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Sustainable design materials, processes and the environment Part 2.

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1 Sustainable design materials, processes and the environment Part 2

2 alternative materials, research, sourcing, comparing

3 ply - more product per tree, grain intact, less glue

4 concept development, listen, observe, watch opinions

5 most valuable insights


7 low sides an advantage

8 choice of lining

9 final prototype (finished?), minimal, turning point

10 from product to business

11 why? sustainability in the business There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few of them. Victor Papanek

12 70% of families in the UK consider being ‘eco friendly’ either important or very important. Green funeral business is increasing between 25-30% each year (biodegradable coffins to woodland burial grounds) Research from the Post Office in 2007 found that 35% of people in the UK planned an eco-friendly funeral whereas the research just conducted by FMC in 2009 shows that this figure has risen dramatically. 9 out of 10 individuals would consider an environmentally friendly coffin when planning their own funeral Where is the market?

13 Coffins / caskets (the most visible eco opportunity)* Urns Embalming choices and alternatives Burial / natural burial Cremation Carbon neutral funerals Flowers (growing practices / air freight) Business impacts (energy, paper, technology, transport) Aspects to consider *A symbol of the whole funeral

14 3,000,000 kg80,000,000 kg 70,000 m2 1,500,000 Tonnes resource use, land use, toxins (EPA), scale (2 PM)

15 Is casket manufacturing a wise use of what’s left? resource depletion compared to oil (40 years)

16 Copper 575% Zinc 537% Nickel 1124% Lead 888% Philadelphia 2,500 Calcutta 20,000 Beijing 24,000

17 Wood chips / wood flour Glue 250,000 kg PA Plastic Some Halogenated Plastics like PVC (restricted in 275 countries) Metal coatings Nickel listed as ground contaminant and hazardous air pollutant Finishes VOC effect on workers and atmosphere & residue NZ less resource use but more toxins, burn / bury

18 LCA & other tools, appropriate, budget, inputs, outputs

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