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Edgar Allan Poe Biography By Miranda Garcia W. Stiern Middle School Ms. Marshall 2009-2010 HSS.

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1 Edgar Allan Poe Biography By Miranda Garcia W. Stiern Middle School Ms. Marshall 2009-2010 HSS

2 The Family Mother - Elizabeth Hopkins Poe Father – David Poe Jr. Brother- William Poe Sister – Rosalie Poe Father died in 1810, Mother died in 1811 leaving three children including Poe (Age 3)

3 The Birth of Edgar Allan Poe Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts After parents death, Poe was taken into the home of a Richmond merchant, John Allan Poe was educated in Virginia and England While boys in school wrote mere mechanical verses, Poe wrote genuine poetry Never legally adopted, Poe took John’s last name, Allan, as his middle name

4 The Beginning of Poe Poe attended manor school at Stroke Newington in England It became the setting for his story ‘William Wilson’ He attended the University of Virginia (1826-1827) At the university he composed some tales but was little known for them He was expelled for not paying his gambling debts He was later disowned He joined the U.S. army as a soldier under the assumed name Edgar A. Perry

5 The Beginning of Poe (continued) He was sent to Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, setting for ‘The Gold Bug’ (1843) ‘Balloon Hoax’ (1844) ‘Tamerlane and other poems’ (1827) He entered West Point He was dishonorably discharged for the next year, for intentional neglect of his duties – as a result of his own determination to be released

6 Becoming Known He lived in Baltimore with his aunt, Mrs. Maria Clemm (1833) He won a prize of $50 for the short story ‘MS Found in a Bottle’ He started his career as a staff member of various magazines He was a literary messenger in Richmond (1835) He worked for Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine in Philadelphia (1839-1840) He worked for Graham’s Magazine (1842-1843) He had to leave Southern Literary Messenger due to alchoholism

7 Poe’s Love He became engaged to Elmira Royster but was canceled by her parents (1826) He was married to his 13 year old cousin Virginia Clemm (1842) She died from tuberculosis after popping a blood vessel When the place where she was buried was destroyed, William Fearing Gill rescued her remains He had several other romances, including poet Sarah Helen Whitman He then again became engaged to Elmira Royster who was at the time Mrs. Shelton (1849) He dedicated ‘Annabel Lee’ to Virginia Clemm (1849)

8 Poe to the End… Poe suffered from depression and madness As a result, attempted suicide in 1848 He went missing and when found was in delirious condition at Ryan’s Inn and Taverna in Baltimore He died in a hospital on October 7, 1849 He was buried at the Westminister Presbyterian burial yard Four mourners attended the funeral (Relative Nielson Poe and Henry Herring, colleague Dr. Joseph Snodgrass, and former classmate Z. Collins Lee

9 Poe’s Famous List of Tales The Tell-Tale Heart The Cask of Amontillado Hop-Frog The Black Cat Ligeia The Assignation The Oval Portrait The Masque of the Red Death The Fall of the House of Usher The Murders in the Rue Morgue The Purloined Letter The Gold-Bug Shadow-A Parable A Descent into the Maelstrom The Pit and the Pendulum The Sphinx

10 Poe’s Famous Lists of Poems The Raven Lenore To Helen Ulalume The Bells Annabel Lee The Haunted Palace The Conqueror Worm The Valley of Unrest The City in the Sea The Sleeper A Dream Within a Dream Dream-Land Eulalie Dreams Silence

11 Poe’s List of Work The Raven The Bells Ulalume To Helen Annabel Lee A Valentine An Enigma To My Mother For Annie To F---- To Frances S. Osgood Eldorado Eulalie A Dream Within A Dream To Marie Louise (Shew) The City In The Sea The Sleeper Bridal Ballad Poems Of Manhood To One In Paradise The Coliseum The Haunted Palace The Conqueror Worm Silence Dream-Land To ZanteScenes From "Politian" Sonnet -- To Science Al Aaraaf Tamerlane To Helen The Valley Of Unrest Israfel* To --- To The River ---- Song Spirits Of The Dead A Dream Romance Fairy-Land The Lake -- To ---- Evening Star "The Happiest Day" Imitation Hymn To Aristogeiton And Harmodius Dreams "In Youth I Have Known One" A Pæan Alone Hymn To Isadore The Village Street The Forest Reverie

12 Resources Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe Collection Edgar-Allen-Poe-over-50-poems.htm Edgar-Allen-Poe-over-50-poems.htm

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