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Early Civilizations Milo, Dominique, Dan, Gloria.

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1 Early Civilizations Milo, Dominique, Dan, Gloria

2 Early Civilizations Olmec San Lorenzo Tres Zapotes La Venta They are called the “Mother Culture.” Mound Builders Dickson Moundville Turtle Mound Crab Orchard Adena Cahokia Spiro Ocmulgee Hopewell Serpent Mound Largest civilization formed in Mississippi Ancient Publoans Mesa Verde Cayon de Chelly Chaco Canyon (Pueblo Bonito) Houses were called pueblos. Maya Bonampak Jaina Copan Tikal Palenque YUKATAN PENINSULA Used hieroglyphicas

3 EARLY CIVILIZATIONS MOUND BUILDERS-1000 B.C.-A.D. 1500 Crab Orcahrd Spiro Emerald Mound Moundville Adena Ocmulgee Serpent Mound Dickson Cahokia Hopewell Turtle Mound MAYA-A.D. 300-A.D. 900 Bonampak Copa`n Jaina Tikal Palenque YUCATA`N PENINSULA ANCIENT PUEBLOANS-100 B.C.-A.D. 900 Mesa Verde Chaco Canyon (Pueblo Bonito) Cayon de Chelly Olmec-1500 B.C.-A.D. 300 San Lorenzo La Venta Tres Zapotes

4 Early Civilizations (Housings) Lived in a tropical climate that was hot and humid Some located in Ohio River Many floors and many rooms Some mostly built in canyons and caves 1,400 years ago they called the houses pueblo(villages) No entrance on the first floor Climbed latter's and entered on top of the roof If enemy attack they pulled up the latter's so no one can come in

5 Cultural Activities of Early Civilization  The Olmec Civilization had a team sport (they where the first people to have team sports) where there was a rubber ball that they would bounce on body parts until someone scored a goal and winners got presents while losers died.  The Mayans had their own calendar that ends in 2012 and a base 20 number system where.=1 -=5 and were the first people to recognize 0 as a number  The Ancient Puebleons were a group of people who lived in rock houses that and made baskets strong enough to hold water.  There were a big group of tribes who were mound builders like the Adena who used them for burial and went up to 90 feet high

6 FOOD OF EARLY CIVILIZATION The Olmec would farm their staple crops. They depended on rain for their crops. The Mayans farmed their crops. They also traded them for other goods. The Ancient Pueblanos grew maize, beans, and pumpkins. They would put their extra food in a wooven basket like a food storegde. They would use tough baskets for pots.

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