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Maria Swanenburg By: Rachel Hnatuck.

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1 Maria Swanenburg By: Rachel Hnatuck

2 Background Information
Born: September 9, Died: April 11, 1915 Dutch serial murderer Her name means “bitter sea” Her nickname was Goeie Mie, Dutch for "Good Mie" (she got this name by taking care of children and ill people in the poor neighborhood of Leiden) This is the neighborhood where Maria Swanenburg grew up

3 Background Information Cont.
She is known for poisoning people with arsenic. Maria committed crimes for the money. Caught when arsenic levels were too low to kill all in one family in food and survivors complained that it tasted funny. Here are their kids This is Maria Swanenburg

4 Childhood Maria grew up poor in outskirts of Leiden, The Netherlands.
Here are their kids Maria grew up poor in outskirts of Leiden, The Netherlands. When old enough, took care of ill in neighborhood. Family evicted from home at age 12 because rent unpaid. Rarely came outside after that. Married at age 30 and had 5 sons and 2 daughters. Marriage ended in 1886.

5 Personality Criminally insane Psychotic Very Manipulative Greedy
This picture represents Swanenburg’s personality because she would treat people as puppets, getting them to do what she wanted.

6 Specifics of the Case Took out insurance and burial funds on ill and elderly she was taking care of. Took money when they died and left no money for burial. Maria got the arsenic from a paint store and told the shopkeeper that she was cleaning her home to get rid of rats. It was delivered on whitewash but she scraped it off and it was fine to use. Became greedy and started killing entire families for entire inheritance. Not suspected because she always had someone with her when poisoned people died. She was considered an angel to the dying. Between 1880 and 1883, Maria poisoned twenty-seven people. It was rumored her mother was first victim in Also rumored that she killed 2 of her children. Shortly after this, she killed her father too with arsenic (rat poison) and failed to kill at least another fifty using the same method. The investigation included ninety deaths. Forty-five of the survivors sustained chronic health problems after ingesting the poison. Swanenberg's motive was the money she would receive either through the victims' insurance or their inheritance. It affected ninety people. This is the Arsenic that she poisoned people with

7 Criminal Proceedings This is a correctional facility like the one Swanenburg was at She was caught when trying to poison the Groothuizen’s, her husband’s sister-in-law and her family, in December 1883. She fed them barley gruel laced with arsenic. Not everyone died and the survivors complained that the barley tasted funny. Maria Swanenburg was arrested for the deaths and bodies of others were exhumed to confirm more victims.

8 Trial and Verdict Maria Swanenburg’s trial began April 23, 1885.
She was found guilty and sentenced to life. Maria Swanenburg lived in a correctional facility where she died in 1915. This is the plaque marking marking Maria’s birthplace

9 Psychology’s Role Most have underlying psychiatric disorders
May have ADHD diagnosis with behavioral and cognitive disorders May have Conduct Disorder with repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior. Violation of the basic rights of others and age appropriate social norms Intermittent explosive disorder with strong aggressive impulses that they can’t resist and act upon, resulting in serious assaults or destruction of property

10 Psychology’s Role Antisocial Personality Disorder
Three traits are considered diagnostic Failure to conform to social norms w/ respect to lawful behaviors repeatedly performing acts as grounds for arrest Deceitfulness as indicated by repeatedly lying, using aliases or conning others for personal profit/pleasure Lack of remorse Reckless disregard for safety of others

11 Psychology’s Role Commonly observed in children and adolescence and into adulthood. Deceit and manipulation are central features 80-85% of jailed criminals have antisocial personality disorder, only 20% are psychopaths 50% of all serial killers and repeat rapists are psychopaths

12 Psychology’s Role Dr. Robert D Hare’s “Psychopath Checklist-Record” is a diagnostic tool used to assess psychopaths Psychopaths Selfish, callous and remorseless use of others Chronically, unstable, antisocial, and socially deviant lifestyle They suffered as children Serial killers didn’t begin their killings until their late 20s, 30s, or 40s

13 My Reaction My reaction to this case is shock. I feel this way because she poisoned older and ill people just so she could get some money. It makes me feel sick that once she liked getting the money from murdering older people, that she then started murdering families, including children, so that she could get even more through their inheritance. It also makes me mad. I feel this way because it took the police a long time to catch her.

14 My Reaction, cont’d She was able to murder 90 people without getting caught. It was only because she was careless and didn’t use enough arsenic in the food to kill her relatives that she was discovered. The relatives complained of the way the food tasted that led to her discovery. I feel it is unfortunate that she didn’t get the psychiatric help she needed.

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16 The End

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