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Early Medieval Art 375-1066 A.D. EC, Byzantine, Early Medieval= 5-10% of AP Art History Exam.

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1 Early Medieval Art 375-1066 A.D. EC, Byzantine, Early Medieval= 5-10% of AP Art History Exam

2 Middle Ages consist of 3 periods 1.Early Medieval (5 th – 11 th centuries) 2.Romanesque (11 th – 12 th centuries) 3.Gothic (mid 12 th – 15 th centuries)

3 Early Medieval Tribes Germanic Franks Visigoths Ostrogoths Saxons Norse Celts

4 Purse Cover from Sutton Hoo Ship

5 Animal-head post from Oseberg ship burial

6 Durrow Gospels Each has a carpet page Each is meant to divide book Ink and tempera on parchment Tonsure hair style

7 Lindisfarne Gospel

8 Cross page from Lindisfarne

9 Chi-Rho page from Book of Kells, 800 A.D.

10 High Cross of Muiredach

11 Carolingian Period (9 th c) Learning Renovatio Art Portrait statues 91/2”


13 Palace Chapel of Charlemagne

14 Model of Charlemagne's Palace

15 St. Matthew, from the Gospel Book of Charlemagne


17 St. Mark, from Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo of Reims

18 Lindau Gospel: St Gall 9 th c

19 St Gall: St Gallen, Switzerland St Gallus founded Benedictine Abbey under an abbot Follow regula sanctus benedictus work and study not meditate Raised the concept of manual labor Scriptorium Monasteries were the schools

20 St Gall Plan commissioned by Haito, bishop of Basel Separate monks from laity Cloister reserved for monks alone Module of 2/1 for layout Basilica with transcept;crossing square

21 Ottonian Period (10 th c) Eastern end of Charlemagne’s empire after treaty of Verdun Otto I crowned emperor of Rome Held off Viking and Magyar advances Christian church reorganized after great monastic reform of Ottonians

22 Architecture Built basilicas with towering spires and westwork Best preserved is ST Cyriakus at Gernrode Transcept, square choir in front of apse Nave is first to incorporate gallery which seem to serve no function Alternate support system with piers and columns

23 St Cyrikias, Gernrode

24 ST Michael’s Hildesheim Bishop Bernwald=tutor of Otto III and builder 1001-1031AD Double transcept, tower groupings and westwork (some Roman basilicas had 2 apses and entrances on the side) Modular system 3X1

25 St. Michael’s, Hildesheim, Germany

26 Section plan of St. Michael’s, Hildesheim, Germany Visited Rome 11 th c abbey church 1X2 ratio

27 Hildesheim Doors

28 16’ high 8 panels on each side Bronze Each door a single piece Original sin to redemption Early Christianity Old Testament seen as prefiguration of New

29 Bishop Bernwald 7 spiral bands Life of Christ Missing scenes from doors Renovatio imperii Romani

30 Gero Crucifix, Cologne(10 th c) Christ 6’2” Patron archibishop Gero Oak gilded Reliquary (host in back of head) Halo? Byzantine or early Christian?

31 UTA Codex Patron was Uta abbess of Niedermunster Uta brought reforms to convent Near the end of her life gave the codes to nunnery. It contained illuminated pages with gospel readings in a gold and enamel case

32 Uta is superimposed

33 Anunciation to the Shepherds, 1002-1014 Roman? or Byzantine?

34 Otto III Enthroned Receiving Homage of four parts of the Empire, from Gospel Book of Otto III 997-1000 AD

35 Moses Receiving the Law & Doubting Thomas

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