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ISLAM BY: Izzi Piper, Nicole Victory, Kylie Fischer.

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1 ISLAM BY: Izzi Piper, Nicole Victory, Kylie Fischer

2 ORIGIN When: Introduced in 610 AD (7th Century Saudi Arabia) Where: Saudi Arabia Who: Prophet Muhammad (Born 570 AD) ●Recieved first revelation of God through Angel Gabriel on a meditative retreat o Preached the truth that God revealed to him  faced persecution, then emigrated from Makkah to Yathrib (Madinah) ● Returned to Makkah, established Islam as city’s religion o By his death, Islam spread through most of Saudi Arabia

3 5 Things They Believe ●One God, Allah (monotheistic) a.In order to become Muslim one must testify to the belief in a single god ● A figure named Mahdi will arrive toward the end of history to fight evil ●The Qur’an warns believers that history will end in calamities (an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress) and social disorder ●5 Pillars of Faith: ●Shadadah - no god worthy other than the one God, and Muhammad is God’s messenger ●Salat - pray 5 times a day facing the city of Makkah ●Zakat - gives generously to charities ●Sawm of Ramadan - fast during the month of Ramadan ●Hajj - if physically and financially able, go on a pilgrimage to Makkah ●Last day of judgement (everyone will be resurrected for judgement into either paradise or hell

4 5 Things They Believe

5 Universalizing or Ethnic ●Universalizing o Precise, traced origin  Prophet Muhammad, 1500 years ago ●Diffused from a specific hearth o Southwest Asia (Saudi Arabia) ●Diffused in specific paths o through relocation diffusion  Missionaries  Arab traders

6 Hierarchical or Autonomous ●Autonomous o No religious hierarchy or formal territorial organization o Everyone is expected to participate in rituals and private prayer is encouraged o Only formal organization is through coincidence of religious territory

7 Diffusion Over Time ●Organized followers extended region of Muslim control over an extensive area of Africa, Asia, and Europe o Muslims controlled Palestine, the Persian Empire, and much of India  Intermarriage converted people to Muslims ●Diffused across North Africa and crossed the Strait of Gibraltar ●Took control of southeastern Europe and Turkey ●Indonesia is predominantly Muslim because Arab traders brought it there in the 13th century

8 Diffusion Over Time

9 Distribution Today ●3,480,000 - North America ●840,000 - Latin America-Caribbean ●43,490,000 - Europe ●317,070,000 - Middle East-North Africa ●248,110,000 - Sub-Saharan Africa ●985,530,000 - Asia-Pacific

10 Distribution Today


12 Sacred Spaces ●Muslim mosques o Space for community assembly/worship o Typically found in larger cities of Muslim world  Visible and important features of landscape  Organized around a courtyard The courtyard inside a Muslim mosque The exterior of a Muslim mosque

13 Sacred Places ●Holiest places in Islam are cities relating to the life of Prophet Muhammad o Mecca (Makkah)- birthplace of Muhammad o Mosque of the Prophet in Madinah (burial place of Muhammad) ●Ka’ba- cubelike structure, thought to be built by Abraham and Ishmael o reclaimed by Muhammad and rededicated it to Allah after defeating locals ●Masjd al-Haram mosque contains well of Zamzam o Thought to have same water source as that given to Hagar from Angel Gabriel  Used to quench thirst of infant Ishmael The Ka’ba in Mecca The well of Zamzam in the Masjd al-Haram mosque.

14 Citations The Cultural Landscape

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