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Planning for Alresford’s Future Steve Opacic - Head of Strategic Planning Winchester City Council.

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1 Planning for Alresford’s Future Steve Opacic - Head of Strategic Planning Winchester City Council

2 Local Plan Part 1: Alresford Policy MTRA2: 500 dwellings (2011-2031) Maintain & improve shopping, tourism, etc Maintain & improve housing/employment balance Assess capacity within settlement before extending boundary Be appropriate in scale, design, etc

3 Local Plan Part 2 - process Define Alresford’s needs – housing, employment, open space, infrastructure Assess potential sites objectively – fully meet needs, SHLAA and other sites, initial sieve followed by detailed assessment Develop and consult on conclusions – leading to proposed allocations Alresford-specific development management policies? – if not covered in LPP1/LPP2

4 Alresford Needs Groups WCC drafted ‘templates’ on housing, employment and infrastructure needs Alresford public meeting 23 Jan 2013 invited volunteers for ‘Needs Groups’ 4 ‘Needs Groups’ met from January – April 2013 – Housing, Employment & Economy, Infrastructure, Open Space & Recreation Each Group’s conclusions on needs presented at public exhibition & meeting 25 April 2013

5 Summary - Housing 500 required, with 80 permitted/committed 40% to be affordable housing 75+ age group may double in size by 2031 Half of dwellings 1-2 bed (2 preferred) Need for sheltered/nursing facility Use sites close to centre for higher density Explore possibility of using industrial or school sites

6 Summary – Employment / Econ Retain Alresford as a ‘working’ town Provide 200 new jobs (maintain proportion of residents working locally - 38%) Need 1.5 – 3 hectares for new / relocated businesses, with good access & parking Need high-speed telecommunications No significant new retail needs Tourism is important to local economy

7 Summary – Infrastructure Any expansion of Perins School likely to be on existing site. Need for pre-school places Need to safeguard future of town centre car parks (sites leased) Future need for extra care / nursing / dementia accommodation Need for further burial ground / space Developments to provide safe routes connecting to the town Various detailed highway/pedestrian/cycling improvements suggested

8 Summary – Open Space & Rec. Shortfall of open space (using Local Plan standards) of 15+ ha, rising to 20+ ha Need for various types of open space: –allotments (0.5ha) –cricket ground (1.5ha) –rugby (2ha) –tennis (0.5ha) –children’s play –BMX park

9 Summary – Land ‘Budget’ Housing * 14 ha Commercial 3 ha Open Space – new development 5 ha Open Space – existing population 15 ha Burial ground 0.5 ha ** Total 37.5 hectares (93 acres) * Assuming 420 houses at 30 houses per hectare beyond the town centre and at higher densities in the centre ** Reduced from original 5ha recommendation

10 Available Sites

11 Initial Site ‘Sieve’ Site RefAddress Area (Ha) Gross Natural Designat ions Historic Designat ions Mineral resources Trees and planting Overhead cables Water and flooding Settlem ent Gap Highway access 276Rear of 58 -72 The Dean0.67 g g a ggaga 277Langtons Farm, Sun Lane31.62gggggggg 278Arlebury Park (1)6.95gaag g gga 1927West of New Farm Road (1)8.65agaggagg 1966Cricketers Arms, Jacklyns Lane0.36gggggggg 2408Land off Drove Lane2.30ggaggggg 2532Land at Arlebury Park (2)1.21gagggggg 2533Long Barn, Bishops Sutton Rd1.18aggggggg 2534Ceejay Systems (SV) Ltd0.76gggggggg 2535Huxley (UK) Ltd0.64gggggggg 2552Land at Arlebury Park (3)2.63gagggggg 2553Land off New Farm Road (2)2.04gggagggr Green = no constraints Amber = some constraints (consider mitigation) Red = absolute constraint (no mitigation possible)

12 Further Studies / Evidence Constraints mapping Landscape Sensitivity Assessment Windfall Trends & Potential Open Space Assessment Historic Environment Assessment Transport / Accessibility Assessment Initial Sustainability Appraisal Traveller needs assessment

13 Allocations Workshop/Conclusions Site allocations workshop with NATC in Sept considered evidence / studies Not just assessing sites 1 by 1, but developing a strategy to meet needs Includes mix of housing, employment, open space, recreation, burial ground, etc totalling 37.5ha Housing is ‘easy’ other uses more difficult

14 ? Employment Locations ?

15 Developing a Strategy 1 About meeting a range of needs, not just housing Housing could potentially go on several sites Open space and employment more difficult Risk of diluting ability of development to achieve needs

16 Developing a Strategy 2 The strategic options are: – large mixed-use site – spread development around smaller sites No easy option - will be opposition to any Only east of Sun Lane capable of delivering all needs Other options not suitable for employment, etc and more limited open space provision

17 Proposed Site Allocations

18 Sun Lane – Land Uses

19 Deliverability Sun Lane is best to deliver range of needs But… delivery of all the elements is critical Including new access to A31, employment, open space, traveller site, sequence of development, etc Discussions with promoter suggest it is do- able, if not reconsider alternatives The Dean dependent on employment relocation

20 These Are Early Stages ‘Needs Groups’ have been consulted and came up with various ideas Don’t have all the details/answers at this stage Traffic will be an issue for any site, will look at options/opportunities Further work and testing needed to address problems and find solutions

21 Conclusions A bold solution but capable of meeting a range of needs and benefits Promoters keen to work with community to make it work Proposal put forward jointly by NATC and WCC for consultation - is this the best way to meet Alresford’s future needs? If not, is there a deliverable alternative?

22 Next Stages Public exhibition/event 7 Jan 2014 6-week consultation – to 21 Feb 2014 Consider responses Feb – May 2014 Draft Local Plan Part 2 – July 2014 ‘Pre-Submission’ – Jan 2015 Submission / examination – Apr-Jul 2015 Inspector’s Report – Nov 2015 Adoption – Dec 2015

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