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Chapter 8 Vocabulary. MedievalMedieval Latin for “middle age.” 1.

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1 Chapter 8 Vocabulary

2 MedievalMedieval Latin for “middle age.” 1

3 FrontierFrontier a sparsely populated, undeveloped area on the outskirts of a civilization 2

4 Missi Dominici Officials sent to check on roads, listen to grievances, and see that justice was done 3

5 CurriculumCurriculum formal course of study, based on Latin learning 4

6 FeudalismFeudalism a loosely organized system of rule in which powerful local lords divided their landholdings among lesser lords 5

7 VassalVassal lesser lords that pledged service and loyalty to the greater lord. 6

8 Feudal Contract exchange of pledges between lords and vassals 7

9 FiefFief An estate granted to a vassal by his lord 8

10 KnightKnight Mounted Warrior 9


12 TournamentTournament Mock Battle 10

13 ChivalryChivalry Code of Conduct adopted by Knights 11

14 TroubadourTroubadour Wandering Musical Poets or Minstrels 12

15 ManorManor Lord’s Estate 13

16 SerfsSerfs Peasants who could be bought and sold with the land 14

17 SacramentsSacraments The holy rites of the Church 15

18 TitheTithe Church tax equal to a tenth of someone's income 16

19 SecularSecular Worldly force in medieval Europe; not associated with religion 17

20 Papal Supremacy medieval popes claimed authority over all secular rulers. 18

21 Canon Law Church developed body of laws 19

22 ExcommunicationExcommunication Punishment so that people could not receive the sacraments or a Christian burial 20

23 InterdictInterdict order excluding an entire town, region, or kingdom from receiving most sacraments and Christian burial 21

24 SimonySimony the selling of Church offices 22

25 FriarFriar Monks who did not live in isolated monasteries but traveled around Europe's growing towns preaching to the poor. 23

26 Anti-SemitismAnti-Semitism prejudice against Jews 24

27 CharterCharter Written document set out the rights and privileges of the town 25

28 CapitalCapital Money used for investment 26

29 PartnershipPartnership merchants that pooled their funds to finance a large-scale venture that would have been too costly for any individual trader 27

30 Bill of Exchange Paper draft (on a deposit) that was issued in one city and was redeemable in another city 28

31 Tenant Farmers Peasants who paid rent for their land 29

32 Middle Class merchants, traders, and artisans that formed a new group of wealth between nobles and peasants 30

33 UsuryUsury Lending money at interest 31

34 GuildsGuilds merchants and artisans associations 32

35 ApprenticeApprentice trainee to a guild master 33

36 JourneymenJourneymen salaried workers 34

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