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Prospect Hill Cemetery Omaha’s early movers and shakers.

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1 Prospect Hill Cemetery Omaha’s early movers and shakers

2 Unit Objectives Students will understand how cemeteries are used in historic research. Students will be able to describe the importance of Prospect Hill Cemetery to Omaha’s history. Students will be able to identify individuals who impacted Omaha in the 19 th century. Students will be able to analyze Omaha’s founders.

3 Prospect Hill Cemetery Founded in 1858 by real estate developer Byron Reed. Burial place for over 15,000 Omaha residents. Many prominent and pioneer citizens of Omaha are buried here. –Hanscom, Hitchcock, Kountze, Millard, Poppleton, and Redick are just a few names.

4 Resources Web sites: –Prospect Hill Cemetery Foundation Basic information about the cemetery and its legacy. –Steve and Marta’s Prospect Hill page ct_hill/prospect_main.htm ct_hill/prospect_main.htm Provides photos and information about many of the burials at Prospect Hill.

5 Resources Book: –Omaha’s Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery A History of Prospect Hill Cemetery with Biographical Notes with over 1400 people interred therein. Louise Bloom Baumann, Charles W. Martin, and S. Jane Simpson. 1990 Available at Prospect Hill Cemetery

6 Prospect Hill Resources Pamphlets: –Prospect Project- 1981 A Youth Investigation of Blacks Buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery. Conducted by the Girls Club of Omaha. –Omaha Streets and Prospect Hill Cemetery: A Commentary and Guide. Dr. Orville D. Menard- 2006 –Grave Markers at Prospect Hill Cemetery: A Study in Material Culture Dr. Thomas A. Kuhlman- 2007 –Walking or Driving Tour Guide Prospect Hill- 2007 Available at Prospect Hill Cemetery

7 Resources Pamphlet –Anna Wilson: A Woman of mystery, otherwise of good character. Prospect Hill board members- 2011 Multi-Media –Prospect Hill Cemetery DVD Contains Video Clips from Omaha newscasts about Prospect Hill Available at Prospect Hill Cemetery

8 Unit Outline Lesson #1- Introduction to cemeteries as a source, introduce Prospect Hill cemetery. Lesson #2- Review cemeteries, introduce Omaha’s “movers and shakers” project, assign student group and historic figure, begin research. Lesson #3- Research Historic Figure, put together presentation Lesson #4- Group presentations, assessment.

9 Lesson #1- Cemetery Information Anticipatory set- –Students will describe their feelings of being in a cemetery. Lesson Procedures- –PowerPoint lecture/discussion about cemeteries as a historic source. –Introduce Omaha’s historic cemeteries Focus on Prospect Hill

10 Lesson #2- Introduction of “Movers and Shakers” project Anticipatory set- –Show a photo of 2 headstones Have students answer questions about each one. Lesson Procedures- –Show students a list of Omaha’s pioneers buried at Prospect Hill cemetery. Have the students identify names that they recognize; discuss why they recognize the names. –Introduce the project Assign students their groups –2-3 students

11 Lesson #3 Students will work in the computer lab, researching their individual and creating a short PowerPoint presentation.

12 Lesson #4 Students will give presentations on each figure. As the presentations are given, the class will complete a graphic organizer about each Omaha figure. After all presentations have been given, students will assess who are the ten most influential Omaha citizens buried at Prospect Hill cemetery.

13 “Movers and Shakers” Each group will be given the name of an Omaha pioneer buried at Prospect Hill. The groups will research their individual. –Each group member will complete the “Omaha’s Mover’s and Shakers” graphic organizer. Each group will create a short PowerPoint presentation on their pioneer.

14 “Movers and Shakers” While each group is presenting, the class will fill out a graphic organizer about each pioneer. Following the presentations, the students will complete their assessment of Omaha’s “movers and shakers” buried at Prospect Hill.

15 Name of the “Mover and Shaker” When did they live?OccupationImpact on the city? AJ Poppleton 1830-1896Lawyer, PoliticianServed as the 2 nd Mayor. Helped secure Omaha as the territorial capital. Defended Standing Bear in landmark civil rights court case. Example of the student graphic organizer for one presentation. Student presenters will provide the information.

16 “Movers and Shakers” Assessment- –Students will create a top 10 list of the 10 most important pioneer’s buried at “Prospect Hill” –Students will use their graphic organizer from the presentations. –Each ranking must be justified by the student. Students will base their justifications on which prominent Omahan buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery had the largest impact on Omaha.

17 Follow Up Ideas After the project is complete: – The instructor may facilitate class discussion on the Prospect Hill Cemetery Foundation’s role in this assignment. Historic Preservation – The class may take a virtual field trip to the cemetery using the Steve and Marta web page. Look at other citizens buried in the cemetery. – The class may take a field trip to Prospect Hill cemetery. See the burial sites of those in the assignment. Meet with Prospect Hill Cemetery Foundation Help with maintenance of the cemetery grounds – Service learning

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