm Attachment to Frame Shims 1/4” bolt Aluminum Bracket Spherical bearing & housing A-arm Front View

13 Spherical Bearings Mis-Alignment Angle of 24º Will Be in Housing held in place by a snap ring

14 Front A-arms Analysis FEA ANSYS Results  Loaded to Simulate Braking and Cornering Max Deflection <0.05” Max Stress <22ksi

15 Brakes At a Glance 3 Disc Setup  2 Outboard Brakes in Front  1 Inboard in Rear 9” Diameter Rotors Dual Piston Calipers Left Foot Brake setup (Only two Pedals) Balancing Bar

16 Brakes Wilwood PS-1 Calipers  Dual 1.12 inch pistons 9”Custom Rotors Dual master cylinders  Balancing bar used to adjust bias PS-1 Caliper Dual MC Balance bar

17 Steering Located under Driver’s legs Ackerman Geometry 12 ft Turning Radius Minimal Bump Steer Two Universal Joints to Route Steering Linkage

18 Steering Rack Track Travel: 3” Weighs 1.96 lbs Rack Length is 8.5” 1.125 Turns Lock to Lock Jr. Dragster Steering Rack From Chassis Shop

19 Seat at a Glance Carbon Kevlar Composite Reclined 30º from the Vertical Legs Elevated 4” Lateral Support

20 Front Uprights

21 Front Upright Brake Caliper Bracket moved to integrate into Steering Attachment Steel Construction opposed to Aluminum  Similar Weight  Reduced Cost  Easier to Make  Endurance Rotor Mount integrated into Wheel Studs Smaller Spindle and Inboard Bearing to take Advantage of Strength of Steel

22 Front Upright FEA Analysis ANSYS  Max Deflection <0.003”  Max Stress < 16ksi Weighs Approximately 2.75lb with Axle and Brake Bracket

23 Rear Uprights at a Glance Aluminum 6061-T6 CNC Design Minimal Deflection Lightweight Taylor Racing Stub Axle

24 Rear Uprights Overall Dimensions Constraints / Loading Conditions Maximum Deflection is 0.002” Maximum Stress is 3500 psi

25 Stub Axle Stub Axle Assembly will be changed to same model used in 2004 Car  More Expensive but can be covered with new Funds  Much Stronger, more Proven, and Lighter  Manufactured by Taylor Racing

26 Building Plans Construction of Rolling Chassis needs to be completed by December 16 th 489 Currently occupying Projects Building Starting November 11 th 1-4pm Weekday Afternoons Wednesday November 24 th – All day

27 Lathe Spindle Housings for Spherical Bearings Engine Mounts

28 Mill Frame Members Pieces for Jig Table Assembly Jig for Front Upright A-arms Brake Rotor

29 Large Band Saw Frame Members Front Upright Pieces A-arms

30 Small Band Saw A-arm Attachments Front Upright

31 TIG Welder Frame Frame Jig Table Front Uprights A-arms A-arm mounts to Frame

32 Other Bench Grinder  A-arm Attachments  Front Upright Chop Saw  Frame Members

33 Composite After Step 1: Sand seat to proper dimensions Step 2: Apply Bondo to the entire seat Let seat dry for 24 hours Step 3: Sand down seat to a smooth finish with fine grit sandpaper Step 4: Cut several sheets of Carbon Kevlar fabric to the specified dimensions. Step 5: Lay one sheet of fabric vertically on the seat mold and apply resin. Allow to dry. Step 6: Lay another sheet of fabric horizontally on the seat mold and apply resin. Allow to dry. Repeat as needed. Step 7: Discard foam mold. Before

34 Important Dates November:  7 th Last Autocross of the year in Birmingham  17 th Engine Mounted to Dyno  24 th Drivetrain Coupling Completed Composite Process Build Date in Projects Building December:  4 th Stock Engine Running  16 th Rolling Chassis Completed January:  21 st Running Engine With Restrictor Pedal Construction March:  18 th Driving

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