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Mattie dreams of food. She wakes to a couple of robbers in the coffeehouse, who don’t see her at first. One robber gets too close to Mattie’s face as.

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2 Mattie dreams of food. She wakes to a couple of robbers in the coffeehouse, who don’t see her at first. One robber gets too close to Mattie’s face as he is swinging the grandfather’s sword and she cries out. They grab her and ask her where the strongbox is – she says it’s already been stolen. Mattie’s scream wakes grandfather. He comes downstairs with a rifle and threatens to shoot. The robbers don’t believe him. Grandfather shoots and misses; one robber jumps on him.

3 Mattie grabs the sword and swings it at the robbers, cutting one She threatens to kill them with it so the robbers jump out the window Grandfather apologizes to Mattie for leaving her alone - he dies She covered him with a tablecloth but couldn’t bring herself to cover his face because he had such a kind face She spent the rest of the night at his side, crying

4 Mattie woke to someone yelling “Bring out your dead.” She realized she must bury grandfather so she chased down the cart driver She retrieved Grandmother’s portrait from upstairs so she could bury Grandfather with it She went with the cart driver to the burial square She demanded the men bury grandfather respectfully and with a prayer One of the men had a book of Psalms, so Mattie read a passage from it, then thanked the men and left

5 Mattie wanders the empty streets and tries to figure out what to do She realizes she must find food and wanders to the market, only to find it empty She then sees the Federal Gazette office is open and asks Mr. Brown to place an ad for mother He is unable to do that, so she leaves She wanders on trying to figure out what to do - she trips over a broken doll and hears a child crying The little girl says her mama is broken

6 Mattie picked up Nell and tried to find someone to care for her. Someone suggested she look for Reverend Allen’s group - while walking, she notices someone who looks like Eliza and tries to find her Nell bites a man who tries to dance with Mattie They continue to look for Eliza. Finally, Mattie yells “Eliza.” Eliza comes out and hugs Mattie.

7 Mattie tells Eliza what has happened to her and grandfather, and how she found Nell Eliza takes them to her brother Joseph’s house Eliza tells Mattie that Mother is still alive Joseph is still in bed recovering from fever; his wife died the week before and he is still upset Mother Smith, who had been taking caring of Joseph and his twin sons, makes Mattie eat Mattie tells Eliza everything including how grandfather died Eliza explains how she, as a member of the Free African Society, has been helping fever victims

8 Mother Smith advises Mattie not to love Nell and to take her to the orphan house. The next day, Mattie and Eliza take Nell to the orphan house. The orphan house was too full and the woman asked if they could find someone else to care for her. They pass the Ogilvie’s and Eliza updates Mattie on what happened to Colette Ogilvie As they pass the Peale house, daisies rain down from the window – Mattie knew it was Nathaniel Benson They all go back to Joseph’s. Since Joseph is better, he suggests that Mattie help Eliza with fever victims and he will watch the kids.

9 After working with the fever victims all day, Mattie and Eliza return to Joseph’s apartment to find that Robert, William and Nell are all sick with yellow fever. Mattie suggests that it’s cooler at Bush Hill and that they have French physicians who could help Eliza says it’s too crowded; they have to do it themselves Mattie wants to take them to the coffeehouse where it’s cooler

10 Mattie and Eliza take Nell, Robert and William to the coffeehouse After four or five days caring for the children, Eliza thinks they should call a doctor to have the children bled Mattie argues that the French doctors have the right treatment and the children should not be bled. Eliza decides to trust Mattie. Mattie walks out into the garden and is so tired that she lays down and falls asleep.

11 Mattie wakes up in the garden to find frost She runs into the coffeehouse and tells Eliza They take the children outside to cool them off Later that day, Joseph sends food to the coffeehouse so they feed themselves and the children Eliza decides they needed to move all of the furniture outside to destroy the pestilence The children’s fevers have broken Mattie heads to the market – she sees Nathaniel there. He explains how they survived at the Peale house He reassures Mattie that her mother will be home soon

12 Philadelphia has gradually returned to what it was like before the fever Nathaniel and Mattie spend a lot of time together Mattie is still worried about her mother – she hasn’t heard anything Eliza, Mattie, Joseph, Mother Smith, and the children have a thanksgiving feast Joseph thinks Mattie should sell the coffeehouse because she needs the money for her dowry Mattie says she’s not selling and asks Eliza to become her partner Joseph tells them they need a lawyer to write the agreement in order to protect themselves

13 The coffeehouse has been open for business for three days and is very crowded Stew has been selling well and Mattie has a lot of ideas about how to improve business – – free samples of apple cake entice customers to buy more food – Nathaniel’s paintings hung on the walls – he had already sold some Nathaniel comes into the coffeehouse and tells them the president has returned. They go out on High Street to see him. Many people are returning to Philadelphia with the president. After the president passed, a carriage stops at the coffeehouse. Mother is home.

14 Mother introduces Mattie to Mrs. Ludington – Mother cannot walk without help Mrs. Ludington explains what happened – When mother got to the farm and realized Mattie and grandfather did not make it, she went looking for them – Ludington’s found her near death on the side of the road Mrs. Ludington leaves to go back to the farm. Mattie tells mother that reopening the coffeehouse was her idea. – She also tells Mother that grandfather died in Sept. – Mattie tells mother everything that happened since grandfather died; then helps her upstairs to bed.

15 Mattie is now in a routine where she wakes up early, makes coffee, and sets out the breakfast dishes She goes out on High Street and watches the lamplighter extinguish the street lamps. She reflects on the awful time they have endured and, as the sun rose, realizes that she must get back to work

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